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The Competition has now closed.

Congratulations to Gareth Martin from Nottingham.

Find the answers in bold below.

Listen to clip 1 (Phill Jupitus show)
This is Adam Clayton talking about recording the Joshua Tree - but what's the missing word?:

A) Groupies
B) Musicians
C) Producers

Listen to clip 2 (Gideon Coe)
This is Bono on the lyrical inspiration of the Joshua Tree - but what's the missing word?

A) Subject
B) Issue
C) Yanks

Listen to clip 3 (Nemone)
This is Brian Eno discussing the mood of the recording - but what's the missing word?

A) Ambience
B) Atmosphere
C) Feeling

Listen to clip 4 (Steve Lamacq)
This is the Edge talking about the song Exit, but what's the missing word?

A) Weird
B) Strange
C) Freaky-stylee
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