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Fresh from their NME tour, Brazilian electro-funksters CSS dropped by for two tracks and a chat.

  • Recorded on: 27/02/07
  • Show: Gideon Coe

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  • Lets Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
  • Off The Hook
  • Interview with Gideon Coe


    • 1. At 12:12pm on 25 Sep 2010, budgethemusicsponge wrote:

      Love that version of "Witness (1 Hope)". Class! The drummer's fnatastic on it too!

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    • 2. At 00:19am on 01 Oct 2010, wizard wrote:

      They all look bored. I've seen the 'Charlies' as we called them pointlessly in the old days. There's no fun there anymore. None of them can be bothered. It's a shame but inevitable.

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    • 3. At 8:24pm on 01 Oct 2010, jimmyboots wrote:

      Nonsense, they certainly didn't look bored on Tuesday night at the Hard Rock Cafe, this is a band who love playing and making music, they'd have split years ago if they couldn't be bothered. The good night on Tuesday is probably responsible for any sluggishness on Wednesday morning!

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    • 4. At 01:07am on 02 Oct 2010, al wrote:

      I've followed The Charlatans since day 1 like a religious nut. They lost me though when Up At The Lake was released, dunno why- High Up Your Tree is one of the best things they've ever done. Then came Doves, they took up the baton that Tim & co held high,- really high, and i'm struggling to put my finger on what it actually is. Northern 'soul' maybe, or the down-to-earth (northern again) cool that they share with Elbow, the guts, the experimentation, cleverer tunes and arrangements,- not sure. But I am sure that solo projects & stateside flirtations haven't helped. For just once Tim's got the look wrong. I'm the same age & I cant relate to or emulate it in any way now. Maybe that's my blockage.
      I want to love them again & be part of that special club-mate feel we once had. Meeting the lads in The Phoenix after the Manchester Apollo gig was really special, as was meetng Rob. I hope they grab me again, and more-so, I hope Jon pulls through. Much love. xxxxxx

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