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Siouxsie Sioux

Siouxsie slams industry

Former Banshees star criticises the way women are marketed 
19 May 2009 - Siouxsie Sioux has slammed the industry's current portrayal of women in music.

The former Banshees songstress said the way female artists are marketed thesedays has "gone backwards".

Speaking at the launch of her live DVD, Finale, the iconic singer told 6 Music: "There are some strong female performers but the industry's pre-occupation with the packaging of how a woman looks has gone completely the other way, back to almost the 60s, early 70s.

"I like a bit of eye candy like anyone but to have it solely about the eye candy and have it fall into a category so rigidly as well is wrong."

Siouxsie, who came to fame in 1976 in the infamous Sex Pistols interview with Bill Grundy before becoming a star with The Banshees, also criticised the way music is sold.

"I don’t have any respect for the industry," she ranted. 

"Even if they mention selling sales there’s so many gimmicks and tricks to make those sales. It’s like you can’t really believe anything."
"I don't have any respect for the music industry."  Siouxsie Sioux

Speaking about how her former band originally got signed in the 70s, Siouxsie said it was mainly down to late Radio 1 DJ John Peel.

"We made our own rules and we were there uninvited," she explained. 

"That’s probably part of the reason why it took The Banshees so long to get signed because the industry were just really trying to back off.

"It was after we got a break doing a session for John Peel that they couldn't resist any longer."

The star has just finished touring her solo album Mantaray, which finished up at London's Koko club, where her live DVD was shot.
"We were thinking of filming in south America but that got pulled right at the last minute so that's when I said we've got to have a document of this show, the band and how I’m feeling onstage because all the concerts had been going so well," she said.

"So I decided to put in a one off show at Koko and film it.

"We played that venue when it was The Music Machine, then it was Camden Palace and now its been renovated back to its former glory."

Damian Jones

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Merlin Gandalf
@John: it actually was disco what depicted the end of human's faint chance of development. No panic, let's start stunning-stylee. Life and humtimes incredible moments are there for us. Just believe a knowing friend. Later more.

scott christy - san francisco
it's nice that siouxsie is speaking out about this. however, this has been going on for ages. nothing's changed.

Sophisticated John "TryStep" Q. Les B'Locks / Wand
Whasn't it punk what took over Giant- and Glamrock, the then, who would have thought so, pulling to a premature halt of proper ...musing? remember Pink Floyd with 40KWs and that gigantic floating piglet? ..only last week's idea, why hasn't one person let the air out somehow?! ..bzzz. They very probably waited for it to haha.. hooy

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