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The Futureheads Ross Millard

FAC backs Lily

Allen has 'everything right apart from what she thinks the FAC's stance is' says spokesman
21 September 2009 - The Futureheads' Ross Millard says the Featured Artists Coalition is behind Lily Allen's rally against music piracy because "effectively they are all on the same page," when it comes to the fight against illegal file-sharing.

A battle has been raging in recent weeks among musicians over illegal downloading and the Government's proposal to suspend the internet accounts of persistent offenders.

Members of Radiohead, Blur, Billy Bragg, Kate Nash and the rest of the FAC said while they don't support downloading, they don't think cutting off people's internet connection is the answer.

Lily Allen caused a media frenzy when she hit out at Pink Floyd's Nick Mason and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien on her Myspace blog, criticising the FAC members for ignoring the needs of upcoming talent.

Allen then set up a blog against music piracy, which has been backed by the likes of Muse, Keane and Bat For Lashes and prompted You're Beautiful singer James Blunt to write a letter to The Times on the issue.

FAC respond 

The artists' body has today issued a statement explaining their concerns.

Futureheads' guitarist Ross Millard, spokesman for the FAC, had only positive praise for Allen's steps to set up a united front of artists.

"Lily in her blog has got absolutely everything right apart from what she thinks the FAC's stance is on file-sharing," Ross Millard told 6 Music News.

"It's exactly what we've been trying to do with the FAC. Her blog has caused people to focus on it a lot more than sadly the FAC has in the past," he added.
"Her blog has caused people to focus on it a lot more than sadly the FAC has in the past."
The Futureheads guitarist on behalf of the FAC

The statement revealed FAC has been in talks with the record labels, negotiating "in good faith", but the music companies remain keen on the suspension of accounts, which it disagrees with.

FAC's concern is that they want to find a way to police illegal file-sharing better and are asking the Government and regulator Ofcom to commission some detailed research to find better ways to clamp down.

"We don't want to individualise this and penalise people who may not have done anything wrong," explained Millard.

Millard says the industry needs to look at the 'moralistic elements' and work with the music fans, which by and large want to do right by the artists.

The Rev's say

Meanwhile Reverend and the Makers frontman Jon McClure also joined the debate today.

He reckons illegal file-sharing is a "fact of life", so at this stage the debate is essentially pointless.

"It's rather hypocritical for the rock 'n' roll industry which is founded upon rebellion to start acting like someone's mum saying 'Don't do this' and 'Don't do that'.  The genie is out of the bottle with downloading," he told 6 Music.

McClure thinks the industry needs to look at why people are downloading and tackle that: "There's a recession on. People can't afford to buy records.

"They're charging £14 to buy them on a CD. That's the reason kids nick it, it's overpriced."

Georgie Rogers

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i regard the fac and the goverment as one in the same, there policies match hand in foot, so basicly in 2009 artists are big brother, and we need to be carefull even more who we support,

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