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Colin Greenwood from Radiohead

Radiohead in studio

The Oxford band have started work on the follow up to In Rainbows
18 May 2009 - Radiohead have started working on the follow up to their 2007 album In Rainbows.

Bassist Colin Greenwood told 6 Music the Oxford band have been busy in the studio over the last week with producer Nigel Godrich.

"It was very noisy and chaotic and really fun," he said. 

"It’s at the stage where we’ve got the big Lego box out and we’ve tipped it out on the floor and we're just looking at all the bits and thinking what’s next?"

"I'm very impressed and grateful for Nigel our producer and his ability to make it all sound vaguely plausible," he added.

Greenwood, who was speaking at the Great Escape music festival in Brighton, where he was helping to launch a new music journal called Loops, gave no indication as to when the Oxford five-piece will be releasing their next record or whether they will be briging it out in a similar format to their last LP.
"It's at the stage where we've got the big Lego box out  and we've tipped it on the floor." Colin Greenwood on Radiohead's new album 

Last time, Radiohead offered fans the chance to choose how much they were prepared to pay for In Rainbows.

"We were just saying to people how much do you think we're worth?" he added.

"It's like a long term relationship and it was great because it kicked off lots of debate about it."

The band have just finished touring with electro pioneers Kraftwerk in South America which Greenwood described as a "brilliant experience".

"They are one of our musical heroes and it was a real privilege to share a stage with them," he enthused.

"What I like about Kraftwerk is I obviously love the beats but I love their melodies too. They seep into your brain and stay there."

The five-piece are due to headline the Reading and Leeds Festivals this summer for a headline show where they have some unfinished business.

"It was a bit frustrating when we were playing some of our own shows last year because it was light for the first half hour, 40 minutes of the show," Greenwood said. 

"So we wanted to do it as it was meant to be seen – darker and louder."

Jo Youle

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who said they are "the beatles of XXI century"?!absolutely nonsense!radiohead are radiohead themselvesthey can't be simply categoried! they are unique!

Perni Warsaw
Someone have called Radiohead The Beatles of XXIcentury

Martin San Pedro
ohhh yeaa!! the best band!! the best show in Argentina 24 march 2009...I LOVE YOU TOM

Maybe like the good ol' experimental days

Zach, Chicago
Radiohead is making a new album. There is a God.

darker and louder...i'm waiting for it

jules, ipswitch
roit radiohead! commin out to ipswitch soon?

iGotOnMyBackpack79, Atlanta, GA
Great! i love Radiohead

sophie austin, tx
Radiohead is truly one of the best bands in history.

chris, levittown, usa
this is so awesome and much needed good news

where can we learn more about this Loops journal? google doesn't seem to know about it yet

patrick belfast
no matter what....it'll probaly rock

chris, levittown
this is great news

Jarv, Lincoln
Best news I've heard all day.

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