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  • American Teen

    American Teen

    Mark Kermode reviews a documentary by Nanette Burstein portraying a cross-section of American High School live.

    Date reviewed: 6th March

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  • Barbaric Genius

    Barbaric Genius

    Mark Kermode reviews Barbaric Genius. A documentary on the life of John Healy, who rose from a life of homelessness to become a chess champion and successful author.

    Date reviewed: 25th May 2012

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  • The Crimson Wing

    The Crimson Wing

    A wildlife documentary about flamingoes, which suffers from the problem that, as Dr K says, "they're not penguins".

    Date reviewed: 25th September

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  • El Bulli

    El Bulli

    Mark Kermode reviews El Bulli. A documentary about 3-star chef Ferran Adria, his unusual methods of creating new dishes and his world famous restaurant.

    Date reviewed: 26th July 2012

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  • Encounters At The End Of The World

    Encounters At The End Of The World

    Mark Kermode reviews Werner Herzog's documentary about Antartica, exploring the dreams of the people and the landscape.

    Date reviewed: 24th April

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  • Everything or Nothing

    Everything or Nothing

    Mark Kermode reviews Everything or Nothing. A behind-the-scenes documentary about the Bond movies, the longest running film franchise in history.

    Date reviewed: 5th October 2012

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  • Gonzo


    5 live's movie critic Mark Kermode reviews Gonzo, Alex Gibney's feature which looks at the life and work of Hunter S Thompson. Stars Johnny Depp and Joe Cairo.

    Date reviewed: 19th December

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  • The Imposter

    The Imposter

    Simon Mayo and James King review The Imposter, with director Bart Layton. A documentary centered on a young man, who convinces a grieving family that he is their missing son.

    Date reviewed: 24th August 2012

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  • Into The Abyss

    Into The Abyss

    Mark Kermode reviews Into the Abyss, where Werner Herzog speaks to death row inmate Michael Perry and the people affected by his murders.

    Date reviewed: 29th March 2012

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  • Jason Becker

    Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

    Mark Kermode reviews new documentary Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet. Becker was once a guitar prodigy before being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. 20 years later he is still composing music, despite being unable to move or speak.

    Date reviewed: 16th November 2012

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  • Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Experience

    Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Experience

    Mark Kermode thinks the Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Experience is a great film for kids, give or take a few mixed metaphors.

    Date reviewed: 29th May

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  • The Last Projectionist

    The Last Projectionist

    Mark Kermode reviews The Last Projectionist. A documentary about The Electric in Birmingham, the oldest working cinema in Britain.

    Date reviewed: 14th June 2012

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  • Lou Reed's Berlin

    Lou Reed's Berlin

    Mark Kermode gives his thoughts on director Julian Schnabel's film covering Lou Reed's New York concert in 2007.

    Date reviewed: 25th July

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  • Marley


    Mark Kermode reviews Marley, a documentary on the life and legacy of Bob Marley.

    Date reviewed: 20th April 2012

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  • Searching for Sugarman

    Searching for Sugar Man

    Mark Kermode reviews Searching for Sugar Man, a documentary about the mysterious '70s musician know as Rodriguez.

    Date reviewed: 26th July 2012

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  • Something From Nothing

    Something From Nothing

    Mark Kermode reviews Something from Nothing. A documentary on Rap music, directed by Ice-T and featuring interviews with the biggest international stars of the scene.

    Date reviewed: 20th July 2012

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  • Soul Power

    Soul Power

    Mark Kermode reviews a film about the music concert that accompanied The Rumble In The Jungle boxing match in Zaire.

    Date reviewed: 10th July

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  • Sounds Like Teen Spirit

    Sounds Like Teen Spirit

    Mark Kermode reviews a documentary about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, directed by Jamie Jay Johnson.

    Date reviewed: 8th May

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  • Tabloid


    Mark Kermode reviews the new Errol Morris documentary, Tabloid.

    Date reviewed: 11 November 2011

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  • The Cove

    The Cove

    Mark Kermode reviews The Cove, a documentary which follows renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry as he infiltrates a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of animal abuse and a serious threat to human health.

    Date reviewed: 23rd October

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  • This Is Not A Film

    This Is Not A Film

    Mark Kermode reviews This Is Not a Film, a day in the life documentary about Jafar Panahi.

    Date reviewed: 29th March 2012

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  • Swandown


    Mark Kermode reviews Swandown. Film-maker Andrew Kotting travels from Hastings to Hackney with a swan-shaped pedalo in in this unusual documentary.

    Date reviewed: 20th July 2012

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  • Room 237

    Room 237

    Mark Kermode reviews Room 237, a documentary exploring the bizarre theories about Kubrick's hidden messages in The Shining.

    Date reviewed: 26th October

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  • Tyson


    Mark Kermode reviews a documentary about the American boxer Mike Tyson which examines his career and personal life.

    Date reviewed: 27th March

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  • Young@Heart


    5 live movie critic Mark Kermode reviews Young@Heart, a story featuring a group of senior citizens who perform classic rock and pop songs.

    Date reviewed: 17th October

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