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Taxing lyrical Taxing Lyrical
6 Music went on a quest to find the worst lyrics ever. You voted in your thousands on our shortlist and now we have the definitive Top 10 worst lyrics ... ever!
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From the horrible rhyme of Spandau Ballet’s Highly Strung “She used to be a diplomat, But now she's down the Laundromat” to the idiocy of Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak:

“Tonight, there's going to be a jailbreak ,
Somewhere in this town”.

We will be asking you to nominate the song that brings tears to your eyes lyrically – but not in a good way!

Marc Riley will be launching Taxing Lyrical on his show on Wed 18th April, where he’ll share some of his lyrical pet hates. The shortlist of ten tracks in Taxing Lyrical will be announced in Marc’s show on Friday 27th April and he’ll reveal the winner on Friday 4th May.

In addition to Taxing Lyrical, Shaun Keaveny will be asking those listeners who were in bands in their youth, to admit to their shameful lyrical past in the Listener’s Lame Lyric competition.

Will anyone beat Gideon Coe’s message against nuclear warfare from his song, "A Bomb" ,  let’s hope so…

Today's the day that peace was signed,
Today's the day that War Resigned,
Don't see that when I look around
I know there's something wrong,
They put away their little guns,
But instead there's an atom bomb.

Words Coe Music Coe/Clarke/Corney/Clover and a bit I ripped off from Somebody Got Murdered by The Clash.

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Other models are available The worst lyrics of all time ... The Top 10
We've sifted through over 2500 suggestions for the worst lyrics of all time and we've selected ten that stand out above rest. Voting has now closed. 

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gideon coe 6 Music Presenter selections
Stuck for inspiration for the worst lyrics of all time?  The 6 Music presenters pick the best of the worst.

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