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Green Day art show

Gallery opens with pieces inspired by the American band's lyrics

  • 23/10/2009
  • Alex Waez
Shirley Bassey

An art exhibition of work inspired by Green Day album lyrics opened last night in East London.

The group commissioned Logan Hicks to curate the exhibiton inspired by the band's new album 21st Century Breakdown.

The gallery will feature contributions from an international pool of artists including New Yorker Ron English, Amsterdam collective The London Police, French artist C215 and Brit Will Barras.

Every artist involved in the project was sent a lyric sheet and asked to produce a piece of art that reflected that song.

"We took the lyrics and did what we do best which was make the art, without any limitations."

Logan Hicks

We spoke to Logan Hicks who explained where he got his inspiration from: "Growing up I was a huge punk rock fan.

"Art was always more of a supporting role for that, they sort of established the identity of the band but it was always the band that took precedent, so with this we tried to make something where art and music exists side by side as a 50 / 50 partnership."

Logan told us it was a mutually beneficial relationship: "The band did what they do which is make the music.

"We took the lyrics and did what we do best which was make the art, without any limitations, it wasn't as if the band hired the artists to do stuff. They do what they do, we do what we do and somewhere along the line we find a marriage."

He told BBC 6 Music he never doubted that the album would stand up to the hype.

"We had the lyrics before the album was released," explained Logan.  "We didn't know what it was going to sound like or anything else and luckily the album exceeds my expectations on it. I think in that sense we both influence each other.

"I know the drummer is a big fan of Banksy and going into it I knew they were all part of the urban art realm."

Green Day are set to perform at the 02 Arena over the weekend.

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barbie couture augusta ME
that pic was awsome hes so misterious in that pic it so ties in with there new album the 21st century breakdown and 21 guns

Jeff Seattle
What Nick really ought to be apologizing for is his mustache and horrible hair.

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