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  • Benda Bilili!

    Benda Bilili!

    Documentary following the story of Congolese band Staff Benda Bilili.

    Date reviewed: 18th March 2011

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  • Chico and Rita

    Chico and Rita

    Mark reviews Chico and Rita, a vibrant, jazz fuelled animation depicting a tale of lost love in 1940s Cuba.

    Date reviewed: 19th November 2010

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  • Country Strong

    Country Strong

    Gwyneth Paltrow plays a troubled country singer seeking love and redemption.

    Date reviewed: 25th March 2011

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  • Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Is pink a colour or a state of mind? Mark Kermode ponders the simple philosophy of Hannah Montana.

    Date reviewed: 1st May 2009

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  • High School Musical 3

    High School Musical 3

    Third instalment from Disney's popular High School Musical series, featuring Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron.

    Date reviewed: 24th October 2008

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  • Jason Becker

    Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

    Mark Kermode reviews new documentary Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet. Becker was once a guitar prodigy before being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. 20 years later he is still composing music, despite being unable to move or speak.

    Date reviewed: 16th November 2012

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  • Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Experience

    Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Experience

    Mark Kermode thinks the Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Experience is a great film for kids, give or take a few mixed metaphors.

    Date reviewed: 29th May 2009

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  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

    Dr Mark reviews the teen heartthrob's 3D concert film.

    Date reviewed: 18th February 2011

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  • Lou Reed's Berlin

    Lou Reed's Berlin

    Director Julian Schnabel's film of Lou Reed's 2007 New York concert.

    Date reviewed: 25th July 2008

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  • Mamma Mia!

    Mamma Mia!

    Film adaptation of the West End musical featuring Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep.

    Date reviewed: 11th July 2008

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  • Marley


    Mark Kermode reviews Marley, a documentary on the life and legacy of Bob Marley.

    Date reviewed: 20th April 2012

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  • Nick and Norah's Inifinite Playlist

    Nick and Norah's Inifinite Playlist

    Coming-of-age comedy based upon the novel of the same name and starring Michael Cera.

    Date reviewed: 30th January 2009

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  • Oil City Confidential

    Oil City Confidential

    Julian Temple's documentary on Brit pub rock band Dr Feelgood.

    Date reviewed: 5th February 2010

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  • The Princess and the Frog

    The Princess and the Frog

    Disney animation based on the story of The Frog Princess and voiced by Anika Noni Rose and Oprah Winfrey.

    Date reviewed: 29th January 2010

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  • Rock of Ages

    Rock of Ages

    Mark Kermode reviews Rock of Ages. A rom com set in 1987, featuring an all-star cast and a soundtrack of hit songs from the '80s.

    Date reviewed: 14th June 2012

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  • The Sapphires

    The Sapphires

    Mark Kermode reviews musical comedy The Sapphires. In 1968 a group of Aboriginal singers start an all-girl group and are sent to Vietnam to entertain the troops.

    Date reviewed: 9th November 2012

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  • Searching for Sugarman

    Searching for Sugar Man

    Mark Kermode reviews Searching for Sugar Man, a documentary about the mysterious '70s musician know as Rodriguez.

    Date reviewed: 26th July 2012

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  • Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

    Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

    Andy Serkis becomes the late Ian Dury in this biopic of the Blockhead's life and times.

    Date reviewed: 8th January 2010

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  • The Soloist

    The Soloist

    We're entering awards season, and here come the worthy films "for your consideration" - but too much of this feels like a TV movie.

    Date reviewed: 25th September 2009

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  • Something From Nothing

    Something From Nothing

    Mark Kermode reviews Something from Nothing. A documentary on Rap music, directed by Ice-T and featuring interviews with the biggest international stars of the scene.

    Date reviewed: 20th July 2012

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  • StreetDance 2

    StreetDance 2

    Mark Kermode reviews StreetDance 2, starring Tom Conti and George Sampson from Britains Got Talent.

    Date reviewed: 30th March 2012

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  • Young@Heart


    Documentary following a group of senior citizens who perform classic rock and pop songs.

    Date reviewed: 17th October 2008

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