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Indian Summer Comp Winner Reviews
ruarri joseph
Thanks for a great day, as a comp winner. Ruarri Joseph was absoutely fantastic. The Rapture from New York were brill. There was a fantastic crowd.

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, Elvis Perkins and Lonely, Dear all rate well from the Hub. Best of all The Flaming Lips absolutely brill. Also I'm from Barcelona Main Stage were fab. Fantastic festival.
Anne Moody
indian summer
Far, far away from the now-tracksuited T in the Park, Indian Summer turned out to be a pleasantly mellow retreat amongst the foliage of Victoria Park.

With a laid-back yet lovely lineup, ranging from Emma Pollock, Midlake and Wilco through to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Swedish oddballs I'm from Barcelona the weekend seemed to sail by rather than fly past. A surprise appearance from Idlewild in place of pullouts Explosions In The Sky seemed too nostalgic to really make much of an impact. Sadly there are so many promoters snatching at the festival buck this year that it took Sunday's sunset heroes The Flaming Lips and their circus of town criers, gigantic balloons and torch-wielding santas to make this one seem pretty damn special. To put it straight, if you missed the Lips show on sunday night, you'll never ever know just how magical this sham of a world can be. NYC disco dudes, The Rapture gave the crowd a daylight disco. The hub tent was made special by Frightened Rabbit, Andrew Bird and Ra Ra Riot, and felt a tad uncomfortable with the fragile Daniel Johnston. But really, you got the impression that the whole weekend was tipped towards Wayne Coyne's fearless freakshow - a show worth every penny in the world.
Gordon Beveridge
alan rutherford
I completely enjoyed myself at Indian Summer 2007. The perfect way to start a week's holiday off work! The weather behaved itself - it really did feel like an Indian Summer.

Even Sunday night's head liners the Flaming Lips, acknowledged the fact that it hadn't rained – 'we thank God', they said to the crowd. With the almost complete absence of any Neds (think London Chavs), the stage was set for a perfect weekend.

On the Saturday I spent most of my time watching the bands playing on the BBC's 6 Music Hub stage. I arrived just in time to see 'Ruarri Joseph' playing their last 2 or 3 songs. They have a definte Rock and Roll thing going on. They were followed by 'Ra Ra Riot', an American out fit that included 2 girls playing a violin and a cello! I liked them a lot, there was a sense of anarchy on the stage, as they jumped and weaved around. To make comparisons, as we all tend to do (they sound like this....they sound like that), there was a definite feeling of the early U2 up there on stage fused with the nervous sounding jangles of the Cure. Infectious Rock and Roll. 'Au Revoir Simone' were up next. A girl trio playing synth pop on keyboards. Layered with washes of dreamy sounding vocals, it seemd to go down really well. Not too much my cup of team, but hey that's what choice is all about. 
Alan Rutheford
flaming lips at indian summer
Once through the gates we were amazed how small the site was, having been to Glastonbury this year this seemed not so much a boutique festival as a micro-festival (but without the mud!).

Some wandering (via the beer tent) bought us to I'm from Barcelona.
Recognised a couple of tracks from the radio and thought yeah, these guys really enjoy their music - ideal Sunday afternoon festival material.

And then came Spiritualised. Now I was really looking forward to seeing them, having seen Spacemen 3 way-back-when and having chosen to see Bjork instead of them at Glastonbury this was my chance. It was great to be able to wander down the to the front with no crush, just a good natured crowd there for the music - however I think I was expecting too much, while a good sound there's something not quite right about an orchestrated 'Sound of Confusion'! Great to see Jason still producing though - long may it continue, but I think I'll save them for a darkened room in the future (like now).

And then came (after another light ale) The Flaming Lips - total highlight of the day was Wayne coming out and surfing the crowd in a transparent zorb, accompanied by a tikka-tape welcome and a stage crew of super heroes. Now this was a show! Cracking set interspersed with giant balloons, king moths and more confetti plus shots from the 'nostril cam' - which gave them a facial hair rating of 10/10. The only downside being that at 10pm in Glasgow it's nowhere near dark so it misses out on the change of atmosphere - none the less they ended with 'Do You Realise' - a track that never fails to inspire hope and fear at the same time.
Richard & Helen
Midlake at indian summer
After muchos clothing dilemma...wet/dry/wet/dry...we arrived on Saturday and fell in love at once with the cuteness of the festival - the size made it feel more like a summer fete than a festival.

Great choice of food and drinks too, that you could pay for with - SHOCK HORROR - money, instead of tokens. We got cornered by the Four Roses tattoo girls so sported dodgy Bazooka Jo type transfers on our arms from there-on in. Classy! I was keen to catch Texan band Midlake and they didn’t disappoint – lovely clear voices and melodies rolling like the clouds in the sky above. A moment to behold...if you remember and loved the Kids of Degrassi Street there’s a good chance you’ll like Midlake.

Later on we caught some of The Rapture - a bit whiney for my liking, and also clapped our hands for Optimo - top class as ever. In 1992 I wrote a letter to Daniel Johnston asking if he would come to play in Scotland. He replied, saying that he would love to. I caught him in London a few years back and was excited about this gig but it actually made me feel sad to watch him, and I only managed a few minutes. I hope he is alright. For me though one act topped all others this Saturday - Modeselektor! The inventive ingenuity of these two German boys was way beyond anything else on stage at that moment in time, the contrast in terms of vitality between them and Daniel Johnston extreme beyond words. They were definitely one of the best live acts I have seen for a long while, crowd were loving it and those 45 minutes disappeared in the blink of an eye. I only wish the license could be later! Great festival – roll on 2008.
Rachel Budge
clare mckenna at indian summer
If only the Raptures set could have been longer and then Saturday night may never have ended, not only did I meet some cool people I am the envy of all my friends after seeing Daniel Johnstons sublime set in the hub tent that same night.

The perfect end to a fabulous weekend of music was seeing a hundred balloons escaping into the sunset drenched sky over the festival during the Flaming lips amazing set and imagining what chaos they may cause in Glasgow later that evening.
Long live Indian Summer!
Clare McKenna

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Comments so far

Owen Munro Alloa
Wilco were top drawer . Total class from a band in their prime . Best of the weekend for me .

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