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Coldplay come down

Jay-Z also defends Kanye West ahead of Wembley Stadium gigs
18 Sept 2009 - Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has admitted coming off tour is going to be a big come down as the band prepare to wrap up their world jaunt.

The band play the first of two shows at Wembley Stadium tonight alongside Jay-Z, Girls Aloud and White Lies.
"I think people around us find us quite hard to be around," Martin said. "All of us when you come off tour, at 9pm you get this sudden crazy energy and it's not the same if you're just watching The X Factor."

The singer also said it's going to be hard putting their 19th century French army style outfits aside after wearing them for so long on the road.

"If it's one thing we've become known for now it's our ridiculous costumes," joked Martin. "It is like a school uniform and I think we'll feel strange playing a concert without them."
"Of course he (Kanye West) was rude because it was her (Taylor Swift's) moment ."

Support star Jay-Z said he's looking forward to playing after his latest album The Blueprint 3 went straight to the top of the US Billboard chart.

"I feel fantastic, I've just had my eleventh number one album which beats Elvis so I'm feeling like the king of pop."

The rapper also defended Kanye West after his outburst at the MTV Video Awards earlier in the week. 

West got on stage and stole country singer Taylor Swift's thunder by announcing that Beyonce should have won best video for Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).

Kanye has been splashed all over the papers ever since, forcing him to make an apology on the Jay Leno show.

"He's just a super-passionate person," Jay-Z told Radio 1 presenter Jo Whiley on her final morning show. "Of course it was rude because it was her moment but that's the way he really felt.

"It's really an awards show and I think it's a bit of a blow out, but of course it was rude. I think it was rude but the way they're treating him, he's on the cover of every paper. He didn't kill anybody. No one got harmed."

Check back on 6 Music for a full review of the first night of Coldplay's Wembley Stadium shows.

Damian Jones

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Brian Quinn - Caddington (UK)
Jay-Z is a no talent performer. Period. How rappers can call themselves entertainers I will never understand. Like examination results, it is becoming easier for people to be rewarded for less effort.

Harry W ..Wirral
Doesn't matter what JZ says.he just about got a clap at Manchester...Jumpin at an oppurtunity for publicity sucks...If someone had done that to Beyonce there may have been a differnet twist to the explanatory tale.........

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