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Interpol go orchestral

Paul Banks gives us the lowdown on their 'classical' fourth album

  • 17/12/2009
  • Georgie Rogers

Fans can expect "elegant orchestral" sounds on the next Interpol album, according to frontman Paul Banks.

"Carlos [bassist] has gone to total new levels of crazy sophisticated orchestration," he said about work on the follow-up to 2007's Our Love To Admire.

In between albums, Carlos Dengler has written film scores while Banks released a solo album as Julian Plenti.

The band are currently in the studio, with a view to release a record in early 2010, and the singer revealed: "There's some really classical stuff going on."

Dengler scored and co-wrote a short film titled My Friends Told Me About You.

Speaking to 6 Music, Banks claimed the cinematic sense in Dengler's movie work has come out in Interpol's latest batch of songs.

"I think he brings that elegant, orchestral quality and he's gone even further with that."

Paul Banks

"I think he brings that elegant, orchestral quality and he's gone even further with that," he said. "Daniel and Carlos, they've really pushed what they do."

On the whole, Banks reckons the songs are a real step on: "It's very atmospheric but it sounds really different in my mind.

"What we've worked on is a real step forward and just very different and very relaxed in what we're doing, but it certainly doesn't sound like anything we've ever done before, to me."

This contradicts comments made to Paste Magazine by drummer Sam Fogarino that the new material returns to the sounds of their debut Turn On The Bright Lights.

Banks said he doesn't agree and laughingly said: "I heard that. I don't even know what he's talking about. Maybe Daniel's progressions remind him of the first record. I don't know.

"The only thing that makes sense about that comment to me is in Sam's drums, they sound really mean, and really good."

He thinks the only possibly similarity would be a return to using the reverb-heavy guitar sound from their debut.

"That's Daniel [Kessler]," he said. "He's really drenchy, he's really drenched."

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Minnetonka, Minnesota
I love it! More reverb!!!!

Nicius Gomes

Princeton, NJ
Can't wait!

mohamed cairo

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