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Sandi Thom

Webcast woman scores deal

Sony signs up unknown singer
04 April 06 - An unknown South London singer's been signed up by RCA/Sony BMG after a series of web gigs.

The record label has taken 24 year-old Sandi Thom on purely on the strength of her webcasts - which have rocketed from an audience of 70 to 70,000 in just two months.

She's been performing in the basement of her flat in Tooting for her audience on her "World Tour" which involved 21 shows back to back.

"I only went on the internet because I was too skint to put on a proper tour." 

Sandi Thom
The scottish sensation' s being hailed as the next KT Tunstall, and RCA label director Craig Logan praised his new signing:

"Sandi is a very talented artist with an already unique story. We're very excited that we're now going to be a part of that story as she develops into a major artist ."

Sandi's meteoric rise was helped by when word spread like wildfire about the gigs.

Her first single, I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, is due out on 22 May, her album Smile It Confuses People, is released on 5 June.

Jo Youle

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Comments so far

Michael, London
Her whole story is a sham and fraud. She would've needed a heck of server (expensive) to do what she claimed to have done. Also No-one on the London toilet circuit has heard of her. Now she is doing a gig full of covers! Singer/ songwriter my ar$e!

sam this songs cool ive also head the one that chris sings i wish i was a prawn cracker its really funny

Shelley Caviell, Ferndale, Cardiff.
i love the song it is amazing and cant wait for the album, i also think that the PR scam worked wonders. x x

William/Belfast NI
Heard her sing her song live on a local radio station,haven't been able to get it out of my head since.Can RCA/Sony not release her album sooner.

Rach, Yorkshire
Saw her video while I was in the gym. Not only did it make me smile as I ran through my pain barrier, but I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. I love her voice. The next KT Tunstall? No way. Technically, her vocals wipe the floor with Ms Tunstall, talented songwriter and performer though she is.

Est, Hampshire
Heard her song on the radio this afternoon and thought it was great. Hope it goes all the way.

Adrian - Salt Spring Island, Canada
This would be a wonderful, inspiring, story for indie artists if it were true. Unfortunately, it's simply an example of very clever and effective PR. Check online and you'll see there was virtually no buzz on MySpace. Other claims can be shown to be similarly misleading. Chalk one up for the marketing folks. Alas, it's not a victory for musicians. "We won't get fooled again..."

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