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Is 50 glorifying guns?
50 Cent
50 Cent's TV ad for Reebok has been pulled since 54 complaints were made about it.
The I Am What I Am campaign launched a month back and shows 50 in a grimey warehouse, chatting about surviving nine bullets.

Mothers Against Guns wanted Reebok boycotted for glorifying gun culture. They have now praised the company's bravery for pulling the campaign.

Reebok says the ad is positive because it shows 50's life to date and what he's had to overcome to get to where he's at. What do you say?
Is this just the hype the advertisers want?  Is 50 a good role model if he's laughing about getting shot?  

Tthanks for your comments. This debate is now closed. A selection of your emails is published below:

it is unfair to say that reebok are using gun crime to sell their kicks this is not the case as 50 and his music is sellin' their trainers and not his violent gun and drugs past. big up 50 dis' man is on top of his game. g g g g g g-unit

richard henton
reebok is right, it shows a positive side of 50 of how hes over come his 9 shootings and is here to tell the tale...

The problem is 50 Cent, and The Game for that matter, seem to be proud of the fact that they have been shot at several times. They are making a living out of the fact that they used to ride around in gangs where guns where regularly used. The responsible thing for 50 Cent to do (and Reebok) would be to say how stupid it was to get involved in guns in the first place and how he's extremely lucky to have survived considering how many people don't.

Having seen the advert a number of times, I still cannot make out what he is mumbling about, so the kids may be safe yet!

This ad is well timely - 50's shooting his new movie with Asher D (So Solid) in Toronto right now. Coincidence how Bullet Boy film is out right now and 50 an hime act together.. Mother s Against Guns - Asher and 50 making money!!!

i think it's ridiculous! stupid people kill people not guns! do these people think that their kids are going to try to get shot because 50 got shot and survived? all that is, is talk. we need to focus on actions.

Most of people who are saying this is OK are the teens he's preaching to, that guns and killing people is ok, sadly it's not. 50 Cent is just de-sensitising youth culture culture that violence is an acceptable fact of life and, hey I'm cool I've been shot 9 times ain't I clever to be alive? answer,no. If one day he takes a bullet and no come around, then maybe people will start to look differently towards guns.

I work with young offenders and am horrified at the way kids idolise rappers and aspire to the way of life they promote through their music - to hear a 15 year old say all he wants out of life is 'guns, drugs, money and bitches' is chilling.

Haven seen da ad - i found it extremly moving cos it does deploy an extremly powerful message and I sat amazed and touched cos some of the most power and influencal people in the world have had (and talked) about attempts on there life and why cant ppl see it as a reflection of what the real world is like. This ad is so strong and poinate in showin us that ppl are scared by the truth

I think everyone should just leave 50 alone, hes come from the ghetto and this is just his way of showing what hes done to get here. So what if he keeps going on about how many times he got shot??!! He's rich, so hes laughin at all this free publicity

i say keep it on. Cuz it cracks me up everytime to think that 50 thinks he's hard cuz he got shot. as Jada pointed out the gangsta's shoot not get shot!

"I am what I am". But what is 50? A drug dealer who got shot 9 times. A bredda who was almost consumed by his violent environment. RBK using 50 Cent to be more "street". Not feeling that. I don't look up to mans like 50 Cent. He aint done nothing great and the thing is youths them on street will think they can take couple bullets because 50 did and look where he is now. RBK putting across the wrong kind of message. camp!
50 is talking about a life experience, one day he was nearly dead and now he is one of the biggest hip-hop icons in the world!! doesn’t that inspire you...or does it make you pick the phone up and complain about the ad. crazy!!!

i think 50 is very talented, but he really starts too much drama with other artists it's not cool at all, he needs to act like an adult not someone that doesn't have any common sense. He also needs to set an example to his fans and also his young child, also alot of young children looks up to 50. i knew he grew up in the ghetto but he needs to get the ghetto out of himself and act better than that.

Yeah pull his ad! All 50 do is talk about bling, disrespect for women, and glorifying guns. You wan' PROPER rap role model, listen to Chuck D and Public Enemy!

jason from luton
But yes, I do believe REEBOK are glorifying guns, (and I for one, am going to burn all my Reebok items!, they're trying to cash in on all this, but the problem is in society and what we see as entertainment now, because there is so little FUN/comedy. laughter/ , violence is becoming the only last powerful thrill, we need more comedy, people need more laughter,

Peter, from La Marque, Texas
Reebok should thank Mothers Against Whatever for the free advertising/publicity. If I was the Marketing Director of Reebok, I would start my own group with my own mother issuing statements condemning/publicizing the advert.

Jason from luton,
I don't think 50 Cents has ever tried to be a role model, hes in entertainment, he is a manifestation of what hip hop fans on the whole find entertaining right now. Hence why hes sold 11 mill? "Dont hate the crack, hate the users!"

Bristol Town
the only problem i can see is that reebok are using the most useless and talentless rapper in history. he doesn't spit rhymes. he just talks. what he raps about probably aint true. big up UK Hip Hop 4 keepin' it real.

princess from leeds
i feel that it is silly to pinpoint gun crime and rappers influence on an advert to sell trainers. crime happens every hour of every day. its time for parents to stand up and control their children rather than blaming the media and so called rap or pop idols. take responsibilty for rude, abrupt, delinquent teens and young adults.

This is ridiculous! If he'd said 'Kids, shoot your friends' id understand, but all he is doing is stating a fact. He has been shot 9 times. Just because some one mentions something linked to gun crime, doesn't mean that kids will all be doing it! I'm sure someone's been seen with a rifle in The Waltons before, you don't see anyone complaining about that.

It's sick actually, and yeah, kids will listen and think wow, I could be immortal just like him, afterall if 50 Cent is bragging about being shot and living, kids will follow suit and think they can survive being shot as well, and nine times, hmm doesn't that show people hate him? So what should kids do then? Get people to hate them, and then try to be shot, you have a criminal in the making and not a rap one.

or perhaps he's showing the kids that there's life after guns without actually glorifying them?

Ian Wilson
I don't think Reebok is glorifying gun crime but 50 Cent is not a good example to anyone. Sure Reebok could find someone better to sell their product after all he couldn't even please the crowd at Reading Festival last year and thats what he is supposed to be good at! I'll be happy to see the advert pulled from TV

Guns are stupid and the only reason they exist is to kill people. i think 50 cent is a rubbish role model. i think he should spend some of his millions by getting an education and finding out what guns really do to people.

Andrew Mack
Boycotting Reebok and pulling the commercials is mad. How do you glorify getting shot 9 times? What 50 and reebok are doing is flipping the script. That is, they are showing the youngstas that no matter what happens to you in life you can persevere. All you sensitive people need hugs. Those ads do not allude to picking up a gun. Why not boycott the next action flick or the nightly news? If you ask me, the news glorify gun culture more than anything else.

As much as I dislike 'Mothers Against Guns' who seem to object to everything, the Reebok adverts are simply trying to sell a lifestyle to an impressionable youth. Never forget that adverts are designed to sell products and this is an attempt to make there brand fit in with a lifestyle such as 50 cents who has many young fans. Reebok are still a sport clothes brand and not a statement of individualism

Im all up for bringing our music to the forefront & am really happy that our artists are being recognised in the mainstream as they should be but i have to agree with what theyre saying about guns. I havent seen the ad but even 50's album cover is a tribute to guns! Its really not good, i get the gangsta thing, its been around for years but arent we taking it too far now?

We all know that kids will only copy what is around them do these artists really want to big guns up to our kids? How many of them will be dead before they even understand? I find it hard to believe that these money makers are not aware of the effects this is all gonna have... why are they still dong it?

Theyre gonna make money with or without the guns.. personally i think they should be using their status to put guns down & make them unpopular, not the other way round.

Theres nothin rong wid this advert! It happened in his life, chill out people, kids aren't guna go round shootin people cuz 50 cent sed he lived thru it!

Andre 4000
50 is without doubt a role model. Its a disgrace that advertisers are looking at gun crime to sell product - why couldn't they focus on the fact he is a good rapper - get him to drop a hot verse about the sneaker, show him rocking a crowd whilst wearing them, actually why am i giving the corporates ideas LOL!!!

laugh and the world laughs with you cry and you cry alone maybe 50's way of dealing with things is by glorifying it (stupid but fact)

thats whats happening and 50's just portraying it. if its not on air doesnt mean people gona stop shooting. keep da ad on!

im glad the ad was pulled coz im tired of hearing how many times 50 was shot. most people hadn't heard a note of 50's music before they had heard how many times the man had been shot. most rappers come from the ghetto, what they overcome is not why we buy their music and not a reason to buy the trainers they endorse. but a dont think it promotes gun crime, 50 didn't get involved in guns and drugs because he aspired to be like Biggie or Tupac, he did it to escape poverty.

50 Cent's ad should be pulled. He tries to cause beef with too many people. I don't see how an ex drug dealer can be an inspiration to anyone.

50 is wack his flow is weak and guns is all he can talk about

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