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New Blur eventually?

Reformed Brit-pop band Blur discuss their brimming 'musical cup'
17 June 2009 - Bassist Alex James and guitarist Graham Coxon have given their response to the million dollar question, ‘Will Blur write new material?’.

They revealed to 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq that they have been improvising with new music.

“Damon will be jangling along with some chords and I’ll start banging along and you’ll [Coxon] join,” explained James. “Our musical cup overflow-eth at the moment. It’s all good.”

But new songs aren’t on the cards yet, as Coxon continued: “I don’t think it’s hard to make music that isn’t the old songs.

“I think it’s actually giving it time and doing justice to it really. We wouldn’t want to just sling stuff together to play this summer. It wouldn’t be right.”

Blur performed their first gig, back where they launched their careers in 1988, last weekend (13 June) at the East Anglian Railway Museum and graced 170 punters at Rough Trade East in London on Monday night.

Coxon didn’t dismiss the possibility of fresh tunes further down the line: “We really don’t want to put ourselves under any pressure. I think we want to have fun with these gigs and then we’ll think about that really.”

Back together again

They announced they were reuniting for mammoth shows at Hyde Park and Manchester's Heaton Park in December and later we brought you news that they were headlining Glastonbury.

James admitted rehearsing again was all a bit strange: “It was weird really because I’d kind of completely written it off.

“I was really starting to think that it was never going to happen and suddenly it was all back on and we got to the rehearsal studio and Graham was playing She's So High, I think, and I just joined in.

“Rowntree showed up and started banging along. Damon arrived and said shall we do Beetlebum and it sounded like it did 10 years ago. It was amazing.”

They recently posted a short video of a practice session online and reviews of the warm up shows prove thus far that Blur can still rock.

You’d think they might be rusty after a decade hiatus, but Coxon said to James and Lamacq otherwise: “You and Dave are actually extremely impressive.”

To which Alex added: “Especially Dave. It was a bit like putting the Blues Brothers back together.

“We had to break Rowntree out of law school and I’m smelling cheese somewhere in Oxfordshire.  It’s quite physical drumming and he’s been cramming a law degree.”

You can listen again to that interview at the 6 Music website now.

Georgie Rogers

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Filip, Bucharest
Blur seem to be just as vital and energetic as ever and I'd be delighted to hear new tunes from them. Fingers crossed.

Joseph origbo
Please l want to no more detial

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