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Little Boots Interview

George Lamb interviews Little Boots on Jan 9, 2009.

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whats the name of the board she uses? the little one with the lights? I was just wondering.Shes amazing tbhh :)

Just bought the album - excellent! I didn't skip any tracks and that's rare for me. This girl's very talented and deserves to go far.

she's splendid

Elle, Chlo, Bil and J
Little boots your key board player is so sexy. I know where his owl jumper is.... in his house in London!

LITTLE BOOTS 2009 is your year see you at Glasto this year hopefully

Adrian Forrest
The way forward, Ms boots covered an old hardcore classic *check you tube - i'd like to see more of that :)

First heard Little Boots on Later and thought what a refreshing new talent.Best of luck to her. I am67 and love all music, it helps the world go round.

Nice electro, Alison Goldfrapps talented little sister ;)

Daniel Dean
This is fresh, new, original & exciting Little Boots will be massive this year - good sound!

Totally brilliant. How refreshing. Fantastically interesting voice, but what a great drummer too.

amanda mcpheely
i love herrr.. my mates sisterrr.. ive worn her bikini yay x

ben from hull
shes so good! so talented to do all the things she does all at once! Also i went down to london to see her live and yes it was MIND-BLOWING!Going to be major in 2009+

Rob Keat

Personally I cant stand this type of music but this girl is amazingly talented, and I love this song.Other artists in 2009 are really going to have to pull out all the stops to top this song.Best of luck to her

Richard Sabin
Fantastic sound and energy - some great kicks from the late-70s and early 80s synth-lords c/w fresh attitude and great use of new technology. Looking forward to hearing more from Little Boots and seeing some live sets - this girl can cut it live! Success awaits.

good melody

Great new sound!!! At last!!

I first saw Little Boots on Later and was blown away - watching her perform her own songs and some fun covers on U-Tube I can't wait to download her material when it is released

Les Woollard
I follow the Sound of.... every year and have always been impressed by the critics choice - this year - I think Little Boots will be absolutely massive! If they don't score a Number One single and album, then there is no justice in this world :-)

Little Boots that was awesome! Congratulations on the award and I liked your mention of Wave FM in the NME article lol. It brings back weird memories of Blackpool visits to Nan and Grandad :D

Meddle is a good song made to sound good, a rare thing these days. No doubt this will be her best song - only artists' best songs are put up on sites like this to attract the punters - so I'll be cautious about buying an album, but will certainly give it a chance. Some reminiscence of Goldfrapp, a poppier sound perhaps than them, but similar electronic sounds. Perhaps she could use a Theramin too!

william smith
Im actually in love with this artist. Fantastic sound!

Michael Shayne
Stuck on Repeat = Divine InspirationLittle Boots = Demi-GoddessMARDUK's chosenYou will go far

Roy - Liverpool
How refreshing! This girl has that 'something' I've not heard in a long time.I hope we hear a lot more from little boots.oh - cute as a button too, every home should have one!

Little Boots rocks!

Excellent music, original and dynamic - great stuff!

scott wilson
Lovely voice, not heard her music before. Not immediately blown over but sure stuck on repeat will be a hit. (hints of Grace and Oakenfold in there)

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