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Fatboy and Byrne

Norman cooks up concept album with former Talking Heads frontman

  • 01/10/2009
  • Georgie Rogers
Norman Cook

Fatboy Slim has confirmed that Martha Wainwright and Cyndi Lauper have lent vocals to the album he worked on with former Talking Heads man David Byrne.

Here Lies Love is a concept record about the life of Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines.

"Each track is sung by a different singer and there's some very interesting guests on there," said the DJ, real name Norman Cook.

He said the album is expected to be released in the next six months.

The pair finished the writing process about two years go and speaking to BBC 6 Music, Cook explained why progress was slow.

"DB's been trying to get the stage show together, because the idea was that it would be the antithesis of Evita, but then we couldn't find our lead, so we didn't know who was going to sing it."

"I was trying to persuade David to sing it," admitted Cook, but they decided to use more than 20 other vocalists instead.

He remained tight-lipped as to the cast but confirmed Cyndi Lauper and Martha Wainwright are "involved somewhere along the line."

In a recent interview, Byrne said Sharon Jones and Santigold feature, while Tori Amos and Candie Payne are also rumoured to have been involved.

'Dance music based'

As for the sound of the album, Cook said it is not hugely experimental, like the 1981 album, My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, from Byrne and Brian Eno.

He said: "It's a story-telling thing, like Evita, but coming at it from a different angle in that it tells the untold story that people didn't know about Imelda Marcos. It's not just about the shoes.

"Musically, because it's David Byrne, it's not going to be straight up, [he sings] 'Tomorrow Tomorrow I'll Love Ya Tomorrow'."

"It tells the untold story that people didn't know about Imelda Marcos. It's not just about the shoes."

Norman Cook

Having achieved mainstream popularity since the 90s, as a producer and an electronic DJ, Cook revealed the album is, in-part, inspired by dance music.

"Because the story is more about what was going on in Studio 54 rather than what went on in the Philippines, we wanted to reflect that, so it's kind of dance music based," he said.

Meanwhile, Cook revealed he is back in the studio working on new album.

While he is 'not far' with it, he is keeping busy in the coming months as his wife, presenter Zoe Ball, is expecting another child, and he is gearing up to running the Brighton marathon.

Life seems to be back on track for Cook, who checked into a rehabilitation centre in Bournemouth, back in March, to recover from an alcohol addiction.

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