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Monkey in Swansea : Saturday 10 March

XtraBass presents Urban Bass in Swansea

The tour hit Swansea for one of the heaviest D&B nights in Wales.

DJs: Bailey | Friction | TeeBee | Active | Tonic | 62Down

MCs: SP | Stamina | Mello-D

When: Saturday 10 March 2007

Where: Monkey, 13 Castle Street, Swansea

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Swansea was seriously heavy and Teebee's set just had to be heard. Sickness! Also it was wicked to have Stamina MC on the mic for my set, that was a rush in itself. Big ups to all at 1Xtra who put this tour together.

ricky from swindon
i think birmingham and london was heavy, worth staying up 4. need more show like that on ya channel

Glasgow XtraBass was awesome - the atmosphere was on point - the bass hynotizin! Too much pendulum though... Connie you know who I am!

Glasgow was nasty, sick and twisted! Can hardly wait for next year!

Wey I'm the guy at the top of this page that rocks. Glasgow School Of Art was a hevy night. We arrived and the bass was shaking the glass accross the street and the crowd rocked. MORE D&B FOR GLASGOW PLEASE

Jungleman (Phil)
Just got in from xtra bass awards just want to thank 1xtra for my V.I.P tickets i will post up the pics i got wit some of the artists!! Die & Clipz was my highlight of the night but Jenna G is amazing live WICKED !!!!

Swansea was awesome! Filthy bass

What a wicked nite, friction and bailey rocked, and what can I say, only 2 words needed really! Stamina MC! Wicked nite, massive big up to all the Urban Bass and slam on the breaks kru, not forgetting 1Xtra!

Bailey is muderin it rite now in Glasgow! - cant wait til tomorrow nite..Swansea get set!..we come large!

prince coco_j
what a night!!! had the time of my life with all the old sch and back 2 back; and the ladies, what a blessing;wished l could have gone to all the other venuve @ the same time;sheffield showed love all the way;peace from all the Leeds crew ps thanks mcrammin for touching down with Junglist Alliance the mic

Andy P
Been looking forward to this for a while now, Swansea is going to be banging!!! Proper Mash up!! Keep it coming 1xtra!!! We want more!!

Cudnt make it dwn last nite 2 xtra bass in brum but listen in on freeview. Sounds like it went off! Big up yaselfs and all you do for the scene!!

Ryan - Swansea

yo yo yo
see u ther punks!!! mish mash is so class

My boy has jus fallen asleep on the bed... i'm still playing.....

not a patch on aston court ......disapointed and so were the the crowd left outside in the rain who couldnt get in, poor choice of venue for 1xtra

Wicked night last night, good luck for rest of the week... and photos are soo good! S x

Lookin forward to the Brum night tonight!

was lucky enough to hit up native bristol last night, what a banger! logistics blew the place apart. top class night! much respect 1xtra

i trecked up from paignton with a few friends we travle up most weeks bristol is off da wall big shouts 2 2 da run family PEACE

disopointed u werent at manchester

What a way to kick your week off by going to the opening nite of the XtraBass tour @ Zodiac, Oxford! Had a wicked nite, big up to the ALLStar team! L Double and Crissy Chris smashed it! L Double is a definate crowd pleaser and very animated on the decks!! Big up D n B, RIP Stevie Hyper D!!!

You know Valve is gonna b the main 1 !!!

Went to Run@Native Bristol last night (6/3/07) for the 2nd night of the tour and Oh My Gosh.....what a corking night....I strongly recommend you get yr butts to the next night...Ez ;o)

just got back home from native "bristol" bangin night ...peace...thx 4 the ticket 1xtra

Listening to this on my DAB in Bristol now and so wish I'd heard about it beforehand!

my tip for wednesday the 7th of march is maktu at fontwell good look

Can't wait for Thursday in Sheffield.. Robbo Ranx B2B L Double and Top Cat & Tenor Fly.... Lord Have Mercy!!!

Hearing the first show in Oxford right now. I can hardly wait until Friday!!! It's going to be awesome!!! Love to Ms Flight and MC Ayah. It's soo wonderful to hear a female MC. We need more!

cant wait for this!!!!!

Alex Cosgrove
Went back home and listened to half the rave again as I couldn't sleep! Its currently 6.01 Tuesday morning...wat have you done to me 1Xtra I've gotta get up in an hour & a half!!! Seeing photos of you in the crowd when your still awake from the rave is weird!!!

Went to Xtra Bass 06 tour finale at Ashton Court Bristol- 18th march of last year- and boy did I enjoy you lot!best event of 2006!!!!!!! dark,heavy, and so dark

getin straight down native on tuesday, gunna be huuuuuuuge

Can't wait to hit this one up. Friction was awesome when i saw him down in Pompey last year. Looking forward to a night of big tunes and cracking basslines!

Goin to the night next wednesday in brum,can't wait,booked the time off work so its gonna be a proper session!!!

Foxy Roxy
im really lookin forward to the birmingham event, shud b gr8 nite! will it be busy??

graffin n mixing
Ashton court mansion last year was heavy!!! free dodgems all the way!! cant wait for this year, run at native is sick already without 1xtra pimpin powers!! thanx 1xtra, peace

Really cant wait for Swansea XB07, its going to be off the hook. May be reaching the Brizzle one too :-)

jennifer bostock
EZ! I was lucky enough to win tickets to the xtra bass finale in bristol last year. Was one of the best nights ive had out to date... Roni was amazin, infact everyone was! free dogems and candy floss too! hopin to catch Run @ native in bristol this year..: )

Junglist Souljah
I'd love to go to Brazil Maira but you're right...Sheffield on 8th March does look very good indeed.... At least you can listen live ;) Which Yorkshire Heads are reaching dis one then?

mitchell - llansamlet, swansea
ive never been but cant wait 4 the dirty drum n bass in my face! ;-)

Jonny P
London will be the best and i'll see the tour twice in Bristol and London. it all depends if pendulum turn up!! they haven't the last two times i've been to see them @ westdest and one nation!

Dj LoKo
Newbee to xtrabass tour but think the london lineup is far to much bigger than the rest!!! why isnt it this big everywhere??? BRISTOL one all the way tho my g/f's 19th so going to have a great night !!!

Maira Guarabyra, Brazil
I´d love to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I´m in Rio right now, without money for the plane ticket! :) And in fact I am promoting a party here the same day, with dub, reggae afrobeats, dancehall, jungle... So I´ll be fine, still I wish I could check L Double & Robbo!!! BIG UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love & respect from Rio, Brazil

we got the tickets for fez cambridge 04. intalex high contrast with stamina and drs...golden soul:r era from marcus and high contrast was dropping pure bombs all night! pure party vibes with nuff headz inside punters and industry alike...heavy heavy night

Neil Lewis
After warming up for Andy.C My bookings jumped up...great night in Brightons ocean rooms.peace and have a good week from mc jeopardy

MC Insight
Swansea has definitely got the best line-up. Looking heavy! I'm either gonna be there or failing that locked in an listening.

Simon Behenna
I am a convert to DnB, I cant believe the tour is coming to swansea, and my favourite venue - Monkey. Its small sweaty and dark. All the CK's posse will be in attendance. Cant wait!

Simone Caulker
I went to XtraBass @ Ashton Court Bristol. I tell you, it was heavy! 1Xtra pulled out all stops to make this nite one to remember. We had a free bus to take us to and from, a fair ground, free 1Xtra merchandise and a heavy line up 2 top it off.

Prince Ajay
Greeting everyone am a virgin to DnB but l have been going to Sub Dub in Leeds off & on Listening to Top MC's like Mc Rammin and Mr Piper and believe me it's all love the everyone having a good-time; watching no face and feeling the music but in their heat and feet; can't wait to see what Sheffield has to offer: Peace Boss

last year was well n truely sick! in exeter was lovin the vibes from such a small venue it was sweaty!

Went to the Edinburgh show last year, and it was absolutely awesome. Now it's coming to Glasgow, and I can hardly wait. I wish I could do them all but with a job and a PhD thesis to to write, I can only be one person (sad but true) I might try to get to Swansea, if I can convince my boss I'm going to a conference as an excuse, lol!

I went to the Manchester gig last year. It was off the chain! Tonn Piper started crowd surfing. Never seen that at a DnB gig before!

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