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Spring coming for Gabriel

Peter to put out all-star collaborative 'song swap' album in 2010

  • 27/10/2009
  • Georgie Rogers
Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel, the former Genesis frontman, will release his first album in seven years in "early Spring" next year.

"It's a song swap," said composer John Metcalfe about the record, which sees Gabriel and some "extremely legendary artists" cover each others' songs.

The Scratch My Back project had its first outing at WOMAD festival when Gabriel and a string section performed Paul Simon's The Boy In The Bubble.

It was recorded with producer Bob Ezrin, who has taken up desk duties on classics including Pink Floyd's The Wall, at London's Air Studios in July.

John Metcalfe, who worked on some orchestral reinterpretations for the record, revealed to 6 Music that the record is currently being mixed.

He added; "I'm not allowed to say who, just yet, but there are some very, very famous singers and bands involved."

'Major interpretations'

Writing on Gabriel's official site, Metcalfe revealed the album is acoustic, with no guitars, drums or world instruments.

He's excited to see how people react to it. "It sounds amazing, even though I say it myself. It is literally Peter with an orchestra, sometimes the orchestra is quite large, then there are some more chamber music-style, sparse songs.

"There are some bands that are very, very well known from the last 10 years, and one or two more recent bands and singers."

John Metcalfe

"But the songs are not simply covers, they are quite major reinterpretations of some famous stuff. It's quite radical and we're hoping that people really get it and enjoy it," he explained.

Alternative release

While Metcalfe remained tight-lipped on which other artists are involved, he said Gabriel set out to get a good range.

"There are some all time great singer-songwriters and bands, and then there are some bands that are very, very well known from the last 10 years, and one or two more recent bands and singers as well," he said. "There should be something in there for everybody."

As for a release, he claimed it is possible Gabriel's versions of other peoples' songs will be put out initially and then Gabriel's songs, which have been covered by others, might be released once a month online via Gabriel's Lunar Club.

Peter Gabriel had a string of hit albums in the 1980s and in recent years has become well-known for his promotion of world music and involvement with the charity, Womad.

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