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Beth Gibbons and Geoff Barrow of Portishead

Yorke praises Portishead

Thom and Goldfrapp compliment Third album
28 April 2008 - Thom Yorke has said Portishead’s new album Third, which has just come out, is their best record.

The Radiohead front man said: “It’s dark as man. Definitely their best record, there’s no doubt about that.

“My favourite one is a song called The Rip and then there’s one at the end which sounds exactly like that old 70’s band Silver Apples - just mental.”


Ed O'Brien from Radiohead also is a fan of the record: “It’s so beautiful, its so beautiful in parts. I have to say I actually thinking it’s my favourite Portishead record.”

He went on: “First track is immense….there’s a Brazilian thing going on in there and it’s just incredible.”


Despite the gap between this album and their last, Goldfrapp's Will Gregory - who makes an appearance on the Portishead record – said he does not see it in that context.

He said: “I think that their first record was so important and so innovative that I don’t think they’ve ever really gone away.

“I think echoes of that are still resonating – I think it had a huge influence and it still does so I don’t think it’s really a comeback. I don’t think they have ever really gone.”
"I just think they’ve got a very good brilliant sort of sonic vision"
Goldfrapp's Will Gregory

Will played saxophone on two tracks on the album and his relationship with the band goes back a long way because he played with them for the Portishead in NYC live album.

And Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley has appeared on every Goldfrapp album so far.


Talking more about their third album, Will said: “I think it sounds really interesting – I think every thing they do sounds interesting to me y’know.

“I just think they’ve got a very good brilliant sort of sonic vision and understand how to make very emotional sounds. I’ve always thought that – so I fully expect this one to be brilliant as well.”


The new music was showcased on the band’s recent tour and many fans had something to say about it.

One man said: “This new stuff just seems like it’s gonna terrify me in such a good way.”

Another gig-goer said: “It’s just dark – it just creates an atmosphere. It’s got something about it - you stand there. You’re totally captivated by it."

One fan likened it to Joy Division, he said: “It sounds a bit more grungy - a bit more Joy Divisiony I think. It’s different. It’s very different but a good sound I think.”

Kelly Stooke

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Vanessa-Ottawa, Canada
Portishead have a great mind, they are modest creators that always move forward while taking a step into the past. They are the best at combining sound with vivid emotions. Amazing!

Susannah Nottingham
Well I disagree. The songs I have heard from this album so far, seem dramatic, powerful and rather beautiful. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Mark. Telford.
Hmmmm. More misery being lauded as usual. I made the silly mistake of buying Portishead's first album upon reading all the rave reviews. It was binned years ago.

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