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'A new tide' will become a classic album of the decade.

Kevin Fitzpatrick
With the demise of brit-rock's "royalty" Oasis in the headlines yet again...it's great to see that MECURY PRIZE winners (debut album too) Gomez still uphold whats magical about amazing song-writing and a band held together by their music and not divided by their egos! Superb everytime lads....long live the true kings of British music!

Dan Sullivan
Ben Ottewell has got the best voice I have ever heard.....awesome

Fully agree. Why do the BBC not support them as much as they should. Big love to the 'mez!

Willie Gray
Awsome band, looking forward to seeing you guys in Edinburgh......(why not Glasgow Barrowlands again though????)

Rick Prior
Gomez still remain the best thing the UK has ever produced. Yes! Including bread. I say props to them for taking their music to shores where they gain the respect they deserve. There should be a national Gomez day. In Our Gun changed my whole perception of sound.

Julie Coleman
Fantastic. Why doesn't the bbc support this excellent band more?

Liquid Skin and In our gun are still two of THE best albums of the past 10 years.Just bloody awesome talent.

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