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Terry Hall

The Specials reunion

Shows confirmed for end of the year 
30 Mar 2008 - The Specials have been talking to the BBC about reforming officially, for a reunion tour.

No dates as yet, frontman Terry Hall says they need to get into the studio first:

"Well we're still trying to put dates together, but hopefully September/ October time. We need to spend the Summer rehearsing... I think it's taken me 30 years to realise we could do it really well."
"Do it with dignity or don't do it at all" - Terry Hall

Terry Hall and Lynval Golding made surprise appearances at last year's Glastonbury Festival.

The pair appeared onstage with Lily Allen to perform Gangsters, and later on a different stage, with Damon Albarn on piano and a beatboxer, performing A Message To You, Rudy. 

Terry Hall says that seeing other artists on the reunion trail has been an inspiration:

"Because I saw Patti Smith do Horses, and I saw The Pixies reforming... you do it with dignity or don't do it at all".

Ruth Barnes

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Comments so far

Adrian Townsend Carlow
i seen the specials in Newcastle, they blew us away. Terry Hall A Legend & King

taz651 viewpark lanarkshire
waited 29yrs for this,was at the apollo glasgow,that was a gig and a half

when all of you come to indonesia?many of your fans waiting the specials concert.

Chris, Solihull
Ska'd for life... Selector as a support???


Q, Oxford
I can't wait - best news in a long time, will surely be a highlight, if not THE highlight of 2009!- fingers crossed they perform Nite Klub and also a good amount of tracks from their second album too. I was listening to it for the first time in many years just the other day, and musically it still stands the test of time far more than any other album I can think of from that period. International Jet Set & Stereotype we're so ahead of their time, and IMHO didn't receive anywhere near the credit they deserved back in the day. The first album was great, but the second was far greater, and far more timeless in terms of production and musicality.Even the original vinyl pressing sounds fantastic to this day, extremely well mastered.

george estonia
all the so call specials fans will be there. 35 a ticket. you having a laugh.

Tom from Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois
Get a copy of "Ska'd for Life - A personal journey with The Specials" by Horace Panter(bass player) Any fan of this band will enjoy it very much.

Lewis Spear, Chorley
the specials are the dogs b******* and always will be the songs they cover are better than the originals

steve preston lancs
i'm so buzzin i never got the oppertunity to see them but was so into them i still can't beleive it, pinch me. awsome

Aldo Beduff, Hillfields as a kid.
So proud to be part of Coventry in those SPECIAL/SPECIALS days. Great memories. Thanks lads.

Emily - Amersham
Stop your messing around, better think of the future and sort this reunion out!!

Doug Aylesbury, Bucks.
Saw the Specials Play Friars In Aylesbury 1979 or 1980 can't quite remember, all the punks spat at Terry Hall ( Tut Tut )and he shouted that it was " Worse than a F****** Sham 69 concert" They where however brilliant - two albums just not enough - despite the efforts of Jerry Dammers with the Special AKA - didn't quite hit the mark. We need the fusion back of Dammers song writing and Hall's off key voice - Iwant another not just a reunion.

roy chegwidden norwich
make a dream come true! bring back the specials.

Glen Preston Lancashire.
Fantastic news,i just hope any old differances can be put aside to make it a full reunion or it wouldn,t be the same.Best band in the world!!!

Allison, Bradford, West yorkshire
What wonderful news, I would definately see them again, never out grown ska and am 43 now!! My favorite band ever. 15 when I saw them last so a few years have gone by, also saw FB3 twice, who were also fantastic.

Darren of Birmingham
Terry, you still look as cool as ever.Would be great to see and hear you again.

come on the specials lets have a reunion , get some gigs done for all us two toners out there

Paddy roche huddersfeild
Bring it on a message 2 all rudies will b there when ur back ska days r cumming hme

Chris Duggan - Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester
Cant wait lads - too young first time around.. ready 4 ya now!!!!! Met Terry at Piccadilly Key 103 Radio in Manchester early 90's who happily signed me loads of things including his latest single of the time... TOP BLOKE!!

kevin keegan. cheltenham, england
come on lads how can you deprive us any longer of the best band back on the ska scene again, i remember first time around never too old rude boy

Adrian Townsend Carlow Ireland
Excellent the best band in the world.

smalle coventry
comon lads get it together ill be fist in the q ......enjoy your selfs its later then u think

Shane Newry Rude for life
Best news since the cease fire

Gaz ( The Ex-Rude Boy) Birmingham
I hope this really happens? I was there the first time round and what a time it was. The Specials are and always will be 2Tone, as much as i loved all the other bands of the time; The Selecta, Madness, The Beat and Bad Manners ect, The Specials where the ones that started all off. And like Max the barber says, i to would walk to the end of the earth to see them.

Max the barber. Armagh Ireland.
if this comes off i,ll walk to see them! better still i,ll die happy!

jane jones sunderland
what a top show that would be cant wait cum on terry !!!!

Andy ,scooterboy,Bridlington ,East Yorkshire.
come on u specials , went to see u at the spa bridlington 1980.Hope u will come back hear,luv all 2tone and the great prince buster.

Andy ,scooterboy,Bridlington ,East Yorkshire.
come on u specials , went to see u at the spa bridlington 1980.Hope u will come back hear,luv all 2tone and the great prince buster.

Nick Dufton, Southport
This is the best music news in years ! Madness are great entertainers but The Specials always had a harder, cooler edge. Still got all their vinyl singles & LPs but never saw them live as i was too young, gonna make up for lost time as soon as they start skanking up those sweaty little clubs again !!!!

wayneo coventry
Terry Hall still sounds good and still looks ok and so do the rest of so them come on lads Coventry loves ya, cheers people. Wayneo

Kayla, Florida
Hope they make it to SoFla!!

Paul.L, East London
This Band, their music and the look, that was my teenage backdrop.As a young 13 year old Rudeboy in 79, in my Tonic Stay-prest, white socks and Frank Wright Loafers this uniform said, THE SPECIALS. If they do get it back on,it's the right time to do so. Even to this day their music is still crisp,tight and fresh after all these years!

Kevin in L.A.
Dear god let them come to Los Angeles!

alan, from belfast
happy days hope u come 2 ireland, cant wait.

missed'em last time,too young!, wouldn,t this time,not for anything, cannot wait, have met Neviile, when he supported the buzzcocks in manchester, top bloke

jay, W.Belfast
wish they were around now,2day's music is rubbish. seen them @ the ulster hall, belfast in 1981 along with the beat,was only 15 don't remember much, so hopefully they'll get 2gether come to belfast & do the business.

Garry Maddran, Stockport, Gtr Manchester
fantastic news,i cant wait to see them live.long live the rude boys.

james . battersea.london.
forget the aka bollocks saw neville staple at glastonbury twice last year the absolute nuts to see them all together is like me seeing the sex pistols at isle of wight cream your boxers time come on lads do it for us nostalgic lot.bring on the ska

maca lichfield
can't wait to see the boys live again i was fifteen when i saw them at the birmingham odeon and also seen the fb3, colourfield now can't wait for the best gig ever

yes brilliant,but their not as young as they were ,but hey,ive never seen them,so this could be my time,if i get a ticket that is-skamungus

kaylan, detroit
please, make it to the US!

Steve Brighton
I was only 8 when The Specials was released and therefore missed out on any live performances. I'm sure as hell not going to miss it this time. I never thought I'd get a chance to see Coventry's finest export live. Can't wait!

milton keynes
this will be the gig i was born to see! bring it on!

Woody, Coventry
I live near Albany Rd, can you move the folk out at 52. Bring back Two Tone!!

martin barnet
Can't wait for shows bring it on!

Skull, Waterford
best news all year "stop your messin around better think of your future"

Rudy, Coventry
Bring it back to Cov lads! You have to play a date or three in the City.

crikey i can't beleive it, i grew up listening to two-tone this is fantastic news.

Steve, London
i agree with pie and mash london....if the specials do reform, they've gotta have that band KRAKATOA supporting them. seen them a few times now, and they are brilliant!

Greg , Melbourne - Australia
This is the best news I heard in ages. The Special back together....totally awesome... can't wait.

well done,terry nev and the guys ,scotland cant wait,highlight of the year,so far

victor buttigieg / newport south wales
absolutely fantastic news that the specials are touring again,im a life long fan and this is a dream come true for me,as i was gutted when they split in 81. hope they do a few dates in wales and make provisions for disabled people like myself who are in wheelchairs. the specials will NEVER die.good luck lads on tour .vic

weston super mare
this is awesome, im a twenty year old mod/rudeboy, and i will have a chance to see one of my favourite groups perform live, something i had only dreamed about...now Mr Weller...be a sport!

skaad for life / Sheffield
Its got to be a big old RUDE BOYS RUDE BOYS RUDE BOYS!!!!!!. Been to se Mr staples twice now and he was great but theres always something missing . If you remember them in their hayday they will not have a problem filling venues. if Madness can do it ( second best to the Specials and the BEAT )they should clean up , up and down the country !!!! Sheffield old RUDE BOY !!!

Bilwit - California
Doubt they'll come to the US..:(

hope this happens, would love 2 c it, make my day.keep the faith.

dave eddy,wolverhampton,
ive been waiting for 25 years or more to see my idols.get it together bouys.for the fans.they will flock from everywhere just to see the boys play again

Market, Prague
I´m so happy, they will play together again!!

Pie and Mash London
the specials should have Krakatoa supporting them. the only band out there actually doing how it should be done!

wayne farmer coventry the home of ska
got to be good news hope and pray they get back together its what coventry needs and what i need. terry hall used to live in Swanlane coventry his dads name was also terry he used to drink in the cottage in Hillfields Coventry thanks to the cover band special brew for keep the sound of two tone going


Jonathan Pitt - London
This may be true. I saw Neville Staples play live and Jerry Damners came on to play "Ghost Town" and he said the band may reform and Neville needs to be in the band.

Seen Nevelle Staples at the scooter rallies, his energy is amazing still. Love to see them back together.

Chrissy, London
Please, please, please, please, please, please reunite just for one more gig. I unfortunately was born too late to see The Specials the first time around but they are my favourite band of all time. I would give anything to see it.

Mark, Sydney
Could be good - awesome band! Just as long as all of them do it - you wouldn't want to see a cabaret act like "From the Jam"

seany rutherford,walsall,west mids
seen neville out and aboat,rallien, and with the beat last and this year,never got to see the original band, this would be the icing on a very Special cake,fantasteeeeeeek, seany fm walsall

Andy Whittaker.... Portadown
Great news, I never got to see them first time round. Ska is on the verge of a revival, with Amy Winehouse covering old specials songs. It's time 2 Tone received the credit it deserves,,,,hope they do Belfast.....


Deek, Dundee
Can't wait, only 17 so too young to have seen em the first time! =D

Chef, Ipswich
Always felt there was unfinished business with The Specials! I think they're all still into the spirit of it, and can now put 80's differences behind and realise they were the best! Do it, but do it well.

Jen, Coventry
Amazing news about the up-coming gigs - but how about playing at the Godiva Festival over the Summer? That would be unbeatable!

Mark Herbert, Porthmadog
Yes! the best SKA band ever, can't wait!

Special Brew, Coventry
Roddy, Horace and Lynval joined Special Brew on stage in Coventry in November in front of 500 2 Tone fans.myspace.com/specialbrewinfo for video


Reb de x Rude gal / Birmingham
So excited to hear the Specials doing a reunion,my dream come true.Went to see The Beat and Neville Staples friday night and talking to people there about this reunion and everyone looking forward to it. There was a good feeling about it and who knows there may be a two tone revival.

great music,great memories,can,t wait to take my kids,now 19&17 to watch a real band perform superb live energy packed music.

great music,great memories,can,t wait to take my kids,now 19&17 to watch a real band perform superb live energy packed music.

Mick / West Belfast
Best music news since the pound note was scrapped! They are the most underated band in history. Cant wait to see them in action. Cheers

nancymerkin.. london
i can't wait. me and my mates are dead excited. yeah!!!!!!!!

Skyblue. Margate.............
All my dreams come true (if it comes off) as a young lad living in Cov, it was good to see them pop into my mums shop.It still gives me the same feelings i had back then every time i hear one of their songs on the radio, even tho' i have almost everything ever recorded by them. Cant wait.....Is it the dawning of a new era........

Jason- St. Louis
This is amazing, but it begs one question: Will Rico be there? I'd love it if they made it to St. Louis, but I know they won't. *sigh*

Mac - Belfast
I want all you Skinheads to get your braces together and your boots on your feet, for some of that old Skinhead moonstompin!

David Price AKA Dave the Rave. Stevenage
Ive been praying for this to happen for a very very very long time,27 years infact.The specials were and still are the best band to speak to the youth of its day and still is and one of the great live acts to pay money to see.we maybe 27 years older but still young enough to shut up and dance.welcome back guys, the Electric ballroom is still good to play as is the Hope and anchor.Rude boys return

Bob - Wallingford
It would be a good time to do it and be well supported.It's what's needed at present.

Cuddo Waterford
Great I hope you make it over to Ireland

Dave London
Blank Expression. Money talks, b******* walks..lets hope there are no major bust ups in the rehearsal rooms!!

Rich James,Peterborough
Awesome news!

Skarel Nijmegen
wicked!!!!!!I still listen to it weekly! Please don't skip Amsterdam. Cheers www.myspace.com/adlibnijmegen

joe fiasco coventry
Nice to hear Terry Hall is up for it !Long overdue !Good Luck Terry !!

New York
Let hope the swinging cats caome back with John Shipley on Guitar !!

Paul Willo,Darlington
THE reunion in hstory!!!!!!!!!!

Stefan / Sweden

Sean O'Neill, Manchester
I'm still way too excited about this!!!

Peter D / Milton Keynes
I saw them loads when I was young in Cov and they're almost certainly the best live band I've ever seen - Nothing will keep me from the Cov gig if this comes off! I'll be getting my mates back together for this one

GoodMicky, Belfast
Can't believe it! Seen Jerry and Terry DJ and Neville doin a couple of shows with his band, all in Belfast. It will be cosmic to see all 7 of them playing together. I reckon they will do a couple of shows in Belfast, they got the following. I will be there at all of the gigs. Come on now Specials dont let us down.

Steve Watford
Too Much Too Young and I'm still stompin !!!!Come on all you Specials !!!

higgit, barnsley.
great news lets hope they do a rehearsalin barnsley !

robmacca, Coventry
It would be really good to see The Specials back together. A perfect gig would be to team up with fellow Coventry band, The Enemy!

Davo, San Diego
I'll go to the show.

Nik, Accrington.
All seven? I'll believe it when I see it. Too many fallings out between Terry and Jerry in the past for this to work. Having said that I REALLY hope it comes off, and hope they're as good as they were in the late 70s

Del,Royal Leamington Spa
I was too young to really enjoy the full effect of the Specials, by the time they split I was 13yrs and sobbing into my Harrington jacket sleeveMesseage to Terry (were still out there)Luv the Specials

Sean O'Neill, Manchester
Cant wait!! They are still as relevant today & are THE band that would do it properly. I saw the pistols last year & although I enjoyed it there were still moments I had to cringe at! I dont think thatwill be an issue for the specials!!! :o)

calum aberdeen
what fantastic news,been waiting to see them since i was a wee boy,roll on september.

Helen / milton keynes

John D .. Coventry
lets hope it happens and theres a home coming gig in Cov :)

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