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Pete Townsend at Live 8

VH1 Honours: The Who

And Supergrass's Gaz joins The Foos
13 July 2008 - Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and the Flaming Lips were among the bands who took to the stage for VH1’s Rock Honors: The Who, which taped in Los Angeles at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion, Saturday night.

David Duchovny, Sean Penn, Roseanna Arquette and members of ACDC, The Cult and Supergrass were all in attendance as the legendary London group was honored – and performed -- at the event.

"Pete Townshend is so awesome and he’s so kind and sensitive and loving so it makes you like their music and want to do things like this even more," Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne told 6 Music as he walked the red carpet into the show.

Coyne said it was The Who who helped select the groups that ended up honoring them.

"They picked. They were looking for groups to span The Who catalog in a sense," Coyne said. "We do the late ‘60s period and Pearl Jam is doing the ‘70s and Tenacious D is doing the late ‘70s. But I think us doing Tommy is perfect. It’s perfect for us."

As previously reported by 6 Music, Dave Grohl’s performance at the event was put in jeopardy when he lost his voice, while singing at a Foo Fighter’s show last week. Due to his voice troubles, he was able to open the Rock Honors singing Young Man Blues, but he was forced to recruit another vocalist for Bargain.

"This is Gaz from Supergrass," Grohl said as his recent touring partner joined them for the song, which found Coombes dueting with Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins, while Grohl walked the stage playing just guitar.
"It's deafening" - Pete Townsend, The Who

Rainn Wilson from the US version of The Office introduced The Flaming Lips who took to the stage second, with Coyne in his trademark bubble.

After a short jam by the Oklahoma band, which saw the singer walk across the crowd encased in the plastic sphere, he joined his outfit for a Tommy medley, which included See Me/Feel Me, and Pinball Wizard.

Incubus took the stage next performing straight renditions of I Can See For Miles, and I Can Explain, the later song they learned how to play on Saturday shortly before soundcheck after a request from the producers of the show.

Tenacious D took the stage for Squeezebox, their performance accented by a cartoon enactment of the lyrics.

Actor Sean Penn introduced Pearl Jam, who brought in an orchestra for Love Reign O’Er Me, before covering Dr. Jimmy, as their second number.

Finally, after a special musical introduction by actor Adam Sandler, The Who took the stage – which featured a mod circle crisscrossed with Union Jack stripes -- opening with Baba O'Riley 

Their near hour long set also saw the legendary rockers tackle The Seeker, Who Are You, Behind Blue Eyes, and Two Thousand Years.

On one of their last songs – You Better, You Bet, the group encountered problems. Daltrey started the opening harmony at a different time to Townsend and it appeared sound problems continued as the song progressed.

Three-quarters of the way through, Townsend took his hands from his guitar and waved at the crew to let them start again.

"Whatever you’ve added, take out," Pete told the soundmen. "It’s deafening."

With the sound fixed, the band jumped into their own medley of My Generation and Won’t Get Fooled Again, before closing out the show.

Jolie Lash

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Mike, Soho
The Who are so much better than Stones even now, and Eddie Vedder is the new rock genius

Jeff Kleeman, Philadelphia, PA - USA
What an amazing show to honor The WHO! Before Pete, Roger & the boys took the stage, Pearl Jam put all the acts to shame. They should do a complete WHO tribute album by themselves. As far as the WHO goes, they still got it folks. When I closed my eyes, I swear I was listening to Keith Moon on the drums - Zack Starkey is incredible. And Roger & Pete never cease to amaze me at 60+ years old. Where do they get the energy? With the exception of one retake for the VH1 TV show taping, it was one of the best WHO concerts I have ever been to.

Sara in Greenfield
Love ya Petey & Roggie!

sue, fort lee, nj
I love THE WHO! Oh, I am so happy they got this HONOR! LONG LIVE ROCK!

Jon Brown, Winchester, UK
Sounds amazing - desperately wish I could have been there or that there could be a similar night in London.

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