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New Coldplay EP

Chris Martin reveals new EP title, release date and a fifth studio album for 2009
31 August 2008 - Two of the biggest bands in the world went head to head on 6 Music (Saturday 30 August) with Coldplay revealing a bonanza of new material.

Chris Martin and Will Champion chatted to Michael Stipe live in the studio with Steve Lamacq - and following reports that Coldplay planned to release another record this year, it fell on Stipe to get to the bottom of the rumours.

“Is it true?” the R.E.M. singer asked, to which Martin replied: “We’re going to put an EP out at Christmas called Prospects March and we’re going to release an album next December.”

Martin then turned to Will Champion and asked: “Is it [the EP] called Prospects Songs or Prospects March?” Before Martin chipped is, “Let's ask Michael Stipe!” Stipe preferred Prospects March and the band agreed, before claiming that it would be released on 26 December or “something like that”.
“We’re going to put an EP out at Christmas called Prospects March and we’re going to release an album next December ”
Chris Martin - Coldplay

Martin also whispered the name of the record, adding, “I’ve said it very quietly as we’re not allowed to announce the album. But we’re gonna have another record ready by November 2009 to end the decade.”

The singer then implied his band might disappear from the public eye after the release, saying “And then we’re gonna be ‘Whooosh!’ ‘Where’ve they gone?’ Just like [mysterious film villain] Keyser Soze.”

Media reports recently claimed that the band recorded a surplus of material during the sessions for their last album Viva La Vida they and had enough for another full release. However Martin explained that wasn’t the case, saying. “We’ve recorded the EP, but we’ve got to get around to the other thing.”

R.E.M. and Coldplay have been friends for years and Stipe gave his full endorsement of the band's music, saying.

"For me, having been around for 28 years, doing this, I’m thrilled when a band like Coldplay come along.

“I think ‘Great!’ Here are some contemporaries I respect what they do and they’re really smart fun people great people to be around and they’re very close friends."

You can listen again to the interview by clicking here

Elizabeth Alker

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izzat , izart_done21@yahoo.com . Kuala Lumpur MALA
i.m the coldplay follower too.. i would say YES for the planning to get another record for the same year.. (from anything the COLDPLAY do & done & from the crowd raise & proud.

Annabelle Tipper, King's Lynn
I'm really looking forward to the release of Coldplay's new EP! I'm sure it will be fantastic!

Antony, Warsaw
man, must have been an aweosme show.

Eric H. Portland Oregon
Excellent news!! Perhaps M.Stipe could guest on a song or two for the new album?

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