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28 October 2014

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Addictiv Ladies: X-Factor?
X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh
There's a row brewing over who should have been voted out of this weekend's X-Factor....did you watch the first group go out?
Addictiv Ladies were booted out after Louis Walsh voted to save male stripper Chico.

The group who performed a version of Jamelia's Superstar confronted Louis afterwards saying they were victims of a vendetta against their mentor Simon Cowell.

But Louis Walsh stands by his decision though he admitted Chico's singing was weak but said he was a lot more fun.

Did Louis make the right decision saving Chico?
Who should have gone and who stayed? Did the Addictiv Ladies deserve to stay in the competition? Who should go out next week? Who should win this year's X-Factor? Does winning X-Factor really matter?
Thank you for your comments. This debate is now closed. A selection of your emails is published below.

What a terrible opening act for a show that has such a huge following. Addictiv Ladies were absolutely awful. If it had been them against anyone else it still should have been them to leave. Louis clearly chose them as a 'one-up' on Simon but it was still the right act to leave. Have no fear Chico-haters - he will go this week!

how do these talentless people get onto tv? At least chico has entertainment value- u could imagine him in some tacky outfit dancing and singing at a resort in lanzarote. But those 'addictive ladies' - uh,owch!!! Sorry ladies but u had to go!

There is just a simple dispute here, which should have stayed between Chico and Addictive Ladies? ...well, Addictive Ladies should have gone but within a week or two, Chicho will follow.

I personally wonder why Phillip became finalist. He is just a mediocre, far from "X-Factor". Rather than him, I would have liked to see either of 16yr-old boys myself even though they may not go further.

John Walker
Louis is a small minded little power freak. Typical of a guy that has never delivered himself as an artist but just used others all the way. Vindictive little man go home.

addictiv ladies were way out of tune all the way through both performances. I thought it was nerves at first and they'd find the right pitch after a few seconds, but they didn't and therefore deserved to go. having said that, chico is a freak show and he makes me physically sick and i can't see what Sharon saw in him, he definitely shouldn't have made the final 50 let alone 4.

Dimaggio Dollaz
It was there for everyone to see, there is a clear division in the judges. With Sharon and Louis teaming up against Simon. To be fair though, neither the Addictiv Ladies or Chico should have been in their respective final four, they are both rubbish, that black and white band, Brothers (or whatever their name was) was much better than the Addictiv Ladies (whose vocals were way off...throughout) and as for Chico, my 8 years old niece is way better than him. I think that this years group of people are really weak anyway, so who cares who wins. The person who comes 2nd or 3rd will outsell the winner anyway.

A turk who lives in London
All you people are talking about how addictive ladies should have stayed or chico should have gone or what ever!..BUT what you don't realise is that it's a TELEVISION SHOW!..if you win u win if u don't then move on...so just get over it and watch the show and vote for who u think is best :)

U no wot at the end of the day, they were both rubbish, Addictive Ladies had some (no actually a lot of) bad notes and Chico looked like a fool on stage, Loius Walsh voted them off to be spiteful and at least the really talented people are still there so, dustbin man (Andy) to win. Next week chico to go.

i think louis was better last year. each judge has a role and his is to be the sensible, nice one. this year he is trying to be simon and its not working for him. he was sooooooooo wrong to let chico stay in. he is awful!!

Eilish O
I dunno what 2 think, i mean Chico can't sing but he'z like u'all have said an entertainer. Where az The Addictiv Ladies can't sing and arent really entertaining either. BUT i think every1 agrees that Louis Walsh did vote the gals out 2 score against Simon. Sharon should' ov kept in that sixteen year old boi he waz so sweet and the public really liked him, instead she chose Chico not one of her better judgements!! But it all comes 2 da fact that neither ov da acts r talented, so WHO CARES!!!

Louis was right! Chico's bad but on the night he was better than the addictiv ladies!! Did you HEAR them on Saturday? They were so out!

OK...maybe its jus me but dey were both pretty rubbish. Only da A-ladies were da worse.@ leest Chico put on a gud act. dey need mor vocal trainin. But seriously, lets face it. Louis jus wantd to score one on simon.

Katy Leigh-Young
I think that the decision that Louis Walsh made was totally bang out of order! Chico is an attention seeker and is taking the competition as a joke! whereas the addictiv ladies really wanted this and would of tried really hard and progressed. Louis Walsh, you are a jerk!

i think loui was rite buit i was sad to see them go cause they were so good last time i heard it and it was a the wrong choice of song any way

Wat waz Louis on.He only did it to annoy Simon.There both pants but Chico it worse.CHICO MUST GO!!

Louis... everyone knows you used your casting vote to get at Simon, you know full well that Chico was by far the weakest performer, may be Addictive Ladies DO need more vocal coaching, but we would have seen them improve beyond all recognition as the competion progressed, I honestly can´t say that about Chico. You have lost all credibility in the eyes of milions of viewers.

both of them were rubbish... however chico is the worst act in history

Neither of the last the two deserved to stay. They need to learn to sing!


Jenni Paton
I thought it should have been between either of the last two acts as Addictive Ladies sang completely out of tune and reminded me of a karaoke act, on saying that Chico may be an entertainer but he can't sing well either - he'll be away next week!

Oh please!! Chico cant sing? Did everybody have in ear plugs in when Addictiv Ladies were singing? Both times, they were absolutely awful and basically tone deaf. Chico cant sing that well no, but at least he hit some of the notes. He's entertaining(the ladies were boring) and he doesnt pretend that he can sing either. I was willing Louis to kick the girls off because they were so bad. Sharon's got the right idea. He's not ugly, can just about hit a note and he's entertainment in one package.

Clive Graham
Louis got rid of the act that he thought would be more competition, simple as that!

i think addictiv ladies should have stayed because even though their song was totally out of tune, they should have been given one more chance because all of their other songs have been sung really well and chico is only staying in because he is an entertainer

I'm disgusted with both Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne. Sharon obviously has the best chance of winning xfactor, and should have voted her own Chico off the show. And as for Louis Walsh, he should be sacked from the xfactor panel as it is obvious he does not have a clue what he is doing.

The camera flicked to Walsh after Simon told him he should be disgusted with himself, and he was caught laughing his head off. That says to be that he really was trying to score a point against Simon.

Louis has just ruined the the best chance those girls will ever have.

sarah stone
I totally disagree with the decision made by louis, this is a competion based on singing ablity. Chico may be entertaining but he cannot sing and this is not what the shows about. I really feel for the Addictive Ladies and I feel they have been given a raw deal. Chico has no talent and he should be out next.

Louis Walsh is a petty little man who is desperate to take over Simon's mantel. I have to say though that I don't think that addicitive ladies had what it takes as a group, there is one member who stands out from the rest but that's it really - or maybe they need some more training and are not quite ready for this competition

I did find them quite weak in the last few episodes of X-Factor - but having said that I do think that there are other groups that shouldn't be there either!

Addictive Ladies, if they are going to stay together, need to find a better name - their present one sounds rather tacky!

Tai Monoup
What people are failing to realise is that, there is no wrong or right decision in these kinda shows. It basically comes down to who the three judges like, prefer, favour, whatever. This competition(?) aint about who has the best vocal ability, e.g. In Fame Academy, Lemar losing to .......whatever his name was! It's just TV illusion.

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