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Sgt Pepper's 40th Anniversary
27-29 December 2100-2200
30 December 1400-1500

Sgt Pepper

In four shows over four days, original Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick heads back to Abbey Road studios to demonstrate the innovative techniques used to record the legendary Sgt Pepper back in 1967.

He's joined by musicians including Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis, Pete Doherty and Russell Brand(!), who record their own interpretations of the album's twelve tracks, using the original analogue 4-track equipment.

We hear from all the artists about the importance of Sgt Pepper and listen in on the recording process to see just how different it is for them.

This is an extended version of the show originally broadcast on Radio 2.

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Stephen Dean
They wanted to release it, but the BBC don't own the rights to the songs, nor does anybody involved with the project

Mike Turner
Sorry, one other point: Or why not release the whole thing as a DVD set... better still!!

Mike Turner
Seems totally ironic that, after going to all this wonderful effort to re-record using the original analogue equipment, that the onlky way to listen to the results is via a low-fi MPEG stream! PLEASE please release on CD -- or better still, on vinyl! There must be a huge market out there for this. Why go to all this triouble and then not release the results??

Brilliant cover versions and a great documentaryplease please please let there be an album release!!!

Matthew Thrasher
Great show, I wish I could get a copy on CD. I do wish you had used the original monaural (or monophonic) mixes when referencing the Beatles' version. According to Geoff Emerick, those mixes are better.

History in the making - thanks BBC 6Music.

Jamie C
Fantastic! Thanks for deciding to broadcast these again!!

Phil Cannings
This just shows how good the Beatles really were.The comments by the Stereophonics about the way the boys had made the reprease of Sgt Peppers was so difficult

This was the worse remake/copy/rehash i have ever heard. I hope Paul and Ringo hate it and i bet John and George are turning in their graves. One of the best (if somewhat over-rated) albums ever completely ruined. Very poor show.

mark robinson
will the album be released its pure magic

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