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What do you want to ask Nick Griffin?


The leader of the British National Party took questions from listeners about his policies and the upcoming election.

Many of you got in touch.

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Do you support the strikers?

Your Call, 30/06/2011

Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are on strike over pensions.

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Is IVF a right?

Your Call, 07/06/2011

A report says more than 70% of NHS trusts are now ignoring guidance on IVF.

Some have stopped paying for it altogether.

Should it be a right? Can the NHS afford it?

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"Is it worth getting married?"

Your Call, 27/05/2011

Today the Labour leader Ed Miliband and his partner Justine Thornton are getting hitched.

They already have two children, and he's said recently that unmarried couples can be as solid as married people.

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Does religion have any place in medicine?

Your Call, 24/05/2011

The General Medical Council gave a GP a written warning for suggesting to a patient that Christianity could help cure him.

Dr Richard Scott told 5 live Breakfast he's appealing against the decision. The GMC say he risked bringing his profession into disrepute by discussing his religion.

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Are some rapes more serious than others?

Your Call, 19/05/2011

That's what Ken Clarke initially seemed to suggest on Victoria's programme yesterday.

Since then the Justice Secretary has apologised for perhaps giving the wrong impression. He now says he's always believed that all rape is extremely serious.

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What's the point of Brits learning foreign languages?

Your Call, 09/05/2011

EU officials are telling us our influence abroad is suffering, because as a rule, British people don't speak other languages.

Do we need to?

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Do the Lib Dems deserve their bad election results?

Your Call, 06/05/2011

It's been a bad night for Nick Clegg.

The results are still coming in but it's clear that the Liberal Democrats have suffered significant losses in the elections.

Have they been asking for it? Or do you think they're just the fall guys for unpopular coalition policies?

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