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HMV to open pop-up shops

Music chain plans to set up stores in time for Christmas

  • 19/10/2009
  • Damian Jones

HMV has announced plans to open a series of temporary stores across the UK in the build up to Christmas.

Over the next few weeks, the music, games and books chain will set up 10-15 shops, in areas that were once occupied by Zavvi or Woolworths.

HMV are planning to shut most of the temporary sites in January but those that have an exceptional Christmas may become permanent.

Store spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: "In the run up to Christmas there is such a massive demand and there is a real surge of people coming in.

"About 40% of all our sales take place in the run up to Christmas and sometimes its difficult to cater for that demand as efficiently as you’d like.

"Having the opportunity to have another store where you can cater for that demand is obviously something we see as a positive."

"In the run up to Christmas there is a massive demand and a real surge in sales."
Gennaro Castaldo, HMV spokesman

HMV plan to set up shop in Torquay, Lewisham, Loughborough, Bedford, Burnley, Bury and Hartlepool.

Earlier this year, the chain reported an 18% rise in annual profits after the collapse of former High Street rivals Woolworths and Zavvi.

HMV said the closure of its two competitors helped like-for-like sales at its UK and Republic of Ireland shops rise 1.9% over the last year.
Woolworths closed down all of its 807 outlets back in January after the company went into administration in November 2008.

Zavvi, whose main supplier was Woolworths, also went into administration and closed shortly afterwards.

Do you have a record store in your town? What do you think of HMV's plans? Would you like to see a store in your town?

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Steve Madley - Fife
It's good business sense, end of story. HMV want to maximise on revenue with the minimum of overheads. Good news for the owners, shareholders and customers who want to spend their money there.

There used to be a HMV in bedford but it closed down. I am really looking forward to HMV as we are now left with no music or film shop. I am also going to apply for a part time job at HMV and who knows, I just might be lucky.

Gabriella Coscia Tunbridge Wells
Open one in Dover or Deal !

Jamie, Bury
I work in an independent music shop in Bury and we struggle throughout the year. Usually Christmas shoppers provide the income to get us through but now a HMV 'pop-up shop' is opening, literally round the corner where there has never been a Woolworths or Zavvi, or a Virgin for that matter, and i honestly can't see hope we will cope without that trade.

james hartlepool
i am glad there is an hmv in hartlepool as there is no other cd shops in town

Simon, Ipswich
In Response to the previous comment. The reason there aren't any decent record shops anymore is nothing to do with HMV. The sad fact of the matter is NOBODY buys albums anymore!

Stu, Edinburgh
As if there aren't enough of these all encompassing media behemoths already. There are less and less independent record shops available selling good quality records because people are lazy and will just go to HMV to buy whatever tat has come out that week.

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