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Carl Barat (Photo by Getty Images)

Libertine turned actor

Million pound offers for Libertines reunion but Barat wants different kind of drama
11 February 2009 - Former Libertine Carl Barat is focussing on his solo career and acting now Dirty Pretty Things have split.

Meanwhile in NME magazine, the Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty revealed he and his former cohort have had some huge offers to reform The Libertines for festival dates.

Doherty said: “We had some ridiculous offers to headline Reading and stuff. Like £2m to headline this festival, £1 million to headline that festival and I said [to Carl], ‘Why don’t we just do it?’”

Barat turned the offers down because the Babyshambles frontman was surrounded by too much “negative energy”, according to Doherty.

We’ve been speaking to the former Dirty Pretty Thing, who says he wants to focus on his solo career and said a reunion is not on the cards at this stage: “I’ve just freed myself up so the last thing I wanna do is completely burden my mind. No, not right now.”
"I'd rather do a film really, or I might do a play one day, learn the craft."
Carl Barat

Barat revealed he’s pursuing an acting career as well as his solo musical efforts.

Explaining how that seed was planted, he explained: “I got into it doing that film thing with Telstar, the Joe Meek biopic. I was in that, and I’ve got another thing coming up…I think there’s room in my life for both.”

Telstar was a music-infused drama, released in 2008, about the homosexual, tone deaf singer-songwriter Joe Meek, in which Barat played a scientist called Gene Vincent.

“I’ve got little bits and bobs,” said Barat, about the thespian move. “That’s something I’m gonna have to commit fully to as well, and that’s another demon to conquer really.

“It’s just another thing that I’ve got in me and never quite got round to doing.”

In terms of roles, the musician was particular about which television shows he would avoid starring in: “I don’t really wanna do Holby City or The Bill, you know what I mean? I’d rather do a film really, or I might do a play one day, learn the craft.”

Recently, he’s been keeping busy with some support slots for Scottish band Glasvegas, and Barat told us a solo album could be on the cards: “We’ll see what songs come out of me…

“I think I’ve got a lot left in me that’s been wanting to come out for so long and I’ve just not really had the guts to do it justice and go out on my own, so I’m just trying to force myself to do it.”

Georgie Rogers

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