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Franz Ferdinand Selections
Alex, Bob and the band took control of the 6 Music airwaves on Thursday 15 December and here's a list of the music they picked:

Chris Hawkins (0100-0700)
The Cramps - Human Fly :: Paul
Anita Ward - Ring My Bell :: Alex

Phill Jupitus Breakfast Show (0700-1000)
Arcade Fire - Wake Up :: Nick
Sonic Youth - Rowche Rumble :: BBC SESSION, Paul
Bricolage - Bayonets :: DEMO, Bob
Proforma - Lapses :: BBC SESSION, Paul
Sparks - Achoo :: ALBUM OF THE DAY, Paul

Gideon Coe (1000-1300)
The Fall - Spoilt Victorian Child :: LIVE SESSION TRACK, Bob
The Shangra Las - Give Him A Great Big Kiss :: Alex
1990s - Just Enjoying Myself :: BBC SESSION :: Franz commission
1990s - Is There A Switch For That :: BBC SESSION :: Franz commission
Madness - The Prince :: BBC SESSION, Nick
Sparks - Something For The Girl Who Has Everything :: ALBUM OF THE DAY, Alex

Vic McGlynn (1300-1600)
Josef K - Heaven Sent :: BBC SESSION, Bob
Mother And The Addicts - Take The Lovers Home Tonight :: Nick
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Sonni's Lettah :: BBC SESSION, Alex
Sparks - Marry Me :: ALBUM OF THE DAY, Bob
Dexys Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious :: BBC SESSION, Nick

Steve Lamacq (1600-1900)
Queen - Another One Bites The Dust :: Bob
Long Blondes - Separated By Motorways :: BBC SESSION, Paul
Yummy Fur - Car Park : BBC SESSION, Alex
Link Wray - Green Hornet :: Bob/Paul
Sparks - Who Don't Like Kids :: ALBUM OF THE DAY, Nick

Tom Robinson's Evening Sequence (1900-2100)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - By The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth :: Bob
Lung Leg - Kung Fu On The Internet :: BBC SESSION, Alex
Eno And The Winkies - The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch :: Paul

6 Music  Plays It Again (2100-2200)
DocThe Ronnie Spector Story Part 1 :: Alex

Nemone's Dream Ticket (2200-0100)
Fire Engines - Candy Skin :: BBC SESSION, Bob
The Smiths live in concert :: Kilburn 1986, Bob/Paul
Roy Orbison - In Dreams :: Nick

Chris Hawkins (0300-0400)
Doc: The Ronnie Spector Story Part 2 :: Alex

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Comments so far

Gogsie, Edinburgh
Apart from Sonic Youth, The Fall and Roy Orbison the rest were pretty rubbish. I thought these guys had some music taste.

Al, Portsmouth
Wow, two folks from Pompey chatting about decent music on the BBC website! I'll ignore your comments toward their heat-generating aesthetics and agree that they are clever with their music and lyrics. It's a shame the same can't be said for the Kaiser Chiefs, but that's another story. Good one BBC on choosing Franz for this sort of thing, their choices were great. How about The Horrors, The Rakes and The Pipettes if we're sticking to rather more better covered artists? Their tastes in music appear to be a bit good after all. Even better, why not grab Thurston Moore, or all of Sonic Youth? He just curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Minehead after all.

Victoria. Argentina, Buenos Aires
I love Franz Ferdinand it's great come back soon to Argentina!!

Lucy, Portsmouth
Nothing i can say will actually express how much i LOVE the boys. They mean so much to me and they are just incredible. They are so clever with their music and lyrics, anyone can listen to them but they never lose their originality.Everyone is entitled tot their opinion but in MY opinion if you think they are 'Okay' or 'overrated' then i have to apologise but i do think there is something slightly wrong with you. They don't try to copy anyone else and they do what they do 'cos they love it and it's a laugh and they should be respected because of that. It helps that Alex and Nick are 2 of the hottest guys ever to grace the planet. Basically, since they came, we're lucky lucky we're so lucky!x

flor... buenos aires
well, hi i love franz ferdinand mmh... bob hardy.. i love bob,,i love the song darts of pleasure--- no, really all song- i been to luna park in argentina.

me, Cumbria ,UK
franz ferdinand are the super fantastisch +sexy boys

ff are the best

Natalia/Santiago Chile
i love FF and i'm gonna see them soon, but..come on Franz! do a solo show here in Santiago!! we sign a page for it! we are like 4000 signs!!

santiago, chile
franz ferdinand, the best of the best

David, Glasgow
bricolage will be mega this year, the tide is turning and the wind is blowing fae the north.....

teamy, glasgow
bricolage are so much more than an orange juice rip off band: they rip off josef k too.*

Marco, Trento, Italy
great band. the first album was by far the best one. i just don´t understand why bbc chose the Liverpool Sep 3 concert, the vocals are abysmal...

Monica Lopez, Madrid-Spain
Great concert on 22nd December in MADRID!!! Great to meet you at the backstage! Photos from that day??? anyone?

Lilly Inverness
Franz Ferdinand are brilliant but I hope the bassist cheers up a bit. In all the pictures he looks like he's going to cry.

Mr. Robert Jarosz, Warsaw, Poland
It's really pity I missed them supporting Pixies in Berlin 2004

m.cairns , glasgow
liked the fact they played another orange juice rip off band ..bricolage.

John Cains, Norwich
I thought the second album was disappointing. Certainly not the classic that some people seem to think it is. There aren't any classic songs on it for a start, unlike the first.

Laura, Toronto, Canada.
I adore FF, and am completely happy bob chose to play bricolage. they're brilliant!

Kirsten, Aberdeen
I've been obsessing over Franz since I saw them live at the AECC on the 21st November. I've been a fan of them since they started, but I had never seen them live. They are now my favourite band for sure! When I first bought YCHISMB, I wasn't sure what to think, it was different to say the least, but change is good sometimes! As I listened to the album more, it grew on me. Franz's albums are the only albums I own that I can listen to over and over again without skipping any songs or getting bored. Hope they come back here soon, sexy boys... Stay Super-fantastisch. XxXxX

Kavita, London
Nick's interview with the rest of the band was the best! (i think my question got asked :D)Franz ferdinand are an awesome band! I went to see them a few weeks ago and they are amaaazing (definitely made me dance)-the best band ever!!

rebecca davidson, Rothesay (near glasgow!)
WOW...FF are beyond amazing and if you dont like them then thats your problem so dont go on about cos it is a waste of breath, u will never convince anyone they suck...EVER. I went to see them in November at the SECC, was right at the front and Alex winked at me and I got to touch them...i am now obsessed with the band....and have been since darts of pleasure came out. They are just my perfect band!

S, Glasgow
So glad to hear Bricolage! Brilliant up-and-coming Glasgow band. Mmmmmm.

Gaby from Ontario, Canada
Franz Ferdinand are amazing musically and personality-wise!Even though every day their fame and worldwide fan base are growing,they keep down to earth and let nothing change who they are. This day on Selector is proof of that

Becca, Nottingham
Franz: could they get any better? I saw them at Nottingham Arena on the 28th Nov and it was the best night of my life! they were soooooo good live! can't wait for them to come back! Best band ever!

Vix, Southend
I don't know how people can say Franz aren't that good a band and are just "okay"?! I saw them in Chelmsford @ V2005 and they totally rocked!! I love you guys!!!

Patricia from Curitiba, Brazil
Franz Ferdinand are a band we haven't seen yet, a new, great and unique sound.Something we can listen to anywhere.But...when are Franz comming to Brazil?They have a huge number of fans here!

biscuits and tea
cool,franz ferdinand r wicked!i love their music i reckon their albums pretty smart too(i really like elenor put your boots on!!)

subul from Karachi, Pakistan
Franz Ferdinand are an amazing band. Not overrated at all. They are original and unique. They don't try to copy anyone at all, they have a sound that is purely their own. Unlike all those spiky-haired bands out there, franz ferdinand make really good music!

Alex Robertson...Crawley ,West Sussex
Thanks to BBC and Franz Ferdinand for featuring Sparks' Propaganda as the album of the day(15/12/05)....BBC 6Music...definitely plays more Sparks than any other radio station..keep it up! Perhaps you can feature the brothers Mael in a SparksSelector show soon...Thanks again keep up the good work!!

Monica , Long Beach , Ca
I love the Music That the members played on radio it`s Awesome to litsen!!

Mrs Jo Jaremi torquay devon
I took my daughter to see them at cardiff in november and even as a slightly older member of the audience they absolutly owned the stage and rocked the crowd cant wait to see them again!!!fantastic songs they just get better and better.

beth manchester

Martha, London
Franz Ferdinand are awesome and so original unlike other bands around. Anyone who thinks of them as OK or any less has a problem. I went to see them at Ally Pally and they were amazing!

John, York
Good, eclectic selection so far, but have Franz heard the album just released by the similarly-monickered Rudolf Rocker?

Andy Acton Sutton In Ashfield
Franz Ferdinand RULE! I went 2 see them live at nottingham and it was the best gig i had ever been to!! Come back soon boys!!!

David Andrew, London
nothing by the Yummy Fur? Thats strange considering two of FF were in the band.

first album was excellent. Second was a massive dissapointment and I think a complete sell out, no edge any more. good bye from me Franz.

Mel Joynson, Wallasey, 14
What an unusual but brillian selection of artist, I saw Franz in Manchester a few weeks ago, I've never been to a gig before then and I was completly blown away! It was fantastic! I was going to see them again in Munich but the tickets were sold out and quite frankly I'm not surprized!

u guys r sooo awesome keep up the gd work lv ya all ashley

Maria Jose, Santiago.. Chile
Franz Ferdinand is the best band!!! no doubt about it!!!

Steve, Llanidleos
Wooh FRANZ FERDINAND !! i love franz ever since i heared them over 2 years ago .. i went to c them with my girl friend in birmingham nov 16 2005

Nick, Hastings
Self-interviews!! FF's mid-forties fan base could tell Alex about Specials gigs circa '79. I would dance at Franz gigs as well if it wasn't for my poor back!!!!

Emilia, London
Franz Ferdinand are okay, not great, not "the best band in the world", just OKAY. They are an incredibly overrated band!

Paul C - Burton on Trent
Franz Ferdinand bore me to deaf - a cross between a bad 'Orange Juice' and a good 'Big Country'

Pukka Ellingwroth, Wincanton
Franz are the best thing ever to hit music, with lyrics like that you cant go far wrong!!!!!

Bev, a Glaswegian in London
Saw Franz at the Ally Pally the other week. Utterly fantastic as ever. Keep it up boys!

Enrique, coventry
I was surprised not to see Iggy Pop in their selection since they try to copy his music.

Livvy Mae, Torquay
Franz Ferdinand are the best band ever and anyone who disagrees needs to have their ears tested

Sam, Burnage
franz are amazing!! saw them in manchester and, wow!

Damian Smythe, Watford.
Julian Cope described FF as, "Four Colin Mouldings in one band." Can we rely on XTC being in their selection??

james From Hull
franz ferdinand are the best band in the world

Vanessa Cox, Arkendale
Franz Ferdinand are awesome, i went to see them with my boyfriend at Newcastle and it was amazing. Thanks for such a great night.

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