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Radiohead at the BBC - photo taken by YUI MOK/PA

Radiohead: Fan Verdict

6 Music winners take you through the gig
01 April 2008 - 6 Music listeners made up the audience for the intimate Radiohead gig at the BBC Radio Theatre today (01 April), and they gave us their verdict on each and every song.

Despite a standing ovation at the end of the set, the afternoon started with a quite sedate and civilized crowd, for the first song: 15 Step.

15 Step

"I was one of the people standing up at the beginning and you could see all these people round you going: 'Ooh I wanna sit down and be able to watch and have a lovely time.' I kinda wanted to boogie during 15 Step because it's bit of a dancy kind of song, but everyone else was kind of more: 'We've just had our lunch, so let's not bother now.'" (Sam, London)


"I thought they nailed it, big time. I listen to that song all the time at home, I sit with my own guitar trying to figure it out all day. I like the lyrics, I like when the outro comes in: they sing the two verses and the the outro comes in and the chord changes to like a G Minor - it's just amazing that bit, I just think it's awesome." (Steve, Runcorn)

All I Need

After a run of In Rainbows material ending in All I Need, Thom Yorke told the crowd they were going back a bit, saying: "When we agreed to do this they said 'can you do a mixture of old and new?', so this is an old one."

Then came Hail To The Thief track Myxomatosis.


"I was glad they did it, because if the BBC asked them to play older stuff I would have expected them to play stuff from The Bends or OK Computer, but it was phenomenal." (Alicia, Glasgow)

"I enjoyed Myxomatosis, doing the older stuff, I think Thom was surprised they were playing that actually - he seemed more surprised than anybody." (Rachael, Bolton)


"I was bawling my eyes out to that one, they can do no wrong, they could play the same song over and over again and it wouldn't matter at all, they are amazing. It's the pinnacle of my life, that's it - I can die now." (Amanda Daly)

Morning Bell

"Morning Bell was a surprise; haven't heard that in a while and that is just such a good song. Just brilliant, brilliant." (Terry, Exeter)

Thom then introduced a track from Kid A, saying: "It might not be top of the pundits' chart but we still love it. It's just a bit weird that's all - well, a lot weird."


"Going through to Kid  A  was just.... Kid A  is my favourite Radiohead album, it was a risky choice, but it was, well, amazing. It was so so good."


"My favourite was definitely Videotape, it was a hundred times better than the recording and that's something else in itself, beautiful song and very good performance." (Gareth, Bolton)

For the encore the band recorded a second take of Optimistic - they obviously weren't entirely satisfied with their first performance of the track, with Thom telling the crowd: "We were getting off on playing it - and then we weren't getting off on playing it."

Encore: Optimistic

"When they did the chorus you could see in his (Thom's) face that he was a lot more pleased, and the drums, I think, had been taken down a notch, it's taken my breath away." 

Radiohead at the BBC

Lucy O'Doherty

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tracy lilley , Twickenham
I turned up to the matinee gig, without a free ticket on the off chance that someone didn't turn up and to my very great surprise... got in. What a fantastic day. The sound quality and Thom's voice was amazing and yeah it was so good to be able to see and hear so clearly, I just wish they could have gone on longer. The only down side of it was that we all had to sit down, I would have liked to have been down the front so I could have boogied with the two people who were brave enough to stand up.Thanks Radiohead, you are a truly amazing band.

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