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Brian Eno

Eno-Byrne reunion

Brian Eno and David Byrne have reunited with a new album and tour
29 July 2008 - Former Talking Head, David Byrne, announces he and Brian Eno will release a new album together in August.

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is the first time they've hooked up in 27 years when their album, My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, proved to be a hugely influential release.

The new, self-released record is due for release on 18 August via a brand new website.

They’ve alluded to their new material as a collection of songs combining lyrics by the former Talking Heads singer, with electronic music by the legendary producer, Brian Eno, famed for his work with U2, David Bowie and more recently Coldplay.

The new album came to fruition during a visit to Eno’s studio after the two reunited when My Life in the Bush of Ghosts was re-released on Nonesuch Records.

Byrne said: “I recall Brian mentioning that he had a lot of largely instrumental tracks he’d accumulated, and since, in his words, he, ‘hates writing words’, I suggested I have a go at writing some words and tunes over a few of them, and we see what happens.”

From this, a transatlantic collaboration started as the duo swapped vocal and instrumental tracks via the web.

The former Roxy Music founder, Eno, spoke about the time they started the new work, saying: “We started to think we were making something like electronic gospel: a music where singing was the central event, but whose sonic landscapes were not the type normally associated with that way of singing.

“This thought tapped into my long love affair with gospel music which, curiously, was inadvertently initiated by David and the Talking Heads.”

Byrne will follow up the launch with a tour beginning in August 2008 through to 2009, during which he plans to play not just material from the new record, but also previous Byrne and Eno tracks.

“The live shows will maybe try to draw a line linking this new material with what we did 30 years ago,” explained Byrne, “a little bit anyway.”

Before all of that though, the pair will put out a free download single from it, called Strange Overtones, next Monday 4 August.

Below is the tracklist for Everything That Happens Will Happen Today:

1. Home
2. My Big Nurse
3. I Feel My Stuff
4. Everything That Happens
5. Life Is Long
6. The River
7. Strange Overtones
8. Wanted For Life
9. One Fine Day
10. Poor Boy
11. The Lighthouse

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