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The Futureheads' fourth

Sunderland's finest give fans an update on their forthcoming album

  • 26/09/2009
  • Alex Waez
The Futureheads in the 6 Music hub

The Futurehead's guitarist Ross Millard has been updating 6 Music on the progress of their new album.

It's the follow up to This Is Not The World from 2008.

Half of the album's been produced by Youth, with the other half being done by David Bruce from Field Music and the band themselves.

The Sunderland quartet have been hard at work on it for the most part of this year except for a little break.

"We took a little bit of time off at the beginning of 2009 because Dave our drummer and his girlfriend had a little baby boy.

"I've had to go back to practicing the guitar to even play half these riffs."

Ross Millard

"Things slowed down in that respect and this summer we've been putting the finishing touches to the album," he told BBC 6 Music.

Fans will be pleased to know they may get to hear some of the new material out on the road.

"We've got some plans to get out on the road a little bit before Christmas," he explained. "We're really excited about this stuff, we've spent a lot of time making this record and in fact, we've made a lot of it in the north east for the first time. It feels like we've been able to concentrate on things."

As for its direction, Millard added: "It's forked off into two directions, our last album was very direct.

"With this record we didn't want to do that again, the songs are a lot more complicated. I've had to go back to practicing the guitar to even play half these riffs."

The band aim to release the as-yet-untitled record by February or March next year.

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