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The Big Pink

Big Pink debut

Electro maestros Milo and Robbie name their anticipated first album
01 July 2009 - The first record from hotly tipped London shoe-gazers, The Big Pink, is to be titled A Brief History Of Love.

Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell have been recording in New York for the last five weeks in the run up to Glastonbury festival.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Milo explained why they chose that album name: "Every song is a love song to some degree, about every different aspect of love.

"The good, the bad, the boring, the exciting, the dreams, the nightmares, the whole thing and I guess that’s what encompasses the whole album, and we have a song called A Brief History Of Love so it’s apt."

They revealed the record is half-mixed - by Rich Costey - and they are back in New York this week to finish it off.

"It feels really good," said Robbie, admitting: "We’re super-paranoid about it - to commit to the songs after living with them for a year or so - but I think it’s sounding good."

Using Bowie’s piano

The burgeoning electro pair did the recording in the big apple with engineer Jimmy Robertson.

Speaking about the location, Milo said: "It’s been great doing it in New York, being in Electric Lady. We recorded it in the same room as Combat Rock by The Clash."
"Every song is a love song to some degree, about every different aspect of love."
Milo Cordell

To which Robbie added: "Then you’ve got [David] Bowie, [Jimi] Hendrix, the [Rolling] Stones. It’s a room with the same equipment used by all these amazing bands."

Even though their sound doesn’t typically incorporate the sound of a piano, Robbie said: "We’ve got Bowie’s piano, the one that he played on, we’ve actually got on our record."

New songs

Fans can look forward to some fresh material on the album which The Big Pink haven’t been playing at their shows.

"There’s a couple of slower ones that we don’t play live," explained Robbie, the former guitarist with electro-punk singer Alec Empire. "We actually wrote a new song out in Electric Lady which came very quickly in that room.

"That one is brand new to us. We’ll rehearse that one up for the festivals we do in August."

Pink Castles collaboration

The album is not all they’ve been doing. Milo revealed they are hoping to work with their long-time friends, Crystal Castles.

Milo runs the Merok record label, which has put out some of Klaxons’ material as well as tracks by the Toronto electronic pair.

"We’re sending bits and bobs to each other and hopefully that will come out," he said. "We’re just talking about it. I think we’re going to remix something for their remix album."

And Ethan and Alice might return the favour, continued Milo: "I sent him the album and he’s going to remix one of the songs and hopefully from there we can do something original together."

A Brief History Of Love is due for release in mid-September.

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