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Pete Murphy of Bauhaus

Bauhaus come back

Goth legends to reform
21 Jul 05 - Legendary gothpunkers Bauhaus are reforming.

Former frontman Peter Murphy's UK tour ends tonight at Manchester Academy.

He's promoting his latest solo release, Unshattered, and is also currently in the process of getting the Bauhaus line-up back together to record new material for the first time since 1983.

Peter  told 6 Music how it's going:

"I've actually been working on reforming the band for the last year. It's come to the point now what we are going to tour here in the winter and do a world tour and an album."

Jody Thompson

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Comments so far

fan. Thessaloniki, Greece.
Please visit Thessaloniki/Greece for an unforgettable gig!!! There are so many old Bauhaus fans here waiting for you. This way you can gather fans from all over the Balkans. Think about it! won't regret it.

shelley from warrington
i loved them in the 80s and im 43 now, and cant wait for them 2 make a come back, my favorites were kick in the eye and shes in parties,goths 2day will love them,a blast from the pastxxxxx hurry im waiting

Blake King (17 Years old) Leeds, UK.
Sweet, i went to see them!!! they rocked, the venues organisation was poor, no support band either, some fools in the croud too but i was right on the frist row, i nearly touched Peters hand!!!! but didnt (nobody could reach)... *cries* Well yeah the band were good but others issues were not so good. The songs i remember them doing were. In the flat field. Shes in parties. ziggy stardust. telegram sam Double dare. there were many more but to remember it was hard, i was getting molestered by some hot goth girl and some none hot middle aged woman. Well, if you missed the chance to see them i think you will very much regret it especially since there is every chance that you may not get another chance.

Rays bars and stuff san califiornia
Yes I have a book thak you

The greatest group that ever lived, I followed them every where in the 80's, the shows they done in London in late 90's were awesome, cant wait for B'ham on Feb 2nd 2006

Spencer, London
Well, I for one am glad that they they are doing a world tour. I've never seen them live, after having been a fan since 1989... I used to live in a land far away which was the last place on BAUHAUS' mind. Now that I'm in London, I'll be counting the days until I see them. Saw The Mission 3 weeks ago, I'm sure that they wont dissapoint me as I was with The Mission.. Managed to see Peter Murphy a couple of months ago, and he was great!! But I'm more a Bauhaus fan than a Peter Murphy one..

Gav, Norwich
Cool. It will be interesting to see how their sound has developed. They played a very accomplished set in Brixton for their last comeback... :o)

Chris, Cleveland, UK
another comeback tour, please dont keep on carrying that torch which went out in the 80's, there was a reason why Bauhaus split up...

Nick from Athens(Greece)
Bauhaus we re expecting u back in Greece since your last concert in 1983..We need u back guys for a second gig!!!

Miss A, London
Excellent! New material will be great! As long as people are disappointed if its not another Mask, or Burning From the Inside. These guys have been writing material for the last three decades, and they've moved with the times. I think its going to be very interesting to hear what these guys come up with! Saw Murphy recently in Scala - excellent gig - he's still 'got it'!

Ross, North London
Justice is served. I shall now see them live!!! And the prospect of a new Bauhaus album suits me fine. They split too early, and were yet to reach their peak. At least they can close the book now.

Mutley Manchester
Dates! I need dates for UK,

Richard NYC
Wonderful! Have tickets for both nights already in NYC, November! Saw Peter in the spring, missed Coachella, and now this!!! I do agree with the above comment however as to whether or not new material, or rather, a new album would be such a good idea, as he/she already mentioned, it could very well be a sad attempt at expanding an already completed body of work. However, I am up for the risk if they are! November Bitches!

Rob, Cranbrook, UK
I can't wait. It's going to be amazing.

Pippi/Atlanta, Ga.
Absolutely amazing!!! Saw Peter a couple months ago, can't get enuf. Please, come back to Atlanta.

Jill, Richmond, VA, US
Initially I thought this to just be another tour, but then I read about new material. How exciting this is; I do hope it all goes over well. Also, hopefully they'll visit the States' East Coast as I rarely see good music come through my town, and Richmond is in need of a revival in its slumbering goth scene.

Caty, FL, USA
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait. A little voice inside is nagging me though, saying that it might just be another old band comeback flop, with radio-friendly slicked-over tunes. But I think that if Bauhaus is REALLY going to reform, they'll do it Bauhaus style. I can't wait.

Pittsburgh PA
No words can describe the extacy that I am feeling at this moment. This is unbelievable. A chance to see one of the most talented bands in the world? Dear god, please come to Pittsburgh.

petra / Finland
Phenomenal!! Didn't believe that this could happen...I just might have a chanse to see my most favourite band live. Hope they come at least so near as Germany. But if they don't, it's ok...I can travel a bit more far away too,just have to work more. And can't wait to hear new material!

Daniel Flores Lisbon
This almost too good to be true! please come to portugal.

Helen, Sheffield
I avoided the resurrection tour not wanting to suffer disappointment after having not seen them since the early 80s. Having heard it wasn't disappointing - this time I'm going!

Gabriella, Stockholm, Sweden
Saw Bauhaus for the first & last time always, I thought, in London 1983 (their final gig as a band then) - this is changing it all! :-)

Marie, Columbus OH
Hope I get backstage passes.

Diane & Tahira plead for Bauhaus to come to Toront
omg. I can't believe it. I was talking with a friend last night about Bauhaus, and she played me "life is but a dream" on the phone. She loves the white album. she is going to be delerious with joy. me too.

Stucifer Brisbane Australia
does the "world tour" include Australia?!?

Sonia -- Orlando, FL..
There are NO words......I am crying, I am SOO happy!!!!....NEW BAUHAUS?!-There is a GOD and his name is PETER!!!...PLEASE, come to Orlando, Fla,!!!!...I LOVE U PETER!!!!XX, SONIA

St Marg. Twickenham
Please god noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Thomas A., Kyoto
Saw them on their reunion tour in the same theatre I'd seen Peter on one of his first solo tours. Dearly hope they make it to Japan as a trifecta would be nice.

Thomas H, Melbourne
Tour Australia ya baldy git!

jeffro, chandler , AZ

Bishop Infantophage, Bath & Wells
Hopefully, he will leave the trousers he wore at Coachella at home.

Gill in houston...texas
lol, so i guess the last one wasn't the last one after all.

The GothMeister, Canterbury, Kent
The Whitby Goth Weekend in October awaits you guys!!

BAMMBAMM :: Seattle Washington USA
Good Day, I loved seeing them on the resurrection tour; I really never thought I would get to see them. It was brilliant. As far as new material goes, anything Daniel Ash does is amazing but I am a bit worried that the creation of "new" Goth /Bat Cave/ (whatever you want to call this style) may not be a progression of this very influential band but a re-hash effort of an already accomplished body of work. We will see

Excellent, I hope they will play a gig in The Netherlands aswell!

Paul M B, Harrogate
Flippin' fantastic news!!! I actually saw Peter at Manchester last Thursday, and he made one or two comments that sounded a bit "terminal", but now hearing this news it makes more sense! Can't wait...

Cleveland, OH USA
This is the best news! Wow! Now I can obsessively wait for tour dates!

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