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Elvis Presley

Elvis in England!

The King's day out with Tommy Steele
22 Apr 2008 - Good news for Elvis fans, it seems The King did set foot in England after all.

Until now it's been believed that the nearest Elvis came to visiting England, was a short stopover at Scotland's Prestwick airport in 1960, on his way back from an army base in Germany.

Speaking to Ken Bruce on Radio 2 yesterday, 62 year old theatre producer and long time friend of Tommy Steele, Bill Kenwright, insisted that Presley had come to England in 1958 for a day's sightseeing with Steele - who had been billed as Britain's answer to Elvis at the time:

"Elvis came to England! Nobody thinks he did, and I hope Tommy doesn't go mad when he hears this..."
"Tommy showed him round London" -  Bill Kenwright

One night Tommy got a phone call, (impersonates Elvis): 'They told me you're good'... 'Who's this?'... 'It's Elvis.'

He said (Tommy): 'Get outta here! ... and he said (Elvis): 'Are you as good as me?'

They talked and they got a friendship... Elvis flew in for a day and Tommy showed him round London... they spent a day together, Tommy took him round and showed him round the Houses of Parliament."

Elvis's Graceland estate has yet to comment.

Ruth Barnes

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sharon.north wales
Elvis never came to britain only landed in scotland once.Watch the interview he gave on you tube in 1972,asked if he had ever been to britain he said no but he would like to and that comes from the man himself.

eamonn mckillop csndall
elvis is rock and isthe king

tony tolhurst chinley derbyshire
I cant imagine the king of rock and roll having any kind of admiration for somebody who performed such dross as "little white bull" "rock with the caveman" and "flash bang wallop" if it had been Billy Fury maybe it would have rang true.Also im sure theres no way Tommys publicity mad manager Larry Parnes would not have been aware of this and milked it for all it was worth

Lee Dawson, Elvis Express Radio
This story is something that Tommy Steele has made up and I for one would love to know the reason why he has come out with such a blatant lie?

Martin Clancy, Falmouth
Elvis didn't ever come to England. This is just a silly fabrication. Perhaps Steele dreampt that he and Elvis cruised around London. Perhaps in a pink cadillac!?!

Jane Hogarth, Wallsend Tyne & Wear
mmmmmmmm! was it possible then to fly in for a day. If my memory serves me correct it took about 9 hours to get to London by train never mind coming from the USA by plane for one day.

Marcelo Alves Lima - Rio de Janeiro
o Rei Do Rock'n Roll !!!Elvis lives forever !!!

London Town
I thought I saw him...

Brian Quinn - caddington (UK)
This story is untrue. Elvis would have not appeared in England without performing for his fans.

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