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Is it so bad to be a teen parent?
Young mum
The government is homing in on 150 areas where lots of teenagers are getting pregnant. 
You're going to get better sex education round those ends, young mums will be encouraged to get back to school and teenagers will be taught about parenting.

There are more under-18s getting pregnant in the UK than in any other Western European country - why do you reckon that is?

And is it OK to be a parent so young? What if it's what you want? Tell us how you see it...
Are you or your friends teenage parents? Tell us what you think about the government trying to bring those numbers down.

I think teenage pregs r ok but they shouldnt really happen my m8 emily is preg at 13 and is keepi it so thats stupid and very childish i think there are lots of ways u could pervent pregs and u should try them 2 prvent it x

hi im 13 and im pregnant and im havin da baby nxt month i diddnt know i was pregnant until i saw my belly getting very large i cnt have and abourtion coz thats a majoiur shame and i want the baby but my mum threatens to kik me out of the house if i do. so im gunner go to a foster home and have a happy life with my baby. with out my arsehole mum havein to make decisions 4 me!! big up da young parents !!!

I am a teenage mum I had my little girl Grace when I was only 15 I'm 18 now and going to UNI next year to do nursing degree.I love my daughter very much but it is hard and people do not relise.If teenagers r gonna have sex have safe sex!I don't regret having Grace but I wish I was older.

Aaron C
no matter what is said, when its all said and done teenage mothers are looked down on, how they've wasted their lives, but if they hadn't expected alot of work they wouldn't ov undertook such a challenge of keeping the baby and bringing the baby up to the best of the mothers abilities, given there living standards financial state etc... but still u no this happens, its the new culture things change everyone has their ups and downs so what deal with them, life isn't easy, aslong as you got the backing of your friends and family then thats all you need, a stable relationship helps alot especially for the babies sake to grow up with a father idol as a role model, but theres loadsa single mothers, what doe age have to do with it, no matters what happens ur family and ur true m8s will stick by ya always, boyfriends n girlfriends come n go especially 14 to like 18 age range, partners come and go but friends stay for lyfe! :)

kathy yang
I think that teens getting pregnant is one of the baddest thing that you can ever do at a young age. Getting prenant is not a good idea... unless theres help for you or you got married at a young age. Before getting pregnant, think about the bad things that it can do to you and think about your education. Who will be there if you don't know what to do when the baby is crying.. think about it... being prenant at a young age is bad.. wait until your married or older...

Saphiah, no disrespect but how r u gonna give dat child the best wen ur not gonna have the best urself? All these girls 4get dat money is the main issue & to support a child & urself u need money. I respect ur desicion to keep the child but wudnt it hve jus been best to protect urself from the start?? The kids dont deserve it eitha! They will only follow.... Im strugglin to afford a flat & additional bills bcause im not given benefits or help frm the government & do all the baby mothers think dats fair?...

I personally think that girls who are teenage mums dont no the whole meaning of sex. Yes i agree its a pleasureable expeirience but there are a lot of risks ahead of it. So now they are stuck with a baby and have wasted most of their oppotunities in life - is it really worth it? If you are desperate for sex the use PROTECTION or else you'll be sorry!

I fink dese girls need to fix up! Whos payin 4 these girls to live in council flats that are often the equivalent of a normal flat that we have to earn hard money to pay for! Us the hard, honest workin civilians. They jus pop dem out by the minute n dont give a dam bout us!

i fink dat u all judging people im fifteen and pregnant it up 2 me if i keep it or not and im gunna keep it im gunna give my baby da best start in life i can, yeah im gunna miss out on clubin and boys but i made a mistake so im gunna take responsibillity so big up to all dem teen mums

i think its a bad idea to have a baby under 18. many girls think they know what it takes and they're not ready emotionaly or financially for the burden of a child. if youre lucky enough to have a man that stands by u thro pregnancy be prepared for the strains it will put on your relationship. I have a few mates with children and tho they wouldn't be without them they all say they wished they'd waited.
Think if youre ready to giving up going out, ready 4 very loud early morning wake up calls, being broke and always putting someone elase before yourself.As for the men out there they are ready to say have my baby but give up little of their former lives.Do you wanna be in with their baby while they're out getting with some next girl. ladies if you have one young then don't be a stereotype - get skilled up get an education and do right by urself and babies i wish you luck. and yer education is the key but don't preach condoms teach realities.

i think that sex education should be taught better and that we should have like u c on american programs the cryin doll,that will make u think cus iv got a nephew that i look after and trust me made me think ! but to the teenage mums out there they do a good job and are strong people for taking on a massive responsability

i dont think its wrong but the parents nearly always frown upon it. i really want to be a mother and im 13 but i know the stress it would cause my parents, i think about having a child all the time but i also think of my career and family.if i want to get close to a baby i look after my cousins or dream of the life i can have when i am financially sorted and have a good career.Its no good bringing a life into the world if you cant cope with it i know it may seem that if you have a baby you'll have something to do with your life but your potentially ruining it. Just think if you wait til a suitable age (ie.after gcse's,stable relationship,career) that child will have so much potential

I think teen parents is reli stupid!!! it ruins folks lives!! if ur a teen with a child ur not getting the freedom u need and u r jst at the age wer ur gettin ur freedom like goin clubbing getting drunk etc but if uv got a barin thn u canny do these hings as easy coz u need a bbysitter n u cnt always reli on granny n grandad. I hink u shld w8 till bout 20 2 start a family!!

Its laughable, where I live theres a huge emphasis on sex education from year 7 onwards and we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the country. Its as if their just telling us how to get pregnant.

i think girls who has a baby an is still a teen is bad and people are right to think that the sterotypes for these sorts of girls are the ones who speak like "nuttink or wateva" girls should have more respect for themselves however if they do decide to have babies it doesnt affect me it just means there will be more people behind the tills at my local store.

i think it a disgrace all my friends are having sex n i just think it pathetic, i do feel left out but i know im in the right, if they want to get pregnant then thats up to them but i dont .

I think that sex education at schools itsn't well taught. We are shown confusing diagrams and are not told any important facts. So understandably, teens are going to get pregnant. I just feel bad that teen mums won't have a real chance until later in life.

You shouldn't have a go at teens who are under 16 and want to be a mum because it is their life and they should be allowed to do what they want with it .

y get preg so early? i av - n i ad 2 abort. da shame u bring to ya family, ya parents even. dey dint bring up a girl who sleeps about. dey brout up a decent kid who has der hole lyf ahed ov dem. y put dem 2 shame?

i think that if a teenager gets pregnant she should have a choice what she wants to do with it, no one should get involved it is her life, maybe they will ruin there life and not be able to get jobs but think if there in a loving family she will have support. My mum had me when she was 17 she couldnt cope at first because she didnt have loads of money but she has no regrets now.

alot of people get urges younger to be pregnant and want children and just because there young doesn't mean that they'll be a bad mum if they became pregnant intentionally then its upto the individual and i think condemning people shouldn't happen unless you know the person and the circumstances.

I think there needs to be more sex education in schools because im in 3rd year at high school and iv never had any sex education.

I think teen pregnancys happen because they think they look cool to lose their v before the age of 16

Every1 goes on bout how the parents hav 2 cope with the kid n how the parents life has 2 hold etc.. wel yeah it duz but wot bout how the baby has 2 cope wit yung parents?! that kid mite b lovd n everyfink which yes it is v.important but wot bout the fact that the baby aint gonna hav all the stuff it needs n wants as its growin up. n ive got a m8 who had er 1st kid at 14 now shez 15 n just had anuva1 how big n affect is dat gonna hav on da kidz - she cant cope wiv em both!
nans lookin afta da olda 1 most of da time! n i dont fink dats very fair on either nan or baby reli is it! i fink dat ppl shuld fink about how its gonna affect evry1s life not just their own!!! n they shuld fink bout all da consequences b4 havin sex u can get pregnant even wiv a condom - she did!
n i aint sayin dont hav sex coz i aint like dat - i hav sex but just fink bout da consequences b4 u do it n if u dont fink u culd cope wiv a baby or da baby culdn cope wiv u den dont do it!!! dont b afraid 2 say NO!!! n by da way no da law dont make a difference!

I think it's up to the individual, if you want to have sex and end up getting pregnant (intentionaly or unintentionaly) then it's up to you to decide. Just because I personally wouldn't want to be a teenage mother that doesn't mean I wouldn't stick by a friend if she made that decision.
I don't think it's right for girls under 16 to actualy TRY to get pregnant because they havn't had enought experience of life to really bring up a child, but if they want to then that's their choice and we shouldn't condemn them for it

There needs to be more sex education in schools starting from yr7 when the children are 14-16 its probably too late, they need to be told earlier about these things!

Joshua carr.
I must say that there may be some advantages of having a child when you're young. but it can screw your own life up, if you wanted to go somewhere with your life you'd be stuck, the child would cripple your achievement and some or all of your life goals would be unachievable. live your life before you start somebody elses.

i would love to have a child, but wouldnt dream of having one without knowing i can provide it the best furture possible. i think at my age 17, i am not mature enough and have not experienced enough in life to bring a child up. Bringing up children is so much harder than people think, and i dont think teengaers understand this until it happens to them. I would wait till i was in a secure relationship and career, knowing i can offer the best life for it, if i plan to have one. However if i got pregnant accidently i would keep the child as i dont believe in abortions.

I know so many teen gals who have babies now. They get so much abuse, they have to leave school and miss out on GCSEs and stuff. It's not good. But then there are gals in my year (under 16) who have had sex. You do feel slightly inclined to join in. We didn't even finish our sex education! We went onto banking because that's clearly more important.... The age of consent doesn't work, really, who cares about it? I certainly don't.

well i dont think the media really helps, projecting images of nearly-naked people on their adverts, and relating almost everything to sex! and sex education in our school was 2 brief lessons! though i dont think more in depth infomation is needed as we already know it, we need to be shown the concequences of STD's and Teen Parents, rather than just given leaflets on contraception to thumb through...

I think it's wrong. If you have kids as a teenager you're missing out on your childhood. You won't be able to go out with your mates because you have a child to look after. There should definitely be more sex education in schools. It seems only chavs are stupid enough to have unprotected sex and end up pregnant. I know someone who had a kid when she was 15 and she really regretted it. Use condoms at least!

I dont think its wrong. If a girl gets pregnant and has a child then why is that bad? If the pregnancy was planned then the parents should think it through a lot, but what is the point of a planned pregnancy when you're a teenager? you've got your whole lives ahead of you. I may be goin' back on mypoint but if a girl does get pregnant, planned or unplanned it's not wrong, but like megan said u shud b physically and emotionally ready.

I dont agree with teenage pregnancies. My cousin and close friends have had children at 15/16 yrs of age and have struggled to look after them. Grandparents were luckily ALWAYS their to help out and they needed financial help also which is unfair on the taxpayers/grandparents in my opinion. In two of the cases their was no dad which makes life a lot harder.
Its not fair on the mother or the child. Mother has to pause her life for 10 years or so (Tina's case below) untill the child is half ready to look after him/herself and the child, according to many statistics wont lead as good of life as he/she would with older, financially sound parents. Wait until your in a strong relationship, have plenty of money and are ready for a child.

(comment on Lucy's) If a girl is in a loving relationship and wants to have a baby, fair enough, but then i dont think the 'parents-to-be' should rely on the council to help them out. If you want to have a baby and bring them up well, then you should be prepared, emotionally AND finacially. No argument.

i think dat havin a baby as a teenager aint nuttin bad cuh like havin kids at a yung age is kinda ight if u fink u can cople dat ight u na? buh like havin a baby at a yung age 2 me is gd cuh like u can experiance new fings n u have like a yung age wiv ur kids n like watch um grow n marry n like be grandpapies/mamies buh like i dnt mind havin a baby at 18 or suttin buh thats my point so boiiiiii safe 1 x

tina baird
i was a teenage mum at the age of 16, it was hard to cope with a young baby. i am 27 now and my son is 10, i am trying to focus on a career for myself now. i am attending college studying a nursing course then going on to do my nurse training at luton uni. the thing that i am trying to say is that it all depends on the individual who is pregnant. i think that there should be more sex education in schools.

How can teenagers be expected not to have sex when all around us there is sexual music, televison, older siblings etc. In which case sex education needs to be stepped up so that if it does happen the support and information is there for youngsters.

Daniel Brownlie
Basically i reckon its down to the individual, nobody can say wether or not it is a bad thing, as long as the parent loves the kid and is prepared to look after it, i dont see the problem. My mate has a kid and he is only 17, and of course it was hard for him and at times he really struggled, but he loves that kid so much, i would rather have parents young but them look after and love the kid, than the ever increasing amount of adults that are abusing children.

Lucy Harris
i think that if a teenage girl is in a loving relationship, and she wants to have a baby, then she should go ahead, its that persons life. however, that may not be the best idea as there are factors to think about such as their career, reactions from their family, and whether their partner will stick by them.

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