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Heaven 17 and La Roux, 26 Jan 2010

Two generations of synth pop collided when Heaven 17 teamed up with La Roux for an electrifying live collaboration at Maida Vale on 26 January 2010.

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steve, maidenhead
I saw this and Numan/Boots...I think Gary got a better deal than H17

I want that version of Temptation ! Extremely good anyone that believes not needs to listen to the two back to back great song to begin with and this version does it justice !

kane kandinsky
This is just heaven


Utterly lamentable.

tina lomas

Steve Hughes.
Fantastic gig, couldn`t stop watching it each day on freeview, almost late for work !

Not too big a fan of La Roux but great to see Heaven 17 on form.

la roux is a number one is cool

james flatt
wow i want to download this !!

Paul T Horgan
Really Great to see this happen.The picky person in me observed that the line"Lead us not into temptation - oh!"The "oh!" was a but subdued for me as it seemed to me to be the focus of the entire song in the original single. It was the first note heard and then appears one again.Perhaps it could be boosted in the remix.But apart from that seriously minor niggle, Great job all around.Could they do "Who'll stop the rain?" as well?

Louis Oscar
Dreadful. Her voice is off key and nothing compared with Carol Kenyon the original female vocal on Temptation.

I used to be obsessed with Heaven 17 in the nineties (too young in the eeighties...) They have definitely still got that certain something. Also, I do like La Roux but sometimes her vocals just don't quite hit the spot.

La Roux 0 - Heaven17 Awsomeness..nuff said

Having enjoyed all the electro pop stuff whilst i was in my late teens and twentys elly just hasn't brought it back for the young people she has brought it all back for us older ones too how great it was to hear her sing along with on of my favourites. fantastic, i would love to see her along side vince clark for many reasons. how great that would be. keep it up elly your bloody great.lets see a mass explosion of early eighties revived.

something very special !

Nick Stewart
Very very good but I was a little disappointed that La Roux gave no credit to Depeche Mode? Without being too bitchy her music is far more DM that Japan and H17?

Dude, this is amazing!

enjoyed the whole thing ,but WOW "we dont need this " fascist groove thang....superb...

Lorraine Piercy
Loved it, great to see H17 again, brings back loads of memories. More like this please.

H17 fan
Carl said "Wow. How on earth did they manage to improve on the original 'Temptation'?! "Carl mate. Basically they didn't. Its a different version yes but, unfortunately, it has been spoiled by the lack of power in Ellys voice. I don't blame her for trying and she really gave it a good effort, but in no way does it come close to the original. Get a copy of the original 12" single and then go find a turntable. Your eyes will be opened.

The programme is currently looping round on the BBC until Friday. When I first pressed the red buton "In for the kill" had just started and my first impression was that the years have not been kind to Glen's voice. However, with the start of Temptation and then listening to H17's own songs when the program looped back round, I realised that actually he definitely still had it, and that La Roux's songs just didn't suit his voice.Conversly I don't think Elly is particularly suited to H17's songs and her voice was not really strong enough for "Temptation". It wasn't un-listenable but it did re-inforce my love of the original.I didn't really warm to Elly's voice. I have to say that I haven't listened much to La Roux and perhaps it was just a "live" thing.H17's performances of "Geisha Boys" and also "Fascist Groove Thang" were really something special.

Andrew Shepherd
Classic Tunes from H17, worth trying 2 catch one of the UK tour dates next month.

Keir Cardiff
This was awsome.

This actually made my life...

This is a lesson on how class actsdeliver & stand out - they should get it on for a mini collection of tunes and release - fantastic - thank you all indeed.

Superb. A massive fan of H17 for years and years + Ellie added an extra special something. Yes please to releasing all of these...

Matt Wright
I am 20, but my dad made me listen to Heaven 17....and my god when I found out about Temptation with La Roux..i thought oh no...but my word....she nailed it...what a duet...and the way they did the duets!!! Just really really wish they would release Temptation again...coz with will get in the charts and hopefully make the top 20...well done BBC..who's next...Lady Gaga and Tina Turner...:P

Chris Smith
Wow....why dont you guys go on tour together? Its a match made in heaven (17)I would love to see you perform together

Steve Connor
This is amazing. Two generations meeting and producing some beautiful music. I love Sign your name particularly. Is this whole session going to be released on CD? It should be , it is fantastic. Love La Roux and love Heaven 17....sublime electro

Warren, Bracknell
Just brilliant! Really needs a release, and I want to buy the video too!She looks totally starstruck during Temptation - really sweet!

Paul Robinson
enjoyed Ellys version of Temptation with Glen and the gang but for me the best one is Billie Godfreys on the Naked As Advertised album - also saw them live with Billie and she had some serious power and her range was so much higher. She was supporting Beverley Knight recently and her solo stuff is genius. Glen and the gang rock!

ohh my god what a great version of both songs ive never heard them before but temtation and sign your name was just only like 13 and have fallen in luv with both songs.this needs to be released

steve manchester
what a fantastic collaboration. i've watched it four times and still can't get enough.

rob windle
Absolutely wonderful! Huge fan of both acts - Glenn and Elly's voice compliment each other perfectly.Can we get them back together soon? Possibly for a tour?

Dave, Wales
I can't believe all the positive comments here - did they watch the same thing as me? That woman from LaRoux patently CANNOT sing in tune... awful, embarrassingly poor. Felt sorry for Marsh & Ware...

La Roux is a pile of peurile amateurish rubbish foisted on a bunch of professional musicians that had previously been largely ignored by 6Music and are more than likley never going to be mentioned again.

Chris in Cardiff
I'm afraid I thought this was very poor. Heaven 17 are not my cup of tea but I recognise that they are a competent band. But that singer from La Roux was tuneless and drowned out by the backing singers who seemed to be better and more powerful voices.

H17; not even good the first time around but to combine it with LR's high pitched warble....even worse!

AMAZING!!! Release please x

The Falsetto from the Ghetto? Unlikely, when you consider who her parents are. I too thought Temptation was better than the original, although the rest of the set was a little disappointing, not so collaborative as H17 with Elly Jackson, Backing Singer. Anyone who's comparing the modern electro performers with the alleged "greats" is obviously forgetting how weak Dave Gahan's voice was when he was a 15 year old starter, or how talentless David Sylvian was overall.

Wahooo! A fantastic set. Both H17 & LR created versions of their songs that were unbelievably better than the originals. How often does that happen. Thanks 6. One of the best collabs I've heard/watched in ages.

Daniel Ramsey
Great set. An amazing version of temptation! Ellie's voice really makes it that much better.

Paul Waterfield
2010 is the year for a H17 revival.

Joe Clark
Simply amazing! I also thought that Elly wouldn't be strong enough, but she got it perfect and added something of her own to it! Really enjoyed this! Release this yes? :)

Simon Labana
Excellent, really enjoyed watching listening especially the Drummer!!

Superb, awesome, brilliant, great, fantastic, super, and any more superlatives you can throw at it!

Chris Ford
Great cover of 'Sign your name', just watch both this and the LB/GN collaboration. Don't you just love the BBC. This sort of thing is worth the license fee alone!

James G
I've ben a H17 fan for 30 years - that was absolutely superb!!!

Great stuff. I'm a fan of both acts. Temptation sounded awesome.

Mind blowing! God bless 6 Music

Fantastic better than original!!!

La Roux, god awful.

Love it!

Great session. Didn't even know Heaven 17 were still on the go.

Superb collaboration - really enjoyed this session - keep up the good work!

Great session - how great that Glenn & Ellie looked like they were enjoying it. They each added something to the others music

What a treat - I was almost to scared to listen/watch having had a bit of a crush on Glenn in the 80's & Temptation being one of all my all favourites. But great to see H17 perform live at long last....and I've still got a bit of a crush on Glenn who seems like a genuinely nice guyAnd what a great version (back to basics) of TemptationAnd La Roux has a new fan..Any chance of this being released on MP3??

Fliss Torquay
grate, really loved it. two fantastic voices, look forward to hearing more.

Excellent set! Made me buy their respective albums!

Love Heaven 17 and Ellie is class, heaven 17 are soooooooooo under rated and Ellie deserves to be massive

that was awsome two of my fav artist together I knew it was gone be great but wow !! ^^

Very nice and cool! Classic & Modern, La Roux blended well into this classic remake 'Temptation' wow :)

Michael, Manchester
Superb version of Temptation, better than the original! I really Elly Jackson puts that on the next album, or at least a B-side!

Brilliant! Worked a treat.

Mick Karma
Sent shivers down my spine - top quality stuff, I've shared the link with all my friends on FB!

Loved that version of Temptation - best yet!

could the bbc start producing the sessions for download so i could keep, for me to play on dvd or usb pen drive many thanks.

Karen Bryan
Always loved Heaven 17 and the electro sound of the 80s that I grew up with, and Temptation has always been a personal favourite. Been loving the rise of the new electro-revolution, and particularly La Roux since first hearing In For The Kill (which was one of those songs that I knew but didn't know who it was by!) and thought that this particular set would be really interesting - although I wasn't sure if I would be left feeling disappointed. Far from it! I loved the set, and now I have a new favourite version of Temptation too! The mix of Elly and Glenn's voices works tremendously. I really hope that they work together again in the near future - and I'd love it if this version of Temptation got a release :)

Heaven 17 - still pretty goodEllie Jackson - weak, awful, flat

With "Temptation" she did well/got lucky with the first chorus but the weakness of her voice showed badly as the song went on. If you grew up with the originals then this recent revival is very lightweight on the talent front, some of the songs are good but just compare it with the talent of Depeche Mode, Japan, Heaven 17, The Eurythmics, The Human League....

This has made my day..Just a blast from the past that I will never forget .Thanks heaven 17 and la roux.

Kim Johnson
Haven't heard sign your name for a long long time, brilliant, this should be a single PLEASE xxxx

Bloody marvelous.....enuff said!

Charlotte Hancock
The Falsetto from the ghetto strikes again!!!!!!

Charlotte Hancock
I thought Temptation couldn't get better, and then Elly came along! She has such an amazing range...I mean those high notes. I am in awe of this woman...the Falsetto from the Ghetto strikes again!

Jazzie Jeff.
They should release this version of Temptation as a double A side with Going In For The Kill! Good work fellas!!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Who is La Roux kidding can't even hit or keep the note - what an insult to H the original!!!!!!!

Ian Dundee
Sorry folks, disagree, she can't live with Carol Kenyon's vocals.

What a show - Heaven 17 and La Roux. And what a fantastic version of Temptation. Brilliant. Who could have believed it would be so successful. Only sorry I didn't have a ticket.

mark o neill
seen heaven 17 before.excellent!la roux woz a top more i say!

release temptation...elly is amazing.number 1 for dure

Re: JM - I agree, but then again, Elly makes everything even better, lol.

Big AL
La Roux brillant as always.Would like to have seen her perform with Gary Numan.

I'm a huge La Roux fan and Sign Your Name with Elly's voice was unbelievably beautiful. Can I download it from anywhere?

what a great collaboration ! just anazing .

Happy to hear u again....You are just great...Cheers from Greece

Absolutely love it

Anthony Camilleri
great set just brilliantheaven 17 dont get the credit they deserve for bringing synth to the forebig up for both artists!!!

Wow, excellent!Would love to be able to buy this somewhere?

Carl Griffith
Wow. How on earth did they manage to improve on the original 'Temptation'?! Well done, all involved - and some people think La Roux is a passing phase? She was awesome - a brilliant performance by one and all. We saw Heaven 17 live just a year or so ago on the Steel City Tour - that was bliss but we badly need to see Heaven 17 and La Roux perform this live (and a whole set by them together!).Fantastic! Encore!!

Andy C
Wow...they should release a duetted version of 'Sign Your Name' straight away! Electroheaven!

Luv H17 , La Roux was ace !!!!!!!!

This was great. Really great. She made the original even better.

La Roux - WOO! :D

william bannerman
all kinds of amazing xxx

Simon, Halesowen
How cool. I didn't think this would work, and that Ellie's voice wasn't strong enough - and then she belts it out! Looking forward to the rest of the set. PS - good work 6 Music!

Pretty Good - Like it

Chris Buckingham
How cool is this!

Mark A Evans
Absolutely Awesome..the time is right to re-release this electro classic..surely a surefire No.1?

I was was great! Steve was an excellent host, but I didn't expect anything less ;-)

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