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Gary Numan and Little Boots, 7 Dec 2009

Electro-pop legend Gary Numan teamed up with BBC Sound of 2009 winner Little Boots for an electrifying live collaboration at Maida Vale on 7 Dec 2009.

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Excellent session... but one question. What did Numan keep singing (whispering) between lines in Are Friends Electric?

Movie Miscreant
Gary, you're the greatest. Recently just picked up all your remastered work. What a joy! Thank you!

Vikki Bowles
I never thought I would enjoy any Numan tracks if they were changed but Are Friends Electric blew me away. when is it going to be released? Loved it way back when and love it now.

This gig was such a joy to watch! A superb collaboration of two excellent artists! Been a fan of Gary's since 78/79. Never heard of Little Boots before this gig but hey! love her music now. A duet single would be much appreciated!

kane kandinsky
This is just brilliant numan and boots magical. I hope all the colabs are released kind regards to all k

How come he loks and sounds thesame lol takes me back

Blu Elektra
Wow, fantastic. Whatever Numan does he does it with pure style, a real legend and gorgeous looking to boot. When are the Brits going to recognise this truely talented genious and present him with an award for outstanding contribution to music. Love ya to bits. xxx

Numan Fan
I have been following Numan since 1978, he has had a major impact on my musical preference. He has given me many great memories following his tours. Its great that he is getting the recognition that he deserves, he really was the pioneer of electro pop to the main stream. Wish we could see him touring in Dubai, would save me a fortune in flying back! Keep up the good work and I long for the return to the number 1 spot in the charts

John Malcolm
LB seems to be better in the upper registers, when singing live, but this is the only real criticism I can make (I have the album and the EP). GN needs no introduction, and is (at last) being recognised as a real pioneer. Next LB collaboration please - Kraftwerk. How tasty is that prospect?!

Andrew wallis
Fantastic sounds even better than in the 80s

Mark 'NINuman50n' Bennett
Gary Numan, THE musical pioneer of our time. Still going strong. "Stuck in the 80's?" ...No way! Gary has continued to shape and evolve his music - unlike so many other acts he opened the door for way back in '79. And as for all the critics that slagged him off, you were so wrong. Where are you now? Forgotten and dead. NUMAN LIVES!!!

Numan and Little boots One of the best colabarations I've heard in a long while, get a single out now.

stuffed olive
Fantastic! More collaborations of old and new please. It's uniting generations and their music.

Chris XG
Wow fantastic set! I've been a fan of Gary's for 30 years, been to dozens of gigs he is a legend, and Little Boots is the best artist of the 21st Century no question, saw her 4 times in 09 inc in New York, never thought I'd like an album as much as The Pleasure Principle but Hands is right up there with it. How about a duet at the Coachella Fest?! :)

Fantastic session from Gary Numan and Little Boots. Lets have a DVD or something of this to download PLEASE.

"outstanding", where/when can i purchase a copy of this gig.

Blue Album Man
NuBoots or LittleMan I don't mind - applied for the tickets, didn't succeed and wish I'd been there. Looks like they had great fun and proved this could be a brilliant collaboration - when will Gary receive the national praise he so richly deserves....lifetime achievement as a minimum for what he has brought to the world...

Leigh Spencer
Come on 6 music we need an album if radio 1 can do 4 live lounge albums you can surely relase a 6 music live album It would bet top of all the charts and have mass market appeal to both young and old !

@ Nicholas Jones: Victoria knows that Little Boots = Caligula, that IS the reference for the name.Just LOVED the set. Well done BBC, Boots and Numan. Got to say we need a single from this set, if not an EP. What a fantastic session. Thanks to all involved, you made my night!

Thank god proper music is back .

Nick Stewart
Gary! Gary! Gary! He was superb when I was 17 and sounds even better now I'm 47. Enjoyed the collaboration. Well done BBC.

fantastic and exhilarating, your never to old my kids still borrow my albums(cds)and they love the matter what,Beatles prince numan,eagles,Paulo etc etc soul fink jazz great to hear and see gary looking well.god bless him. Cmc

They sound great!

Pauline are just a pure darling!!! Looking good, too!! :)

What a superb session, by far the best of the collaborations. I wasn’t aware of it until I caught it on the Red Button but I’ve watched the whole session three times since. What an incredible track Are Friend Electric is, give us more.

what a great success. maybe this is what the current so called music scene is missing. ive been a synth fan forever and little boots was pure magic. gazza i salute you

Bev Robinson
I really enjoyed both th Newman/Little Boots and Heaven 17/La Roux collaborations - can I download this onto my i-pod please?

martin walters
loved the ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIC with little boots sent shivers down my spine if this was released as a single this would be in my collection. been a numan fan since he released replicas.

It's nice to hear that gary is finaly getting good reviews, he's had so much bad press over the years but like all true numanoids i've stuck by you gary, 34 years this year. this is an excellent collaboration, and a fitting tribute to the late, great paul gardiner xx

Tony D
"Alan Howeoriginal cover done by Gary's bass player Paul Gardener with Gary on vocals" - sorry but Paul did the vocal, not Gary, you're thinking of "Stormtrooper in drag".

Outstanding. Numan sounds better every year. The band sounded really tight together. Can't wait for Dead Son Rising!

Stunning, always liked Numan, went straight off and downloaded little boots album

Tracey P
Wow! I'v been a Numan fan since high school, bought all of Gary's albums, seen tours. Great to see him, brings back the old days memories. Little Boots was great too x

John Bracey
Absolutely superb!! Gary Numan is simply one of the best this country has ever produced. I echo what others have written that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Little Boots has a great future ahead. Release this as a single!!!

stuart jersey
fantistic can you both come to jersey and do a gig over here

Brilliant. Numan has had such an influence on a lot of music and yet still remains mainly unrecognised.


blown away - how good is this. and La Roux/Heaven 17 just superb too. more please.

Hairy Knee Spyder
Just brilliant-great to hear the combined sound.

Marc Walton
what a joy to see gary doining what he does best and showing little boots how to do it

Trooper 25
Love this and looking forward to Gary's new album. Never listened to LB before but will do now. Loved "Stuck on repeat"

"Are friends electric" had me hooked the moment I saw Tubeway Army when they first appeared on TOTP back in '79. Have seen Numan live over 20 times since and he rocks every time. This session is great and can't wait for the new album Gaz. Never really listened to LB before, but will do now. Love "Stuck on Repeat"

Simple Amaaazing! a single please.

Punks, why isn't this avalible in Japan?

Astonishingly good, just shows what an Old Pro and a Talented Muso can do (unlike the balls-up La Roux made of the Heaven 17 session!)

im sorry but with the best will in the world that was pretty awful. they both seem to take the fizz out of each other. friends eletric was like a funeral march. terrible

Shame on those who mocked him all those years ago

Alison Bolland
Wonderful to see Gary again. Pure Class! Loved Little Boots too!

mark "machman" smith
Excellent ,best for a long time. Reminds me of the Peel sessions. Its great that Paul is still remembered.

Amazing, fantastic,awsome, wow. Please release as CD to buy. Been Numan fan for 31 years, just gets better & better.

Numanoid Gibraltar
Numan at last is receiving some of the accolades he should have got along time ago. The man's a continued genius and I agree with an earlier posting that if Pet Shop Boys have received an award, then Gary Numan deserves the ultimate recognition for influencing so may of todays musicians and yet, he's still around playing some superb music !

This is really very good, we need an album!!!

gary numan is the tops

Bring back the Flag!
Great Set. I loved it.

The Flag Rocks
Fantastic set, hope they can work together again.

Samuele Marcora
This production was great. Combining one of the fathers of electropop with the new kid on the block was a great idea. I love them both

little boots has so much potential to be a better artist. this stuff really suits her and would make her more appealing! reminds me why i fell in love with her in the first place, but all this stuff since winning sound of 2009 - like redone 'remedy' etc - doesn't distinct her from most of the other pop acts this year. please please go back to your roots LB, it will REALLY WORK!!!! xxxx

Replicas was the first album I ever bought back in 1979. The man is an influential legend and I have the collection to prove it.

Numan will always be up there with the best john foxx , kraftwerk , ultavox , e.t.c once seen him come out from under a stage at the webley arena singing down in the park awesome will live with me for a long time .

Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing/hearing more of this. Paulo - Numan did the (second) Telekon tour in 2006

"I wonder if this Little Boots knows about the other famous Little Boots in Ancient History?"That's where she got her name from.


Jason Kiely
When can I purchase the download!!!About time Gary Numan was recognised by this country as a pioneer and not an 80's has been. Wouldn't class myself as a Numanoid but would love to see Gary get the recognition he deserves, if Pet shop boys can be awarded an accolade then so can Numan!

OMG! Pure brilliant. Love gary, now little boots fan too.

Russell Gaunt
Great guys!It's about time Gary got some recognition for all his contribution to music- a real pioneer and sounding better than ever-come on Brit Awards!!-wake up!!!

So Brilliant. An inspired combination,

I finally got to hear Gary live at the Junction in Cambridge on the 1st Dec after listening to his music since the early 80's. He certainly didn't dissapoint. I heard a snippet of this session on Radio 2 on Sat eve and couldn't wait to log on to i player it is awersome. Well done guys. Looking forward to Telekon next year?

Simon West
What a great gig, I would pay good money to see them in concert. Wow

Eric Borkala

People said it wouldn't work but it did. Those critical of this session should understand that considering the amount of time both Little Boots & Gary Numan had regarding rehersal time, this performance shows the high qualities of both artists. Tired of hearing critism for no real reason. This was an excellent half hour of two contrasting directions both vocal and normally sound wise. Yes it did work and Venus in Furs sounded as it should live and raw which is how it should be..Enough said I think. Brilliant stuff.

Jason E
Great collaboration. Based on this they should release something together & do a tour

'NuBoots' really worked well together and their voices complimented each to do some more songs in the future surely.

this shouldn't work...but somehow it is brillliant...

Sorry folks, but Venus in Furs is a tale of Masochism and those bloody twangy cliche keyboards?Guys, sing it like you know, eh?A.F.E. never ceases to move me and not that bad a go at it. Be prepared to change, eh? Victoria does give cool interviews. That sadly is all I can give her.

When is he going to get a well overdue outstanding contribution to music award ?

brilliant sound !!! want more NEON

Stuck on repeat should be a single - great contrasts in vocals with vibey music - fantastic!

fantastic, they should record Venus in furs and release it......Brilliant stuff

Jackie Jones
Wow - this works REALLY well. I can't stop listening. Excellent. Nice one Gary & LB.

bloody brilliant, got to do it again , and put it on cd

Steve Burton
loved it, played it 3 times on the bounce, bring it [venus in furs] out, brilliant.

Fantastic session,its great to see such two brill artists together. Iloved it.

Oh my goddess that was so amazing, moor please.

Great collaboration, an album would be great , little boots album is brilliant.Numan is a legend

Dr. Acula
this should be the springboard for numan to get the all time achievement award at the brits. Legend!

Great session!!!

Strange Charm
this was fantastic, really enjoyed Numan/Boots cover of venus in furs and hey, IT WORKED, please release as a single. Numan has such an incredibly different sounding voice, superb stuff.

paul I
Brilliant should be released as a single

Glenn Oldham
Once again the 'Dark Messiah' comes up with the goods, a classic collaboration, get them released NOW

Patricia Redford
Really enjoyed the session, can't wait to hear the rest of it, they sound good together.

clarky fenton lover
gary youve now got a second chance grab it with both hands

hope there is a full session waited all week for 3 songs watched numan at southampton uni recently superb little disappointed with 6session

Bernie Hakins
Brilliant collaboration, Numan is such a unique musician, no one comes close to matching him. Good to see he is getting some positive recognition from other artists and the media. More please!!

put stuck on repeat back up... pleeeeeeeeease

Just checked this out!What awesome tracks didn't know much about Numan but on hearing this i just want to hear more!!!!Britains best kept secret!!!

Steve at Paxton
Fantastic! Jools Holland must book them up!One of the best sessions I have heard! Roll on January and the red button.

simply brilliant.hope its available to download

great session !!!! sounded brilliant !!!

great to hear numans music with female vocals again.

I agree-their voices blend really well together-more please.!!

Steve Denny
Saw this a few days ago,and now cant stop watchin it,like a good whiskey just gets better with age,he is so relaxed and is utterly cool.Iv seen Numan 36 times and Manchester last month was in the top 1

Fantastic, cant wait to see the rest of this session!

Genuinely surprised by the choice of song and genuinely surprised as to just how damn good it comes across. Yes really , really hits the mark.

Mark Thompson
My daughter is 11 and a big Little Boots fan- I got into Numan's music aged 11 and followed him ever since. The 2 get together and it's brilliant and surreal at the same time. We both love it!

Alan Howe
original cover done by Gary's bass player Paul Gardener with Gary on vocals and released on Numa records shortly after his untimly death. Fantastic!


Brilliant. Numan has 'come of age' and is receiving the recognition he rightly deserves. Little Boots is a great act. Thanks to BBC for this collab.

Wow that was a great collaboration!

Geordie Macman Vodka Lover
Not quite as good as Jagged.

mr paulie
its good to see him working with new acts. after leading the way for so long. joining a female vocalist really works well with his voice too. little boots and numan together sounds like they should be releasing a single

Cor Blimey Guv!, wish I was there!

Absolutely brilliant! When I heard about this I knew it would me amazing! They really need to work together more.

Colin Stenning
Bring on more!

Truly Mint!!!Best for ages..I need more ...

Absolutely MUST get these two back together again..

Excellent. Nicholas - LB got her nickname from someone who saw the film Caligula, I believe.

fantastic stuff..glad to see numan collaborate..the track works really well...understated electro genius

Diane, B'ham
Gary was fantastic last week at W'ton - still a great show man. This with Little Boots shows he's still in touch with today's music sceen.

el greebo

Numan is a living legend, but seems a little "restricted" here - like he was just itching to add some power chords. But a really good song choice - Gary's voice echoing VU's sound and the sweetness of Little Boot counter balancing

Mark Sibbald
Fair play to Gary Numan, just completed a UK tour last Thursday, and straight into this. A tribute to Paul Gardiner ?

Steve W.
Fantastic stuff! A Lou Reed classic reinterpreted by another of the Greats and a promising - rather nice looking, I must say - new act. But what's that sitting on top of Gary's head?

Great sound, great concept.... It's all good!! Can't wait to see the rest.


Absolutely brilliant version of one of my favourite Velvet Underground tracks, Venus in Furs. Victoria and Gary's voices work so well together, and it's so nice to see Numan finally, FINALLY get the beginning of the recognition he truly deserves. Thank you for this - a fantastic Hub session!!!

Leigh Chant
Is this to become available as an MP3 download? Brilliant!!

Can't wait for the full session!

Sorry guys but Venus in Furs is such a wierdly punchy track that should take you away to other lands, but that offering was wasn't going anywhere!

Nicholas Jones
A must release as a single, surely?Released over the net via Little Boots site and it would storm number 1.I wonder if this Little Boots knows about the other famous Little Boots in Ancient History? The third Roman Emperor? Anyone..?

Pure quality. Loved it

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