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The Big Pink

Big Pink get creative

Electro duo tell 6 Music they want to record another LP 
18 September 2009 - The Big Pink have admitted they are "desperate" to get back in the studio to start working on album number two.

The London electro-duo, who only released their debut A Brief History Of Love this week, told 6 Music they are already getting itchy feet.

"It feels good," said one half of the duo, Robbie Furze. "I think both of us just want to get back into the studio and do the next record. It's kind of weird because once the album's out, it's such a long process before you get started on the next one."

"We've just been back in the studio to do a remix of (forthcoming single) Velvet and a cover of an Otis Reading track," added keyboard player Milo Cordell. "So we have already started getting creative again."

The pair, who picked up the Philip Hall Radar Award for best new act at the NME Awards earlier this year, also explained why they decided to cut early single Stop The World from their debut's final tracklisting.
"We're really going to step up the visuals and create an intense live atmosphere."
Milo Cordell, The Big Pink

"We left it off the album because it never worked live," explained Furze. "We liked it when we first recorded it but little by little we started hating it and now we just can't bare to listen to it."

The duo are due to hit the road for a UK headline tour in October. Cordell told 6 Music they have already started planning their stage set, which is expected to involve plenty of audience participation.

"We're really going to step up the visuals and create something intense," he enthused.

"It's all going to be analogue, old vintage lights, I'm not into lasers or LED lighting. We want to make it really stark.

"We want to get the audience involved too," he continued. "We're planning on putting strobes in the crowd so when the songs kick in, everyone feels it."

Damian Jones

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Stockholm, Sweden
Sorry but when was using more foot-pendals than a centipede and a undeniable head-nod to My Bloody Valentine-influenced noise-pop "electro"? Why do you 'journalists' insist on giving any band or artist that has even vaguely used a keyboard/synth in their music (which is about everyone these days) the tag 'electro'? Electro is a form of Kraftwerk influenced early 80s dance music that was around long before Cordell signed the Crystal Castles or Klaxxons - who again unfortunately suffer from this lazy tagging of anything "new" electro. My two year old son is electro then and he doesn't even know it. The good news is that The Big Pink and a host of other bands like The XX are signalling the death of this monocultural dustbin that we have been stuck in since 'electroclash' ever reared it's made-up face ten years ago. I can't wait to see them blow up a load of La Roux records at Lords Cricket Ground. Sounds familiar?

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