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Hockey go it alone

Portland quartet give 6 Music the inside track on their debut album

  • 14/09/2009
  • Victoria Hannaford

Hotly tipped newcomers Hockey have told 6 Music they were determined to self-produce their forthcoming debut album Mind Chaos despite teaming up with Talking Heads star Jerry Harrison on new single Song Away.

The quartet said they decided against bringing in a big name producer so that they could maintain the sound of their original recordings.

"We decided to do it ourselves because we wanted it to sound exactly how we intended it to and not have to go through anyone else or run out of time in an expensive studio," explained frontman Benjamin Grubin.

"So we took a while making it and did it ourselves with really limited equipment."

"Our experience with producers and studios is that often something gets lost in the translation of trying to create something with someone else," added bassist Jeremy "

"When you write certain songs you get this feeling of accomplishment."
Benjamin Grubin, Hockey

The band's latest single Song Away, which is out today (14 September), and debut single Too Fake have gone down a storm at the UK festivals over the summer.

"When you write certain songs you get this feeling of accomplishment and I kind of got that with those two," said Grubin. "But I still didn't expect them to go down as well as they did.

"Of all the tracks, Song Away is the one that really sounds slick and commercial but that's probably because it's the only one we pulled a producer in to work on."

The band, who have developed a reputation for being environmentally friendly, spent the bulk of last summer touring the US in a bus that ran on vegetable oil.

But the quartet said they have no plans to do the same in the UK as they kick off their tour in Bristol tonight.

"If there was a way to do that again without it breaking down that would be cool," said Grubin. "But in our experience it breaks down a lot."

Mind Chaos is out on 28 September.

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