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Radiohead denial

Radiohead's management say they have not done the soundtrack for Choke

Chuck Palahniuk on Radiohead soundtrack


12 August 2008 - Controversial Fight Club and Snuff author Chuck Palahniuk revealed on Tuesday 12 August that Radiohead have written brand new music for the soundtrack to the new movie adaptation of his book Choke.

Speaking to 6 Music on the Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show, Palahniuk explained it all came from his love of the band’s music, saying:

Clark Gregg, who directed the movie version of Choke which comes out in November, he knew that I’d written Choke while listening to [Radiohead’s 1993 debut album] Pablo Honey, with Creep, over and over and over.

“So Clark got Radiohead to contribute a song; to write a song for the very end of the movie, the final credits.
“Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they’ve written the score" 
Chuck Palahniuk

“Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they’ve written the score, most of the ambient music throughout it. So it’s ‘Choke – with the music of Radiohead’“

When asked if he felt honoured to have such a respected band write music solely for his film, the author laughed, “I quit believing in my own life at this point! My life is just too incredible to be believable anymore. It’s a living dream.”

Palahniuk’s work is famously associated with alternative music, with his use of Pixies’ Where Is My Mind during the finale of the feature film adaptation of his novel Fight Club.

Radiohead's management

There has since been some confusion shrowding whether Palahniuk's comments are true.

Radiohead's people have now told 6 Music that the band's song Reckoner features alongside the final credits, but they denied that Radiohead have written the film's soundtrack.

Palahniuk follow up
We addressed the issue again with Palahniuk today (Wednesday 13 August).
When asked if the world famous Radiohead have done the incidental, background, music for the film, Palahniuk said: “It’s the incidental music and I also thought it was the closing credits, sort of like the equivalent of the Pixies song in Fight Club - and Clarke really wanted to end the movie on a downbeat, kinda like The Graduate, where they’re finally together and on the bus and the future’s not entirely bright at that point. I know Clark was looking for a very downbeat, mellow sort of song.”

And when asked if he has heard the material Radiohead have done for the background, Palahniuk responded: “Yes, I have, and it is terrific, I really love everything about the movie, it is as good as Fight Club, and the romance is much more predominant.”

Matt Everitt / Georgie Rogers

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levi starbird, grand junction, colorado, usa.
actually, radiohead is only giving the song reckoner for the credits. they have officially said so.

Helen. Cardiff
Apparently Radiohead's Exit Music only is to be used over the credits in some form!

Helen from Cardiff
OK, Some Radiohead fans are finding this hard to believe. I don't know why. I think it's brilliant and not unprecedented. I don't know what happened to the original score, but I do know that it can only be better if it's true.

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