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Dizzee Rascal

Glasto tickets on sale

Hopefuls rush to purchase tickets
06 Apr 08 - Tickets for this year’s Glastonbury Festival have gone on sale.

Demand for the much loved event is a huge as ever - with hopefuls who pre-registered for tickets racing to purchase from 9am.

Although there have been no major reported problems, when the sale opened the official Glastonbury website would not let normal traffic through stating ‘the server is too busy’.

However, a Glastonbury spokesman says organisers are happy with how the systems are working so far.

This year's event features performances from Jay-Z, Kings of Leon and The Verve.

It has also been announced Dizzee Rascal will play a headline slot on the Park Stage, and the Levellers will headline the Left Field Stage following sets from Alabama 3, The Slackers, and King Blues.

Glastonbury takes place between  27-29 June at Worthy Farm, in Pilton.

Louise Hulland

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Comments so far

Tori Mounsey, Bath
21st April. Well i've just tried to buy tickets and after paying no confirmation came up. Surely this is a basic thing to provide for piece of mind and so that people won't keep trying to buy more tickets. Glastonbury have said do not try again, but how can you not when you really want those tickets! Any how, it didn't work as my registration numbers have already been used. I'm just hoping that means I have got tickets!

Michelle, Middlesbrough
7//4/08 at 09.11 - Just logged onto the See Tickets site and can still get the booking page...so much for the rush

Jay hartlepool
it took us a cpl of hours to get through online but once we did it was fine, if it says you number has been used , that usually means youve been successful. Me and about 30 of my friends all got tickets and theyve been confirmed, so personally i think the method works well. Also ive just checked the website and got straight though to the booking page , so if you havnt got one yet, go and try now.

Just spent two and a half hours trying for a glastonbury ticket. The phone number is unobtainable & when I finally got through online I was told that my registration number had already been used.Just to cap it all, I've just heard a spokesperson for glastonbury claiming things are going well.....

Steve, Shirley, Solihull
absolute shambles!!! been on the website. got thru and when entering payment details it said that the registration details had been used. so cant use the website now. when you get thru on the phone, it tells you that the number hasnt been recognised!! how are these not major problems??

M London
This is clearly not ture. I tried continously on the link. Got through entered my details and then it would go to a screen saying server busy or page could not be revealed. I eventually got to the enter your card details page 6 times. Evently it said that my registration number had already been used. So I do not know if I have tickets or not! I spoke to other people trying they had the same problem.

Rich, Ealing
Once I got into the tickets website there were still 'server busy' problems. Eventually I gave my payment details but never got a confirmation page. Worse, I couldn't re-submit my payment because my 'registration numbers had already been used'. Very ambiguous and confusing. Then about two hours later a confirmation email arrived. Stress level back to normal now!

jane carr Milton Keynes
I've had loads of trouble getting the booking system to take my details and proceed my order. I've been online since 9.00 and still only managed to get 4 of the 6 ticekts I wanted. The systems keeps telling me my numbers have already been used!!

the website is not running smoothly at all! I entered all details and card number etc. Submitted it, then a confirmation page did not load? nor have a received a confirmation email. I have got back on the site but it won't let me re use the reference numbers? Nightmare! Not sure if i have tickets or not, what a stupid unfair system

Michael Peel, Bradford
There are problems with the website - I was able to post my registration details and payment details and even submit it, only to be told that an error has occured and to re-submit. When I did re-submit, the error message now reads "The registration no / Postcode has already been used" and will not allow me to proceed.

Mike (Neath)
Score! 17 Mins to get a ticket this year. Happ days and see you all by the Brother's Bar! Pray for sun.

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