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Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin at
GQ Awards

Dave Grohl pays tribute to musical heroes
3 September 2008 - The GQ Men of the Year Awards took place in London last night, presented by Lily Allen and Sir Elton John.

Winners included Mark Ronson, Led Zeppelin and Primal Scream, who were named Band of the Year.

Crooner Tony Bennett took an award for being an "inspiration", and The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers took home the gong for Most Stylish Man.

Producer Mark Ronson was handed the Maverick award by Kaiser Chief Ricky Wilson. He told the BBC he was happy with the Kaiser's new album, Off with Their Heads, which he produced. It's due out later this year "It's really good… the songs are great. I would love it if I had nothing to do with it. They write great songs and it's kinda nice to be a part of it - I'm proud of it".

He also revealed that Lily Allen appears on the album - he had suggested she do a mock vocal for a Kaiser's track, which he then played for the band. "They really liked it so it ended up on the album".

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin also turned up to accept an award for Outstanding Achievement - presented to them by Dave Grohl, who told the BBC he owes a lot to the legendary band.
"I didn't go to college - I'm a high school drop out. I studied Led Zeppelin"
- Dave Grohl

"I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Led Zeppelin. They were without a doubt my favourite band of all time, and I learned how to play drums by listening to Led Zeppelin records, and I studied Jimmy Page's acoustic and electric guitar work…I didn't go to college - I'm a high school drop out. I studied Led Zeppelin"

The Foo Fighters front man admitted he still gets a little jumpy around his musical heroes, despite having worked with them several times. "We had John Paul Jones play on our fifth record, we had them come and jam with us at the Wembley gig that we did a couple of months ago...I'm not a religious man, but it's like being around gods. I get a little nervous."

Keane were also there to play new song Spiralling; the first time they had played the tune in front of an audience. They also admitted to some nerves with such a star studded audience "we're slightly terrified... but it's good for you. It makes you practice harder."

Frontman Tom Chaplin told the BBC they have high hopes for the new album Perfect Symmetry. "We feel it's the best thing we've ever done. I kind of worry about how we're going to do something better next time.”

Victoria Hannaford

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