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Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin album

Warp Records reveals Electronic pioneer's new record is on the way
13 March 2009 - Experimental wizard Aphex Twin is notoriously reclusive when it comes to his music but 6 Music can reveal his new album's in the works.

Steve Beckett, founder of Aphex’s parent label Warp Records, exclusively said: “We’re definitely going to be putting out a new album by him. Hopefully it will be this year, if I can prise it out of his hands. It’s definitely on its way.”

Recently Warp has brought us music by the likes of Jamie Lidell, Squarepusher as well as bands like !!!, Grizzly Bear and Maximo Park.

It is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with several big gigs in London, New York Tokyo and Paris and have already revealed that Richard James, better known as Aphex Twin, will be playing a show in the French Capital on 9 May.

His last release was in April 2006, titled Chosen Lords, a compilation of the Analord material.
"Hopefully it will be this year, if I can prize it out of his hands. It's definitely on its way."
Warp Records founder

Speaking about working with the influential artist, Beckett said: “He’s got his own unique view on life and obviously he’s just a genius musician and artist and it’s brilliant to work with him. He’s a genuine, English eccentric.”

However, the new material will be kept firmly under wraps until late in the recording process, continued Beckett.

“I don’t know a single note or anything about it,” he explained. “It will be as much of a surprise to me as anyone else.

“Basically I find out what it sounds like when we go into the mastering room and he puts it - well how it used to be, he'll put the DAT player in and there it’ll be - so that’s the first time I’ll hear it.

“Then I’ll go onto my knees and thank him and then we’ll put it out.”

Speaking about the forthcoming shows, Beckett said he is thrilled with the final Paris line-up: “The big coup there is getting Aphex Twin to play so that was the one that we were really excited to pin down.”

Georgie Rogers

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Comments so far

hahha dammit stop stealing my money RDJ!!!

K-mil, London
that is amazing! but aphex said that he will not record for warp anymore as the profile of label does not match his own???

William Brown, Chelmsford
has anybody here heard of electronica?! WEL I LOVE ELECTONICA! - i love the best ones, theres 3 seriously, there is only 3 people that make electronica, have you heard of them? i have first there is apex twins, then squarepusher, then boards of canada. THEY ARE AMAZING, I LOVE DA ELECTRONICA SOUND! also there is two new people that have exploded on to the scene, autechre and venetian snares, that makes five people, so good, i ABSOLOUTLY LOVE IT, it is called electronica folks, it is very good, i love it! OH MY GOD SO RANDOM I LOVE IT! OH MY GOD!

Snazzy, Tamworth
I've been listening to him since I was 11 and now I am 31. He is the best!

Very nice site!

ahh yeh cannot wait for more news on this.

Alexander Leeder, Chelmsford.
Have any of you heard of this band called Status Quo? They are really pushing the boundaries of all your preconceptions about music and "what makes a song" and stuff, I think this Aphex Twin guy has a great deal to learn from them. They are the true pioneers.

tom oakley, st albans
i sooooo hope the new album has a duet with sugarbabes or lady gaga. or maybe someone a little more underground like britney

William Browqn, Chelmsford
i was jusst tellin my friend about apex twin and he just done ans said that his mum who used to work for some record label fing was once in a lift and then you will not blieve who got in you really will not it was richy james the apex twin himself and that is just SO RANDOM AND A COMPLEAT COINSIDENSE

Dev, Chelmsford
i reckon this will be as good as my magic trick where i hold your wrist until i steal your watch

Kane, Western Australia
Ugh, if it's like drukqs then I'll be p*****. However, if he decides to make a decent record with some kind of structure to the music rather than making something that sounds like he's bashing a drumsynth, then I'll be happy. Mind, I'm a fan of most of his other albums: SAW 85-92 and II, I Care Because You Do, Richard D. James, Come To Daddy (EP)... and I adore Windowlicker. :)

alex, ann arbor
I wish he would come to Michigan

Monterrey, México
Wow, I recently discover his music and loveing it. Lucky me, I will not feel his absence.Sorry for my english.


Scotch, Wallrey.
Both of the APHEX TWINS are related to my grandmother.

Utah, United States
RDJ is a great producer!I am excited for the release info. _Escape

No Name, London
To 'thomas chesterton': I feel sorry for you if all you can get from Aphex' music are 'fizzes and beeps'. Go and get your ears tested.

Maassen, Utrecht Netherlands
Saw Aphex in Eindhoven, beforehand very thrilled, have listened to the artist many times, have assembled various albums, but never experienced his live performance!!

William Brown, Chelmsford.
i love apex twins! i like it how they make the random squelchy acid note! SO RANDOM, I LOVE IT!

Adam, Chelmsford

Prichard D Jams, Caerdydd
Undulating wave terrains spectrally projected onto your colon.Dance all ya like.

Lee, Southampton
Aphex Twin, Rolf Harris....legends.

ersatz modem chicago
A new release as Aphex Twin vs. a new release as Analord or AFX will be something to hear. The more recent work is haunting but relatively tame. I want to hear something that will make me consider putting my laptop away.

I'm sure it will be interesting. He is never boring.

Adam - Richmond, Virginia
he's not obsessed with him, just a huge fan. i completely agree with everything he said.

Greg Formager, NYC
So bishen. Cannuh wait, mate.

thomas chesterton, leeds
aphex twin is a hack. they dont know the first thing about music. nothing but sodding fizzes and beeps.

Ken Garing, San Francisco
I'm sure it will be epic! Hope he tours in San Francisco...

Chris, Saint Paul
Please, please please please please please please please please please please please.

Johnny, London
He went off the boil about 10 years ago. So did Squarepusher. I might have gotten excited about this back in 1999, but I'm struggling to care now.

Watt M., Internet
I'm looking forward to hearing what to slavishly attempt to copy for the next ten years.

Theeriorilla Entwhistle Tedtanker IV
quite good.

Malx, Drumoak
Can't wait !

Jake, Dunstable

Göran Sandström
This is great news, made my day!

Tom Jenkinson, Chelmsford
I am looking forward to this.

james richard d, wall of corn

Tim Rod, Smetherhampton
pie in the sky. bet it won't happen

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