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Zepp man talks TCV

No regrets for John Paul Jones now he's teamed up with Homme and Grohl

  • 28/10/2009
  • Georgie Rogers
John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl onstage at Reading Festival 2009

John Paul Jones, who is now with Them Crooked Vultures, hasn’t looked back since joining forces with two rock heavyweights.

The bass player's now got his sights on a full tour with the supergroup, which features Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

There were plans in 2008 for the original Led Zeppelin members to hit the road without frontman Robert Plant - under a different name - which were later abandoned.

Now, John Paul Jones said things have worked out for the best: "Jimmy and I rehearsed a bit with Jason Bonham and we couldn’t really agree on singers and that fell by the wayside. Then this came along and to be honest, I’m really happy."

'Groovy' Grohl

The TCV collaboration was given its first public mention in 2005, with the outfit launching its official website and playing their first gig at the Metro, Chicago in August 2009.

Over the summer, they performed at Melkweg in the Netherlands, Pukkelpop and Lowlands, making their UK debut supporting the Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys and surprising music fans with a guest slot at Reading and Leeds.

John Paul Jones said he had been in contact with Dave Grohl for about three years and after playing on Foo Fighters’ album, he joined them onstage at Wembley with his Led Zeppelin bandmate Jimmy Page.

"I immediately recognised that this was a drummer that was a: really good, and b: groovy, and c: listened."

John Paul Jones on Dave Grohl

He and Grohl caught up again at the GQ Awards, where the former Nirvana drummer asked if he’d be interested in having a "knock around" with him and Homme.

John Paul Jones admitted he was already a massive fan of Grohl’s drumming.

"I immediately recognised that this was a drummer that was a: really good, and b: groovy, and c: listened, all those nice things that bass players like in drummers," he said.

On Monday (26 Oct), the band posted a whole track, titled New Fang, on their official site. (Listen here)

Speaking about the origins of the track John Paul Jones told Zane Lowe: "I think the first thing we started working on was New Fang.

"He said, ‘I’ve got these chords’, so we thought ‘Let’s have a bash at that’, and we just worked it up into the song that you hear now."

TCV begin a tour on 17 November in LA and release their debut album on the same day.

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