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Glastonbury revellers stuck

Glasto travel nightmare

Punters stuck for hours
25 June 07 - Glastonbury revellers had to deal with plenty of drama this weekend, all most want to do is crash into bed. However, many are stuck on site today, hours away from even beginning to get home.

Many punters who bought the combined coach and festival tickets were left stranded after their coaches failed to turn up. Others have swelled the numbers at nearby Castle Cary train station where the Red Cross have been handing out blankets.

Festival-goers who arrived by car have also encountered problems. Will Roberts had been trying to leave the site for more than ten hours and said, "The mud is a major problem and people are spinning in it - but the main problem here is the lack of stewards, there is no queueing system, its just chaos, really chaos..."

Festival organiser Michael Eavis released the following statement, that there was nothing he can do. He knows it's a problem and it's been made worse this year because of the weather. He went on to say that anyone in dire difficulties can go to the welfare centre... but so far only one person has taken up the offer. 

Mendip District Council said: "In the next few hours, all the car parks will be clear and those people travelling by train and bus will also have left. There are still a few thousand people on site who are intending to camp until tomorrow."
"We found our car at 8:30am and we have just reached the gate. We have gone about 200 yds in the whole day" - Naomi, driver

Ruth Barnes

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josiebigmouth london
i really want to go despite the "chaos"

ok im sorry, but even the tickets stated you were likely to face excessive queing on trying to leave the festival. There were even time graphs on the official website showing peak times and expected queing times and its been documented for years it takes ages to get out of Glatonbury, be it car, bus or train. Everyone had all spent 3 days in the mud so new full well the conditions and must have come to the conclusion that cars would also find it difficult? we left our tents at about half 4ish and had a slow walk down, got out of the car park for about 8, 3 hours queing isnt exactly fun, but it was to be expected. The stewards were a joke, granted, but it doesnt take a genius to figure that a few thousand cars parked in various fields with only 1 or 2 exits, is going to take forever and day to clear? I waited for over 6 hours just to get into V last year! and V is awful!!, and thats being polite. A bit of queing for 5 days of blissfull partying, or no queinng waiting for eastenders to finish so you can watch it at home?????? tough choice folks, reallllllly tough choice?

Ruth, London
We were made to wait, standing, for 4.5 hrs in the freezing rain before we were allowed to go through to the coach park. The only way to get food and drink was to leave our spot in the queue and walk through a puddle higher than our wellies. 2x burger & chis cost £14.When through to the coach park we then waited for a further four hours before being told we would be sent home by train.Our coach ticket was for 09:30. We got on a coach to Castle Cary Station at 18:15 and were in Paddington for 21:15.It was the closest to death I have ever been. Security couldn't let us through to the Coach Park becuase of health and safety reasons. But it was ok to leave us standing with no shelter or hot liquids open to the elements for over four hours. Check outthe See Tickets Glastonbury Coach group on Facebook and let's make sure this never happens in the UK again.

Emily, London
I agree with Emily from Stroud – you can't control the weather – but it's not like it came as a massive surprise on the last day. It had been raining all weekend, and considering the reputation Glastonbury has for rain anyway, the chaos we encountered was unacceptable. We waited over three hours in the downpour for a coach, with no metal barrier system to aid queueing, it became a huge free-for-all. I only spotted three stewards the entire time, one of which only managing to actually do anything remotely helpful when a girl in our massive crowd fainted. When we finally boarded a coach it left the site with at least four empty seats. Considering the amount of coaches scheduled to go to London, to have what appeared to be only one steward operating one gate is a shambles. It's not like they've had two years to plan for this or anything...

Jo, London
Never ever again will I get a coach, it was an absolute nightmare. See coaches where totally chaotic and had conflicting information about where you should go to catch your coach, they where arguing between themselves. Communication was very poor and we where told to go to bay's A and M, then C, then Z, then 4 coaches turned up at A,B,C,D, which was set upon by an angry riotous mob. I feel sorry for people catching coaches to places like Harrow, Chelmsford, etc... as the staff didn't have a clue if such a service was running even though it was printed on peoples tickets, they where told just to hang around and hope for the best. Total rubbish, we deserve some sort of apology and a pledge that this won't be happening again.

Tired - Harlow
it took us 13 hours to get home in what should have been a 2.5 hour journey. It took us 4 1/2 hours to move a car length. Michael Eavis said there was nothing he could do, but a steward directing traffic letting 5 cars go then 5 from the next queue would have solved a lot of the chaos. We encountered only 2 stewards & had to advise them after about 4 hours what to do. 1 didn't have a clue & the other just ate & texted his friends. 100 stewards on the way in 2 on the way out - I think more could have been done even with the mud. At V festival they have metal grates down to drive on

Christine Jones, Ely
Considering the huge profits made at an event like this I think this is an insult to everyone who paid to go. They've spent god knows what to make sure you have to buy a ticket. Why can't the organisers be true to their word and get it right. If this was a holiday abroad, this would be on watchdog by now. This is why I never go. I'd rather see it from the comfort of my sofa, thanks.

Emily, Stroud
Obvioulsy you can't control the weather, no one can accept the blame for that. However, the coach system was ridiculous. What was the point in having timed tickets if anyone could come along and get on the coach, taking your seat?? We waited in the freezing cold soaking wet for over 2 and half hours. Pity, it was the only low point of an amazing weekend.Get a system for next year Glastonbury, even if I definately will not be getting the coach.

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