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Johnny Rotten at the 100 Club

Punk punch-up!

Handbags at dawn between Jimmy Pursey and John Lydon
24 Aug 05 - Punk legends John Lydon and Jimmy Pursey came to blows outside the US embassy as they queued for visas.

There has been bad blood between the pair since the Seventies - and things came to a head this week as they waited outside the embassy at 0730.

Former Sex Pistol Lydon ignored Pursey's offer to shake hands and threw coffee over him, while the Sham 69 singer responded by kicking his punk rival. Bizarrely, The Proclaimers were also there and witnessed the whole thing before armed policeman intervened to calm the situation.

Pursey was waiting for a visa so he could travel to New York for a benefit gig in aid of the CBGBs club. He told 6 Music the scrap was like being back at school.

He said: "It would be like standing in the dinner queue with someone that you don't really get on with when you're at school. Suddenly, it just turned into him and his mate throwing coffee at me, then it just went from bad to worse with the armed guards luckily interpersing the whole thing. One of them, thank God, know knew who we both were."

He continued: "It's not every day you get a guy with a submachine gun round your head telling you he's a Sham 69 fan."
Lydon meanwhile dismissed Pursey's claims.

He told The Sun: "All the usual low-rent and lies. He's not fit to be in the same sentence as me. What do you expect from a low-rent fake mockney two-bob runt?"

Jody Thompson

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Comments so far

julie harris grays essex
john is a highly inteligent person,so as far as i am concerened i believe john that jimmy has lied, lets face it john is and will always be the true punk legend !

Donald Drips Sacramento, California USA
Anyway;who gives a damn;Im doing the best I can. God save the queen. Thats life

Fran Davies London
what is so 'BIZARRE' about the Proclaimers being in the same queue, was there something 'special' about it? Would you say that abotu the Gallaghers?

Arch Stanton, Medicine Hat Cemetary & Crematorium
Rubbish! They were just kissing and making up from the last incident, and all the media types are eggin' this out of proportion for more.

Jim Vermin, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Bottles to the ground!

Bat Guano, Kalamazoo, Mich., USA
I'd like to bless these old codgers for bringing a bit of cheer to my punk rock day.

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