About Radio 6 Music

What is 6 Music?

BBC Radio 6 Music brings together the cutting edge music of today, the iconic and groundbreaking music of the past 40 years and unlimited access to the BBC's wonderful music archive.

6 Music won Station of the Year at the Sony Radio Academy Awards 2012.

Read more about the history of 6 Music on Wikipedia.

What kind of music does 6 Music play?

There's not a lot that we won't play. Throughout the week's schedule on 6 Music, our shows explore a wide spectrum of music from all sorts of genres. Why not take a look at our playlist, or check the 6 Music profile on Last FM to get a sense of our most played artists.


Why has the website changed?

Get all the details on the BBC iPlayer Radio Welcome page and this post on the Radio Blog.

Who is the Controller or 6 Music?

Bob Shennan is the controller of 6 Music, you can read about his appointment in a press release issued by the BBC.

How can I find a programme on the 6 Music website?

You can find a programme that has been broadcast or will be broadcast within seven days by clicking on the Shows link at the top of every page on the site.

For programmes that are currently off-air, go to the Shows page and set the filter to show "All".

If you know when a programme was broadcast, go to the Schedule page and browse by date and time. You can also browse shows focussing on a specific genre of music, for example Soul & Reggae.

What is today's Album of the Day?

Every weekday on 6 Music we play tracks from a chosen album - either a new release or a classic LP - and provide a review of the album. Visit BBC Music reviews to find out which record is today's Album of the Day and read previous reviews.

How can I find out which songs were played?

Tracklistings for individual shows are available on the 6 Music website. Please use our Schedule to find the show you were listening to and check the tracklisting during and after broadcast.

On our tracklistings, you can find further information about tracks you hear. For each track, you can find the title, the artist and a link to more information from BBC Music.

How do you choose the bands you play?

6 Music offers a unique, eclectic and alternative-spirited mix of music. Our playlist is updated weekly and is published on the 6 Music website. Alongside classic tracks from the last four decades we play new music and the station also has a strong commitment to live music, with new session tracks as well as classic sessions from the BBC archive. Additionally, one song is chosen to be added to the playlist each week by listeners in Steve Lamacq's Rebel Playlist feature.

On average over 1,200 different songs are featured on 6 Music every month. The basis of a lot of the station output is a track database of nearly 4,000 songs that's growing all the time. Plus there are the new releases that make it onto our playlist each week. On average, five or six new tracks are added to our 30 song new release playlist every week. To get on the playlist, songs need to be championed by one of our producers and supported by the majority of the playlist committee.

Producers and presenters also have access to the BBC's massive record library and their own collections to create the individual shows.

How can I get a CD or transcript of a programme?

BBC Worldwide publish BBC programmes, books and related items. The decisions about whether to release material for sale are made by BBC Worldwide on the basis of projected sales. See the BBC Shop for more information. Otherwise, we're sorry but we can't provide them for you. Copyright and contractual agreements only cover broadcasts - the duplication or distribution of recordings and other materials has to be negotiated separately so this is only done for commercial release. If you are a contributor to a programme and would like a recording, please contact the production team directly.

I'm a musician - how can I get my music heard on 6 Music?

Our head of music at 6 Music is Jeff Smith. He chairs the weekly playlist meeting so if you'd like to submit a CD for him to listen to you can post them to him at the address below. Alternately, if you think your music will appeal to a particular presenter or producer at 6 Music, you can send CDs marked for their attention to same address.

6 Music

BBC Wogan House

99 Great Portland Street

London W1W 7NY


If your music is available online you can also send emails to individual presenters, giving them the URL. Email addresses for individual programmes can be found via the "Contact" link on the programme's show pages.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of CDs we receive from people we cannot give feedback on the music sent to us.

You can also visit BBC Introducing to upload music to the BBC if you're an unsigned band. Your tracks will reach your closest BBC Local Radio station along with a key national show of your choice. Every week on 6 Music, Tom Robinson presents The BBC Introducing Mixtape featuring the best tracks uploaded.

Why can't I listen to a programme as soon as it finishes?

Once a programme has finished broadcasting, there will be a delay before the programme is available to hear again online. Normally the programme is available within an hour after broadcast, but it can take several hours.

How long are programmes available to listen to online?

Programmes are usually available for seven days after broadcast. If a download, or podcast, is available for a programme, you can save this to your computer or mp3 player and keep forever, to listen to whenever and wherever you like.

What is a podcast and how do I download a 6 Music programme?

A selection of 6 Music programme highlights are available to download. A podcast is an audio file that you can download and save on your computer or MP3 player. Many mobile phones also have this functionality. You can keep any programme you have downloaded forever, to play whenever you like.

The other advantage of a podcast is that you can subscribe for free to receive future episodes of the series. You can use iTunes or any other podcast software to manage your podcasts, or simply download individual episodes directly from the BBC Podcasts website. Find details of how to download on the 6 Music Podcasts page.

Can I listen from outside the UK?

You can listen to 6 Music online from anywhere in the world. Occasionally, some programmes might not be available outside the UK due to copyright restrictions.

I'm having problems with my Radio Reception, can you help?

Visit the BBC's Reception website for comprehensive information on both radio and TV reception. Persistent problems are likely to need help from an aerial specialist.

How to Listen

Listening To 6 Music

In the UK you can listen live to 6 Music in a variety of ways:

DAB Digital Radio: Listed as "BBC Radio 6Music" or "6 Music"

Freeview: Channel 707

Freesat: Channel 707

Sky TV: Channel 0120

Virgin: Channel 909

6 Music is not available on FM analogue radio. Get help with listening on a DAB Digital Radio

For information on listening on all of these platforms, visit BBC Radio Help


Listen live and catch-up with programmes broadcast in the past seven days on 6 Music's website

Mobile Services

Get full details of the various ways you can listen via mobile on the BBC iPlayer Radio Help page

MP3 Players (iPods and other manufacturers)

Some 6 Music programmes are available as podcasts, which you can download and listen to on any MP3 player.

Browse 6 Music Podcasts

Get help with podcasts

Other Devices

You can listen to 6 Music on some tablet devices and gaming consoles using BBC iPlayer. Advice about which tablets and consoles are supported can be found at BBC iPlayer Help.

Internet (WiFi) Radio

To listen on an internet radio, you may need to enter the URL for our live stream, which is available in various formats. The URLs for all radio streams available from BBC Radio are provided at bbc.co.uk/listenonline

For more information, please contact the manufacturer of your device, or refer to the instruction booklet.

Freeview, Freesat and Digital Cable TV

If you need more help with switching to Digital, visit Digital UK's website.


How can I contact 6 Music?

Please check the information in our FAQs, where you may find your question has been answered.

Email: For many programmes, there will be a "Contact" link on the programme's web pages. For a full list of programmes and links to their pages, visit our Shows A-Z.

Text Message: You can send a text message to a presenter or a show via your mobile when the show is live on-air. The text number is 64046. (Texts will be charged at your standard message rate. Check with your network provider for exact costs.)

Post: You can also write to radio show teams using the following address:

Programme Name

BBC 6 Music

Wogan House

99 Great Portland Street

London W1W 7NY


Facebook/ Twitter: You can join the conversation about 6 Music programmes by 'liking' our Facebook page at Facebook.com/BBCRadio6Music on Twitter at @bbc6music.

If a direct contact option is not available, or to make a comment, complaint or enquiry about other BBC programmes or services, visit the About The BBC site.

If your comment directly relates to the website, please email 6musicwebsite@bbc.co.uk

BBC Audience Services: call 03700 100 400. (03700 calls cost no more than 01 and 02 geographic landline numbers and are included in discount packages for both fixed-line and mobile phones).

Complaints: The BBC has a system for dealing with complaints from our audience. All complaints about the BBC, our programmes and services should be sent via our Complaints website

Your Privacy: The BBC and any service provider we engage will use the information you supply to respond to your queries/comments, to develop and enhance our services and for statistical analysis of audiences and users. For full details of our policy regarding the personal information we collect about you visit our privacy policy page.