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Hear exclusive audio of two great legends: John Peel and John Lennon talking together in 1968
Night Ride - Radio 1 - 11 Dec 1968
Unheard since 1968 don't miss these extracts from this late-night Radio 1 show.

The extracts feature John Peel and John Lennon and Yoko Ono talking informally about their latest projects, reciting a little poetry and even singing to fill time on the show.

Part one:
John Peel (JP) asks John Lennon (JL) about the release of the Two Virgins LP

Hear the audio
Part two:
John Peel asks John Lennon and Yoko if they think they feel it is unlikely Two Virgins will get many airplays 

Hear the audio
Part three:
John Peel asks John and Yoko what they are up to and hears about how they've just been recording with The Stones, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards

Hear the audio
Part four:
John Lennon sings It's Now Or Never to fill time before news at John Peel's request. Proves to be very obliging, even whistles when he runs out of lyrics.

Hear the audio
Part five:
John Lennon reads a poem, possibly called A Piece Of Paper Called Charles.
Hear the audio
Part six:
Poem read by John Lennon:
"Once upon a time, there were two balloons called Jock and Yoko Ono....

 Hear the audio
Part seven:
John Peel asks John Lennon and Yoko Ono about their future projects

 Hear the audio
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